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According to ONS ( see link below) there has not been the large number of deaths in care homes in the second wave as in the first.

You may well like to look at the overall figures of excess deaths for 2020 in this report and see that about 80,000 extra deaths have occurred which is about 14% increase in deaths over the average of the last 5 years.

I think you would agree that if for example you were told that there was a 14% increase in the deaths due to say road traffic accidents, that there will be a huge outcry wouldn’t you? But of course you don’t seem to think that those above a certain age need to be saved.

Sheltering a part of the community is a temporary measure and would rely on a very hypothetical situation where socially we form self contained silos with no interconnections. In real life, those above 70 will have families and grandchildren who go to schools and so on. So you want to condemn those above a certain age to a life of solitude.

You also, like a lot of posters who use false low figures for mortality, seem to ignore that illness due to the virus is also considerable and loads the health system. You keep on repeating that this is because there is not enough funding for the NHS but as I pointed earlier, training of doctors and nurses just doesn’t happen overnight and you can’t build a health service to cope with all emergencies, you need to have a better way of managing and dealing quickly with pandemics. But since you start with the firm knowledge based on nothing, that this is not a dangerous pandemic, then I am afraid all the rest of your deductions are worthless.