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John Monro

I have been following Craig’s blog for some time, but hadn’t seen this discussion forum. I am amazed as to the amount of conspiracy theorising contained here. I am not sure why Craig would wish to be associated with this, because he is already attacked by the MSM and his political foes as a “conspiracy theorist”. This discussion forum surely is all the proof they’d need to make this slur quite effective. Your thoughts about the Covid pandemic shriek “conspiracy theory” out loud. What evidence do you have, any evidence, that the response to this pandemic is “more about societal control than public health”? There’s the reality of Covid. At least you seem to accept this. In which case, you accept you’re dealing with a new virus, of unknown virulence and damage, with which the authorities, whoever they are, have to deal with. At an approximation the virus is around 13 times as lethal as flu with an IFR of about 1.7% and a hospitalisation rate of around 10%. Uncontrolled the virus, if it spread let’s say to 50% of the population, then would cause 3,500,000 hospitalisations, totally overwhelming any health system and their staff, and around 700,000 deaths in the UK alone. Isolation, lockdown, travel restrictions, quarantine are long standing (hundreds of years) of proven public health measures to try to control the spread of epidemic or pandemic infection. It is unimaginable that any authority would leave this virus to do its worse without some effort to contain it. Even Sweden’s response, though initially voluntary, required some considerable public cooperation to socially isolate and take care, and that hasn’t worked in one of the world’s best ordered countries. In the UK you have a right-wing government whose very deepest philosophy is to not take government action about anything. Their own actions belie the very things they stand for and in the prevarication and U-turns and general incompetence of the Tory government you see this deep ambivalence in action. Please don’t postulate “conspiracy theory” when the simpler explanation, human fallibility, is the much more likely explanation. Indeed, the most powerful and most like true conspiracies are not those of calculated action, but in the cover up of political or economic embarrassment and failure.