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Well that was an interesting welcome to the blog.

(I attempted to submit this response earlier but after the 12th Captcha puzzle I gave up.)

Straight in Clark accuses me of being a conspiracy theorist as a response to my request of clarification of Discussion Forum rules. Clark then goes on to explain the mechanism which enabled him to be able to identify anti-Semites. He then demanded answers from me on various Covid topics and gives me a lecture on PCR results vs Daily Deaths ending with a challenge to me and/or Dr Kendrick to refute his claims. No clarification of blog rules given though.

Then a mod wades in and suggests that I might be a former banned commenter because I used TOR, It is not at all remarkable that the Tor node that I entered the discussion on had been used previously in the discussion, that I would be passed through the same node in the same discussion is remarkable though because of how I use Tor, I alternate country entry points. No rules clarification given.

Glen did attempt a clarification that voicing scepticism is definitely allowed giving the government’s past and present positions on masks as an example; scepticism of the government’s past position is allowed but presumably not the current advice. He then gave some other examples where his opinions on other aspects of government policy are entirely suitable as topics for scepticism, so if I agree with Glen my scepticism is allowed if I don’t it’s not.

Well my initial request for clarification of rules has not been very successful however my concerns have been answered leaving me in no doubt.

Re the Mod’s concern re VPN and TOR, people use them because there is a very real and genuine demand from people who wish to retain privacy online, if the blog removes that option that is entirely down to the blog but please explain the reasons. I am entirely capable of spoofing an ip address if I want to but I think that is deceitful.

I commented via TOR because my usual browser does not work with reCAPCHA

PS Clark’s pathetic last offensive comment prompted me to search “Craig Murray” AND “Clark” AND “TOR” which returned some extremely interesting results including confirmation that he is well acquainted with the use of TOR.

PPS life is too short to waste time and spar with bigots on the CM Discussion Forum and satisfying the captcha system.