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SA, yes, a partially effective vaccine would slow down the spread.

But regarding mutation, already being vaccinated doesn’t help against a new strain; it makes no difference which order it happens in.

What can make a difference is that by slowing down the spread, opportunity for mutation may be reduced. But many virologists have complained about the UK policy of giving only one shot, because it’s less effective but applies selection pressure to the virus, favouring strains that escape the vaccine.

Too many variables for my liking. We know that social restrictions with quarantine works; it has been the tried and trusted method for centuries. And it stops the target from moving for vaccines, too.

Dave’s somewhat right, but for entirely the wrong reasons. Western governments are desperately pushing vaccines because they’re unwilling to use social restrictions, and it’s a massive gamble. They won’t pause the economy for just five weeks, not even to save the economy; steam is coming out of the radiator but they won’t stop the car! It’s been “government interference is bad” and “leave it to the markets” for so many decades that governments have forgotten how to govern; they’ve forgotten that it’s their job to govern, and to lead. Can you imagine what Churchill, the War Cabinet and the National Government would have made of this year of débâcle?