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The United Russia party’s politics is simple and understandable – to unite the people living here. It’s important because we have a lot of points for disagreement, we are very different in multiple regions. Federation.

I see Putin’s efforts to reconcile ethnic and religious differences, and I am glad that this party has a majority and supported by many.
I too believe that people can achieve much more if they work together. A lot of people = a large domestic market, which allows for large projects, roads, bridges, gas pipelines, space = jobs, education, health care, better future for kids.

Opposition to this? I don’t know, maybe it will happen someday. That man who was falsely killed by Putin’s hieromonk in Ukraine, that man said he wants Russia to be desintegrated into many small principalities.
No thanks. I see this in Ukraine and Georgia. I don’t trust Stanford University alumni. I don’t want Biden’s sons, or the Israeli oligarchs, or the offshore aristocracy appointed as managers for ex-russian colonies.

I’m not sure what the agenda of modern communists is, but the very idea associated with this word is compromised, so I think communism is unlikely to find wide support.