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Sorry to hear of your bereavement, ET. I haven’t experienced a loss as close as that, but I’ve witnessed it happen to others. A childhood neighbour – a very pretty girl, I recall, who was a close friend of my sister – passed away 2 weeks ago with Covid-19. I hadn’t seen her since my university days, but I remembered her fondly. She was a community nurse in SE England and last year she helped elderly people struggling with isolation … which is how she caught the virus and finally succumbed to it in ICU. She had no underlying complications. Within a few years she could have been a wonderful grandmother – if she’d had the chance. Her immediate family were unable to attend her funeral due to travel restrictions.

If she’d been vaccinated, she might have had the chance to be that wonderful grandmother. But she was in a low priority group. About 3 weeks earlier, before she was hospitalised, her mother died in a care home in Scotland with the same condition. As you can imagine, the family is utterly devastated.

The sooner we get people vaccinated the better, so we can avoid tragedies like this.