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Josh R, I too am concerned about accepting a vaccine which has been so rapidly developed and for which data has been gathered over such a short time, and which may interact with new SARS-CoV-2 variants in ways as yet unknown.

But I am going to accept one, because vaccination is the best option, certainly for society and quite probably for myself, that my incompetent, corrupt and ideologically blinkered government has left me with.

You are clearly aware that we’re all constantly immersed in propaganda. Our challenge is more than knowing that information is biased and corrupted; we also have to work out how to achieve more accurate understanding, and crucially, to account for the propaganda’s multi-generational effects upon our own outlooks and assumptions. You wrote:

“Having an income & the means to support yourself is pretty “mandatory” in the real world, […] So whilst not mandatory in the strictest sense of the word, it is punitively coercive and I don’t see much of a practical distinction between the two.”

Humans develop highly specialised skills compared with other species, and consequently we support each other far more than we each support ourselves. “Supporting ourselves” is a long-term propaganda term which really means earning money by taking orders from some (usually commercial) power structure. It deflects responsibility from the commercial system of employment onto individuals who aren’t currently employed. It’s a latent guilt-trip term. In the same sense, “in the real world” is a propaganda term for “in the current political-economic environment”; a false presupposition that no other systems of organisation are possible.

Propaganda controls us by infiltrating our very thinking.

Rightly, the pandemic should have made us transform the political-economic system, but so many of its tenets are so deeply indoctrinated into our thinking and even our language, collectively, and literally prior to each person’s infancy, that without deep reflection we cannot even notice them, let alone question or challenge them. So instead, many of us react on more consciously accessible levels, eg. we wonder, is covid-19 really as bad as we’re being told? Is vaccination really safer? Or are these claims just propaganda?

Vaccination is safer than covid-19 for society, and within the politically chosen covid conditions of most countries. There is a safer way, but most governments have not even considered it. And again we collide with our political-economic conditioning because individualism has become so pervasive that we think about both infection and vaccination individualistically, almost eclipsing the collective perspective.

Subliminal divide and conquer was doing so well, wasn’t it? And then came covid. Let’s turn towards each other rather than against.