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josh R


Following my earlier thoughts about Event 201, in response to your comment, I had a dig around & came across what appears to be a promotional video released by the organisers.

For reasons that may resonate with points you made yourself, about how this ‘pandemic’ has been handled, I found the video interesting & thought to share it.

If you can force yourself through 10 minutes of painful viewing, perhaps it offers some clues to the disaster that was 2020:

YouTube (11m 45s) – Centre for Health Security: Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel

“The dumbing down” of society is a trope that has often been rolled out, usually in relation to us Plebs, but what struck me watching this video was the idea of “the dumbing down” at the managerial level.

Watching the participants in the video put me in mind of people on a work’s training ‘do’ who, in the main, just wished they didn’t have to be there & were silently wondering what nibbles would be on offer during break time or if expenses covered the hotel mini bar, hoping they’d be allowed to go paint balling next year instead.

Barely able to look at one another in case they were asked to volunteer an opinion, let alone pretend to listen to what others had to say, a bit of hamming it up for the camera & some desperate attempts to string together some trendy buzzwords, gleaned during motivational brainstorming sessions in their respective offices beforehand.

It seemed almost impossible to imagine such a roomful could come up with a coherent thought between them if it hadn’t been suggested by someone who sounded vaguely ‘grown up’ and had a swanky PowerPoint presentation to hand, with lots of pictures & colourful graphs.

If that’s indicative of the calibre of people chosen & entrusted with managing a global crisis, it’s not hard to imagine that they would sign off on any slick & glossy brochure of action points, lobb(i)ed at them by the likes of competing profiteers & the ‘behind closed doors’ groups who stage managed such a dire bunch of talking heads to parade in front of the cameras.

It felt like watching a cross between “The Office” and “Independence Day”, more ‘low’ than ‘highlights’ and, whilst not quite as slick as the WEF’s ‘look at how happy you’ll be when you’ve got fk all & we own Everything’, equally dispiriting.