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We do not know who kidnapped and murdered the three children in Palestine. These murders are terrible and need to be investigated. You cannot investigate a murder with bombs and tanks. Tony Blair’s immediate bandwagon-jumping and rush to blame Hamas is typical of a man who has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands through his urge to fix the facts around the policy.

Six Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces in the past three weeks. That did not get lead headlines in the mainstream media. I should note in fairness that the BBC World News at 9.00 am this morning did mention it, but on standard form that will quickly get censored out of future bulletins.

I don’t recall Tony Blair rushing out press releases as a result if the deaths of those Palestinian children. How exactly does Blair believe his ghoulish publicity seeking on the back of this terrible tragedy is helping anything, except perhaps his long term money-making potential?

I doubt that Hamas killed the children. It would make no sense given its strategy of joining a unified Palestinian leadership and entering the diplomatic dialogue. It must be possible that the children were murdered by a Palestinian individual or group outraged by the recent killings of Palestinian children. It also must be possible that they were killed by an Israeli individual or group eager to undermine the Palestinian unity process and promote the settlement agenda.

All deaths are tragic, and the deaths of younger people always feel more tragic still. Parents are mourning in Israel and Palestine. The answer is not to create more mourning parents and shattered children. All violence in Palestine must be condemned unequivocally.

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  • ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    Why are you not vociferously critical of Islamic theocracies to the same extent that you evidently are with regard to Jewish states?

    IOW, why isn’t he even-handed?

    Why isn’t Israel?

    Why aren’t you as vociferously critical of Judaism as you are of all Islam, everywhere?

    (“Personal preference” would be an adequate response, IMO)

  • Mary

    Good news

    On June 27th, Spain and Italy’s governments have warned their citizens against doing business with illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and in the Golan Heights.

    Following the move of French foreign ministry, which issued a similar notice on Tuesday last week, Spain and Italy said that any business conducted in the settlements entails legal risks as they are built upon land occupied by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War.

    “The West Bank, including East Jerusalem, Gaza and the Golan Heights are territories which have been occupied by Israel since 1967. As a result of the above, the European Union and its Member States are raising European citizens’ and businesses’ awareness on the risks related to economic and financial activities in the settlements. Financial transactions, investments, purchases, procurements as well as other economic activities (including in services like tourism) in Israeli settlements or benefiting Israeli settlements, entail legal and economic risks stemming from the fact that the Israeli settlements, according to international law, are built on occupied land and are not recognised as a legitimate part of Israel’s territory. This may result in disputed titles to the land, water, mineral or other natural resources which might be the subject of purchase or investment” – read the statement from the Italian Foreign Ministry.

    The new warnings are worded in language very similar to that issued by UK last December, suggesting a high degree of coordination between the European countries.

    List of countries that have already issued warnings to business about the involvement with illegal Israeli settlements:

    – Netherlands*

    – United Kingdom (December 2013)

    – France (June 24th)

    – Spain (June 25th)

    – Italy (June 25th)

    Germany posted very general information on the website of Federal Foreign Affair office :“With regard to ownership acquisition and investments in the settlements, it must be pointed out that in the Federal Government’s view the settlements violate international law.”

    The recent move is seen as a part of join act taken by the European countries. It is expected that other countries might issue similar warnings during the next weeks.

    *Netherlands didn’t publish typical warnings to business but their discouragement policy trough the official statements is publicly known.


    Israel is going down.

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Hard talk with Ilan Pappe. BBC as well.

    An Israeli ( thank god ) that says it like it was , is and will be.
    Israel is a racist fascist international law breaking abomination that is perpetrating on a daily basis everything the Nazi’s did bar the gas ovens.
    They have been caught removing organs from prisoners however. Gas would make the organs unuseable and worth nothing.

  • nevermind, viva beautiful football

    It is not Hamas that incarcerates and tortures children by taking them out of their family setting, but Israel. Unless we hear and see any evidence, this kidnap and subsequent killing was done by those who want to divide and conquer Israel, still, even after the last 50 years of hardship and failure.

    This kidnap was designed to bring the Israeli’s out against Hamas approach with Fatah and todays kidnap of a palestinian youngster was probably done by the same people, very likely fascists settler in lieu with Mossad.

  • doug scorgie

    2 Jul, 2014 – 12:59 pm

    “The question, re-framed :”

    “Why are you not vociferously critical of Islamic theocracies to the same extent that you evidently are with regard to Jewish states?”

    Firstly Jemand, there are no Jewish states.

    Secondly, I am critical of theocracies on this blog: Saudi Arabia is but one example.

    However, Israel and theocracies are not equivalent to compare.

    Israel is not a theocracy it is a racist state based on Jewish supremacy.

  • Mary

    The Guardian editors have put Steve Bell’s cartoon at the bottom of a page giving a time line of events,×344.jpeg

    Steve Bell’s view of Israel’s reaction to the killing of three Israeli teenagers Photograph: Copyright Steve Bell

  • Mary

    Shocking scenes from E Jerusalem as fighting breaks out. The Palestinian boy was beaten and then set on fire and dumped by settlers it is alleged.

    ‘The agency added:

    Early on Wednesday, police received a call about a suspected kidnapping from Beit Hanina, a well-heeled Arab neighbourhood of East Jerusalem, prompting a widespread search operation, spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP.

    “In the early hours of Wednesday morning, police received a report of a person being forced into a car in Beit Hanina,” she told AFP.

    “Within an hour, a body was found in Jerusalem that has still not been identified. We are looking to see if there is a connection between the two incidents.”

    Quoting witnesses, army radio said the youth was seen being forced into a black Honda Civic which had been seen in the area the night before.

    A cousin of the missing youth who gave his name only as Mahmud, said locals had given chase but were unable to catch the fleeing car.

    Shortly after the kidnapping was reported, a body was found in a forest near Givat Shaul in west Jerusalem, the radio said, indicating it had been burned. It had earlier said there were signs of stab wounds.’

  • karel

    To anyone who has visited Israel must have have noticed that thugs calling themselves “settlers” carry weapons. Why should Hamas bother to “kidnap”, rather then bumping them off straight away is a real puzzle, which only our intrepid reporter and BBC listener haliblablacus can possibly solve.

  • Mary

    LK member Miri Regev’s ‘Six forms of Terrrrrism’.

    Linguistic terrorism: Somebody buy Israeli politicians a dictionary
    A top-six list of the various ways Israeli officials have reinvented definitions — and types — of terrorism.

    One example –

    MK Miri Regev (Likud), during discussions of how best to force-feed Palestinian prisoners, described hunger strikes as “terrorism in prison.” Yup, all you have to do to become a terrorist these days is stop eating.

  • Mary

    Palestinians to bury teenager killed in Jerusalem

    Mohammed Abu Khdair’s mother: “My son wasn’t answering”

    Palestinians are preparing to hold the funeral of a teenager abducted and murdered in Jerusalem.

    The killing of 17-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdair on Wednesday was condemned by both Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

    The murder sparked fierce clashes amid claims it was in revenge for the killing of three Israeli youths

    There is yet another grieving Mummy, Suha Mohammed Khdair.

    The family house came under attack by the Israelis, said to be relatives of the murdered Israeli teenagers.

    ‘Suddenly the house becomes the focus of a sustained Israeli assault – stun grenades, rubber bullets, ……. The relatives of the murdered boy take shelter….’ (from the video)

  • Mary

    The Medialens editors write on the distortions and bias of the BBC reporting of Israel and Palestine.

    Israel only ever retaliates: Part 3,056,712

    Posted by The Editors on July 4, 2014, 8:45 am

    A basic tenet of media coverage of the Middle East is that Israel *retaliates* to Palestinian violence; never the other way round.

    So, true to type, BBC News reports this morning:

    ‘In the past few days Israel has launched air strikes after rockets were fired from Gaza.’

    It’s almost laughable, except that it’s tragic. Such media misrepresentation helps to perpetuate injustice and suffering.

    A reminder from ‘More Bad News From Israel’

    Posted by The Editors on July 4, 2014, 9:01 am, in reply to “Israel only ever retaliates: Part 3,056,712”

    By Greg Philo and Mike Berry (Pluto Books, London, 2011):

    “The message on the news overall is that it is the Palestinians in Gaza who start the problem, that it is they who need to be disarmed, and that the Israelis respond but with terrible consequences for civilians. Because the Israeli account of cause is not challenged, the focus of criticism is on the manner in which the Israelis have conducted their �response�.”

    (page 367)

    The Song Remains The Same

    Posted by The Editors on July 4, 2014, 9:04 am, in reply to “A reminder from ‘More Bad News From Israel'”

    Former BBC Middle East Correspondent Tim Llewellyn in 2011:

    “BBC is ‘confusing cause and effect’ in its Israeli coverage”


  • Mary

    “From a Palestinian doctor who lost three young daughters and a niece to Israeli terrorism in his home in Gaza.”

    Izzledin Abuelaish
    ‘Autopsy results of the Palestinian teenager Abukhaddar. Settlers put gasoline in his
    mouth and poured it out on his body and set fire to it.’ (Facebook)

    ‘Guardian Profile – Profile
    Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish is a Palestinian doctor and infertility specialist. In 2009 three of his daughters were killed by Israeli shells. He now campaigns for peace and teaches at the University of Toronto.’

  • Mary

    ? for consideration

    Were the Three Settler Kidnappings an Israeli “False Flag” Operation?
    By Karin Brothers
    Global Research, July 04, 2014

    Evidence that came to light after Israel removed its gag order on information regarding the June 12 kidnapping and murder of three Jewish Israeli students suggests that it could have been an Israeli government operation that was intentionally used to punish Hamas and break up the new Palestinian unity government.


  • Mary

    Nice people. Indoctrinated.

    Israeli Soldiers Publish Dozens Of Pictures, Posts, Calling For Murdering Arabs Thursday July 03, 2014
    Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies Report post

    Israeli soldiers published dozens of pictures on social media networks calling for murdering the Arabs, and murderous acts of what they described as “revenge” against any person who is an Arab.

  • Mary

    My comment on the More Dead Children in Palestine thread


    1 Jul, 2014 – 11:41 am

    Just some of the names for Israeli offensives against the Palestinians that I could remember or dug up. In no particular chronological order. All very lyrical names are they not?

    Operation Cast Lead
    Operation Summer Rains
    Operation Autumn Clouds
    Operation Brother’s Keeper
    Operation Pillar of Defence
    Operation Hot Water
    Operation Returning Echo
    Operation Rainbow
    Operation Days of Penitence

    And the big ones,
    Al Naqba aka The Disaster/Catastrophe
    The 1967 war Al Naksah aka The Setback!

  • Mary

    Mods could you please delete the above comment which I intended to put on the Doune the Rabbit Hole thread but put here by mistake.

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