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What I found interesting about the event 201 video was how despite running such an exercise none of the lessons were applied. That is presumably because there is no overall structure to run such an emergency which can overrule individual nations. For example the WHO is a very cautious body that is beholden to the donors and dare not upset them. They also cannot take any decisions or any advice against what is perceived as economic interest. Also it seems that in this exercise everyone seems to be turning to private big pharma to come up with the goods.
The only way this pandemic could be dealt with effectively is through a coordinated effort following simple well tried measures, stop spread by limiting people’s movement inside countries from infected areas, and internationally, testing and tracing and strict isolation of all suspects and take adequate contact precautions. It would involve governements everywhere to commandeer resources and hand over the actual clinical decisions to public health officials and other experts, not to sit down pontificating with mathematical models.
This is what I wrote to my MP in March last year:

“The government is proposing to give businesses and self employed and those on zero hour contract support during this crisis which is highly commendable. Would it not be possible to give this help a positive twist so that the recipients are actually involved and committed? This can be done by way of requisitioning both workers and premises. Of course details need to be worked out, but currently the majority of the nation seems to be asked to sit at home helplessly whilst a minority are bearing the burden in carrying out essential services. The government and local councils can use this to for example do the following:

  1. Requisition resources to organise transport safely for NHS and other essential workers.
  2. Requisition resources to help the food industry to arrange and expand home food deliveries.
  3. Organise locally a system of volunteers to ensure that the vulnerable are cared for.
  4. Organise queues at places such as supermarkets.

I am sure there are other activities but this is just a blueprint.”

This sort of requisitioning is done during wars and essential for cohesiveness and support for all. Instead the government relying on market capitalist principles can only try and sort the problem by market means, with the inexperienced private sector being handed over the bulk of the contracts and action.