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To my pleasant surprise, even some bishops have signed – probably suffragan ones, but I haven’t checked.

Many who have signed have probably been brave to do so, because I doubt signing will win them any brownie points whatsoever.

If Dominic Cummings had his way, those who haven’t rolled up their sleeves and taken it in the arm for Big Pharma and the state wouldn’t be allowed to go to confession. Before they even got to the door of the church their microchip implants would call in the drones. “Stay where you are! Anti-social element in zone 746!” If they did manage to make it into the church, an van would soon roll up and masked police in big boots and with “NHS” on their helmets would chase them up the aisle and force them to cower in a pew at gunpoint.

You can imagine why some priests and ministers aren’t so happy about that, quite aside from the fact that vaccines have been developed using human embryos.

I wonder what Mary Wakefield, convert to Roman Catholicism, thinks.

Those reading this who belong to Christian congregations should consider drawing this letter to the attention of their priest or other minister. It remains open for signatures.

There may turn out to be more “people’s priests” than there are “people’s scientists”. I wouldn’t hurry to call anybody a “people’s scientist”, but I guess I’d grant the description to Piers Corbyn if he wants it. (For those who don’t already know, he totally bested the Meteorological Office and other “professional” meteorologists in weather prediction.)