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Some more “politics of truth”:

EU members aren’t allowed to sign trade deals with EU non-members. So it’s a case of “Vote SNP if you want trade between Scotland and the rest of what used to be Britain to be decided between London and Brussels”.

How long will the SNP continue to con so many people into not realising that an independent Scotland’s most important relations with a foreign country wouldn’t be with Iceland, Norway, or Russia, but with Rump Britain, and that it is totally legitimate to demand that the SNP leadership be clear on what kind of relations it wants – rather than trying to distract from the issue by saying it’s up to Britain who it recognises as British citizens and things like that. They wrote that garbage document “Scotland’s Future” in 2013. How about writing something better this time? Pros, cons, weigh them up, and find out if they can persuade the kind of people who can do joined-up writing.

As for the current talk about Boris Johnson being about to decide he will consent to an indyref rerun (or “call a snap referendum” in English Tory parlance), this is similar to “Boris Johnson realises what two plus two equals”. What has probably happened is that the Scottish Tories have managed to thump some sense into Johnson’s head. Johnson would be a massive liability for Unionism in any rerun of the independence referendum. All it would take would be one bad afternoon. The penny may drop on this too in Tory Party centrale, if the SNP together with their pals in the Green cult win a majority in a fortnight’s time.