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Jack – “What is your view on the handling of Covid in the UK and in general?”

I’m utterly furious with the UK government for its negligence, corruption and cynicism. However, most governments have been nearly as negligent.

“What should have been the best strategy?”

What “should have been” the best strategy still is the best strategy – suppression of transmission by using short-term travel restrictions with proper trace, test and quarantine: – Green Zones

This is how China and Australia are successfully suppressing SARS-CoV-2. As soon as any infected people are discovered, no matter how few, they are quarantined, and the locality is immediately locked down with travel restrictions imposed. Tracing, testing and quarantine of their contacts are rigorously performed, until all further contacts test negative. Lockdown and travel restrictions are then lifted. This entire process typically takes around a week – as opposed to most other countries’ disastrous three-month lockdowns.

The Daily New Cases graphs for China and Australia speak for themselves – China has prevented any major outbreak for fifteen months since their first peak, and Australia has been suppressing SARS-CoV-2 effectively since September 2020 – Worldometers:

END coronavirus – it could be done in under two months.