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We know that bullies everywhere are fond of denying the experience of their victims. Do you disagree? And here you are insisting that everyone is lying apart from you and let me add that I do accept take your point, these people could be lying, although you don’t attempt to prove it, you merely assume. (This is a value judgement, is it not?)

From my own experience (and empiricism, let us remind ourselves, is the product of experience is it not?) the stepfather of my daughter (my ex-wife remarried) was on the operating table having stents inserted into his arteries three days after having received his first ‘jab’ due to heart attack caused by blood clots throughout his body. I’ve actually worked with him in the past and despite his advanced years on me, he actually did outstrip me. Fit as the proverbial fiddle.

I’ve heard many similar stories in recent months despite also knowing plenty of people who’ve had Covid vaccines and merely felt very unwell for weeks or months and others who were more or less fine beyond localised discomfort. Only a zealot would claim this is not data, but if it is never recorded in the context of vaccines, then it actually never becomes data. Much as the MoD is still able to claim that less than five hundred thousand people were killed by the Iraq war through the simple expedient of not recording the 2.4 million deaths. I’m happy for you that you are able to trust our institutions to work freely on your behalf without interference. You must be a very happy man.