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After a little more digging about I found this site, primarily undermining Bridle’s claims with cited references to the relevant papers. This piece gives an explanation of the difference between virus produced spike protein and vaccine produced spke protien.

The evidence for the widespread distribution of “spike protein” comes from this leaked confidential Pfizer biodistribution study.
It should be noted that they infer from the distribution of the lipid nano particles where the vaccine mRNA contained within them may reach. The mRNA thus distributed is NOT, I repeat, NOT spike protein. It is mRNA that codes for the modified spike protein used in the vaccine and won’t become translated into the modified spike protein until it enters a cell. The modified spike protein coded for in the vaccine mRNA is modified such that it does not escape the cell in the way the virus does but is instead anchored to the cell membrane and is thus presented to the immune system.

J, perhaps you could state your opinion, why you hold that opinion and cite the relevant literature you base that opinion on. Rather than have me listen to 4 or 5 hours of video you could summarise and link to the relevant ivermectin studies that you find most convincing.