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What is your source of information that the PCR has a high false positive rate?
The PCR will tell you whether there is specific RNA fragments of the virus is detected but will not tell you that this is a complete virus or indeed whether the person testing positive has any disease as even catching the virus can lead to mild or asymptomatic infection. But as Clark states, the increasing number of positive tests precedes hospitalizations and then deaths. This was true with the first and second waves of infections preceding mass vaccination, but the link has now become weaker because of vaccination which protects in both reducing the number of people infected and even if they are infected they are less likely to be hospitalized or die of the disease. However because there is still a sizeable number of unvaccinated individuals and because the data about vaccine protection is developing it is important to be cautious about rising positive PCR cases for two reasons: those unvaccinated will be at risk, and because rising infections can lead to the rise of new variants which may be vaccine resistant or more lethal and that is why rising number of positive cases is still important.

As to the statement about high false positive rates of PCR, that is misinformation unfortunately propagated by conspiracy websites, including OffGuardian which repeat this as fact. based on some poor science and twisting of facts. If the PCR gives high false positive rates, it would not be the case that countries like China and New Zealand would record periods with very low number of positive tests when they had effective lockdown. Suggest stop believing OG.