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Michael norton, July 4, 08:37

“I fear for Europe, they have virtually unlimited free movement of people…”

In a year of suffering and losses, many countries have made their own experiments in how to deal with COVID-19.
The results of these experiments are known:

  • Having COVID-19 under control reduces suffering and losses.
  • No country has COVID-19 under control without strong travel restrictions.
  • No country has COVID-19 under control by trying to keep the numbers at a non-zero threshold.
  • It is easier to get back to zero if you react fast to new outbreaks.
  • It is not too late to try to get COVID-19 under control and it doesn’t take long.

Let’s learn from the countries that succeeded. Go for zero – with a green-zone strategy.

This UK government’s hypocrisy is blatant. They were elected on a mandate to “control our borders”. They have a valid reason to control the border that could not be dismissed as xenophobia. Even Corbyn, then Leader of the Opposition was calling for border control; he would have whipped the Labour Party to support it, so they had an open goal. They refused to control the border.

Back in February last year it was obvious that covid was coming in through the airports. Before anyone I knew had covid, and before anyone connected to anyone I knew, the ‘news’ media was peppered with reports of politicians, celebrities and sports stars contracting covid – the jet set. Around March 16 2020 either Taiwan or South Korea reported more covid cases among incoming travelers than from domestic transmission; the friend of mine who mentioned this to me dismissed it as xenophobia, but I pointed out that they were doing more testing than anywhere else.

The corporate media continually raises concerns for “Britons planning overseas holidays”, but according to surveys, that’s only 5% of the UK population.