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[ Mod: Here’s another offering from ‘J’, returning after a long absence. Once again it’s a procedural complaint rather than a substantive contribution to the debate. ]

‘J’ is still allowed to make a contribution to the debate, provided there is a genuine attempt to engage in the discussion without jeering, false accusations or snide remarks.

@Mod. You haven’t bothered to comment on the extremely substantive posts which you censored before the responses you selectively quote and allude to, so what would be the point?

I continue to write, but where it is possible to develop an argument that isn’t butchered or censored entirely by bullies with a badge.

[ Mod: J, moderators aren’t going to engage with the arguments you put forward in your “substantive posts”. That’s not what moderators are for. The other contributors here are perfectly capable of doing so if they feel it’s necessary.

Your replies were removed not for the arguments you put forward, but for infringing the commenting etiquette – as you’ve just done again by posting a moan about moderation in a thread about covid.

“bullies with a badge”.

(“We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”) If you think you’re being bullied, please start a new topic in the Blog Support Forum and make your case there. It will be visible to the system admin and to Craig, even if it doesn’t appear publicly. Thanks. ]