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The two claims Binney made about the DNC e-mail leak are unaffected. One was that the NSA domestic surveillance programme keeps records of all internet data transfers out of the US and would therefore have a record of the DNC material being transferred by Guccifer 2.0 had that occurred, yet has offered no such records as evidence.

The other is a forensic argument from the filing system timestamps of the DNC cache on the Wikileaks website. The maximum time resolution of 2 seconds indicates a Microsoft FAT filing system, as used on USB memory sticks. Furthermore, the creation times of the variously sized files also indicate a data rate consistent with transfer from a USB stick, far exceeding maximum transatlantic internet data rates available when the leak occurred. Therefore, final transfer to Wikileaks’ computers occurred from a memory stick as Craig claims, rather than a transatlantic internet transfer as claimed in the Russiagate story.

Even if Binney has gone nuts, those facts remain verifiable.