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      Craig has often referenced Bill Binney, an important NSA whistleblower these past twenty years, in his blogging on the Trump election and on the fallout from Russiagate. He’s made particular reference to him in regards to the claims that the DNC leak could not have been a hack. I never doubted Binney’s credentials or credibility until earlier today when I came across a video of him ( talking about being microchipped by surgeons and announcing his marriage to a woman who thinks she’s being stalked by MI5 and is being shot at by them with electric particles. She has posted videos on the same youtube channel from her tinfoil bunker describing attacks.

      This is going way too far for me. Anyone have a clue what the hell is going on with Binney?

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        I share your concerns, Anndra. From what I’ve seen of Bill Binney, an NSA whistleblower who was formerly Director of the World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group, he seemed knowledgeable and entirely reasonable. His gentle manner is evident in that video. But it’s quite disturbing nonetheless.

        He starts by announcing his marriage to an attractive woman over 30 years his junior. Lucky him! And she’s quite well known too! It’s Dr Katherine Horton of Stop007 and the Joint Investigation Team. Bill and Katherine describe how they’re both continually affected by chronic pain (Bill is a double leg amputee), which they attribute to undetectable microchip implants activated by directed energy weapons embedded in all their neighbours’ homes, in passing cars and in drones above them.

        Horton was a particle physicist at Oxford University (a fellow of St John’s College, no less) seconded to CERN. She started to suspect that she was being followed as an undergraduate, and later deduced that she is the subject of a sophisticated zersetzen progamme using experimental remote torture techniques. She’s now the world’s most highly qualified tin-foil hatter … literally.

        There’s a revealing video of her lying in a bunker shielding her head under an aluminium foil hat to protect against the mind-controlling microwave pulses being directed at her brain by high-energy electromagnetic machine guns.

        The blurb on her “Stop007” website ticks most of the other conspiracy theory tropes: CIA/MI5/MI6 covert operations; medical conspiracies; public spies everywhere; 5G global population control; chemtrails; New World Order; satanic imagery; Nazi depopulation programmes, and so on. When she tried to take MI5 to court to expose their manipulation, the case was thrown out for being frivolous – which obviously meant the judiciary were in on it too. A stranger once mentioned to her how Princess Diana was also targeted by MI5 – which she immediately construed as a sinister death threat. She also claims she is “raped daily” by remote control. It’s scary stuff.

        Bill Binney seems to be fully signed up to this paranoid lunacy. Sadly I think it heralds the end of his credibility as an authority on whistleblowing.

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          It’s terrifying to have this important and credible whistleblower’s reputation destroyed in such a way.

          As far as I can tell they first came into contact about last year. Maybe isolation during covid propelled some sort of descent for him, or maybe he was like this prior. I did think a few years back that his voice (still very rational and calm) was being marginalised onto more and more wacky websites and groups that lie on the fringes of reality. Even when Craig posted about him last year he had to put up a disclaimer saying he knew nothing of the institute with which he was collaborating but vouched for his views.

          I can’t help feeling that the credibility of his important claims about the DNC leak now lie in tatters. Does anyone know of anyone in the States that could be contacted to check in on him?

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            I don’t think there’s any point in trying to get other people to talk Binney out of it. He’s probably beyond rescue – there’s no fool like an old fool, after all. It’s tempting to think Horton might have been used as a honeypot to discredit him (an idea they ridicule in the video), but it was probably more natural than that. Bill would have encountered her while doing the whistleblowing circuit (as she sees herself as a kind of whistleblower), and she would be in awe of his reputation. She had the assets to turn his head (like Paul McCartney falling for Heather Mills – rationality goes out the window) and her marriage had broken down, so both were single and had chronic pain in common – they just needed something to blame it on. It’s obvious who the “bad guys” were going to be. She had an explanation (of sorts) of how it all works, and the old goat crossed over to the greener pasture.

            I wonder what the other VIPS like Ray McGovern think of his choices?

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              You’re probably right. What a tragedy, she is clearly away with it. I don’t think he was until recently. But maybe he was and I just overlooked it, or maybe he has just had enough.

              I don’t know what the other members of VIPS have been up to or if they have said anything, they’ve been rather quiet since the Russiagate DNC story as far as I can tell. Don’t think we should rely on Binney’s claims anymore though, not if he’s lost touch with reality.

              Wikileaks will never reveal their source. Murray won’t (and can’t atm) talk about his involvement in the affair. Binney has lost the plot. Who else is there to believe but the official narrative? I’m really struggling with this to be honest.

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                The two claims Binney made about the DNC e-mail leak are unaffected. One was that the NSA domestic surveillance programme keeps records of all internet data transfers out of the US and would therefore have a record of the DNC material being transferred by Guccifer 2.0 had that occurred, yet has offered no such records as evidence.

                The other is a forensic argument from the filing system timestamps of the DNC cache on the Wikileaks website. The maximum time resolution of 2 seconds indicates a Microsoft FAT filing system, as used on USB memory sticks. Furthermore, the creation times of the variously sized files also indicate a data rate consistent with transfer from a USB stick, far exceeding maximum transatlantic internet data rates available when the leak occurred. Therefore, final transfer to Wikileaks’ computers occurred from a memory stick as Craig claims, rather than a transatlantic internet transfer as claimed in the Russiagate story.

                Even if Binney has gone nuts, those facts remain verifiable.

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                  Thanks Clark, those points are reassuring.

                  I ended up on a wild goose chase recently trying to find more information on where the Russiagate story ends up and found this article by Duncan Campbell, which is quite difficult to digest because the narrative it offers is bizarre. Campbell ends up on a chase after Guccifer 2.0 and the origin of the (dis-)information around him. He also flew Binney over to examine the evidence of the Wikileaks cache documents with him, but after the article was published they still seemed to disagree (see the updates in that article).

                  If Binney has since gone off the rails do you know if there has ever been a robust rebuttal to Campbell from others in VIPS or anyone else arguing the DNC leak side? Or has anyone investigated it since?

                  Murray has almost always been robust with his references but I’d still much rather know someone else, other than Binney, is still looking at this or is able to refute Campbell’s observations.


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                    That’s a very long and complicated article, but it makes one point upon which the rest of the argument seems to depend:

                    “… The Forensicator report avoided pointing out that the time stamps examined were present only in the special London group of documents, and not in tens of thousands of other DNC files published by WikiLeaks or Guccifer 2.0.”

                    That should be quite easy to check by comparing timestamps from the material on the Wikileaks website against the claims endorsed by Binney.

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                      If this is what has happened to Bill Binney I am saddened for him. However, in reality, the importance of the DNC leak and russiagate has passed. Not in its factual essence but in its effect. No one cares anymore and the propaganda has done its job. If the CIA/NSA were to state that Bill Binney was correct would it make any difference now? 99% of people wouldn’t even notice. Probably 98% of people didn’t care at the time. It stuns me how little interest people have in these kinds of events and I can’t seem to get people, even my own family, to bother to take an active interest. Propaganda wins because of indifference. It also has a shelf life. Unless it’s actively countered and the argument won at the time of its propagation propaganda wins. Look at Iraqi WMD. This was something the news cycle did take on but it made no difference. The Iraq war happened, none of the people involved in the lies were ever sanctioned in any meaningful way. It is forgotten in the public mindset (in the west, not in Iraq).
                      I am perhaps being a little too defeatist here. It does matter that such propaganda can be pointed out to people in an effort to persuade them of the techniques and understand how it unfolds in future propaganda events.

                      Damn but these captchas are getting difficult 🙂 I need my glasses to see the things!

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                        I haven’t taken much notice of this because it doesn’t really matter and just adds to the distraction. No one disputes the authenticity of the DNC material, so it really doesn’t matter whether a DNC insider leaked them or Kremlin operatives exfiltrated them – indeed, both could have occurred; either different routes for the various different leaks, or to multiple copies of the same leak. There will be so much intelligence agency misdirection and obfuscation from any number of national and private agencies that it is all too easy to become submerged in the detail and forget about the content of the leaks, eg:

                        The Clinton Foundation is very close to certain Gulf Monarchies, accepting money from them despite their known support for jihadism. Hillary Clinton was a a major proponent of the devastation of Libya, to the extent that insiders called it “Hillary’s war”. The DNC conspired with “news” media such that Hillary was told of questions in advance of interviews. The DNC deliberately disadvantaged Bernie Sanders, despite knowing that he was more likely to win against Trump than Hillary Clinton. And Podesta and the Clintons share macabre tastes in art, including some very disturbing and barely legal private performances.

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                          Yeah it’s complicated and terribly written. But what is he on to exactly?

                          That should be quite easy to check by comparing timestamps from the material on the Wikileaks website against the claims endorsed by Binney.

                          Do you know how to/have time to do that? Or do you know anyone who has? I would like to see a reply to the Campbell article in essence.

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                            This has all come about because of the information released by ‘The Twitter Files’. Bill Binney may have mixed up his blue and red pills, but the truth about the information from DNC computers being leaked, not hacked, is further reinforced with this article…_

                            Harry Johnson (ex-CIA): Why Was FBI Counter Intelligence Involved With The Seth Rich Case? (19 Dec 2022)

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                              I would not be at all surprised if intelligence services have ways to induce or arrange this kind of discrediting behaviour for exactly that purpose; as they likely do with suicide, most recently with all these Russians business men turning up dead as fodder for Putin’s the evelist baddy hit-pieces.

                              Did David Shayler not have a similar descent into conspiratorial madness (Lizard People etc.)? Or did he turn out to be a fraud, or — I didn’t pay that much attention to him.

                              Could Dr. Horton be exactly the “spy cop” to hook Binney with, handle his medications, buy the toothpaste or just pursuade to do some videos: let your hair down with me, or etc.

                              As perhaps a pre-cursor, an incident in the fairly forgettable “One Girl’s War: Personal Exploits in MI5’s Most Secret Station” by Joan Miller, where she seems convinced she had some kind of occult experience toward the end of her romantic involvement with Maxwell Knight (MI5 spy-runner, part basis of M in James Bond) comes to mind.

                              She was certain Knight was obsessed by the occult, others say not at all. He knew she believed such things, and I guess played along and as a finale induced/arranged the experience to give her plenty to discredit herself with if she ever talked.

                              Anyway, one should at least be suspicious when someone the intelligence agencies have good reason to discredit suddenly starts doing a wonderful job of that themselves.

                              Just as one is when it turns out, lucky for them, the latest whistleblower is a sex pest.

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                                My link has gone own the rabbit hole. Here it is…_

                                [ Mod: It’s fixed now. Thank you. Page references should be hyperlinked to text here, preferably the page title. If they’re posted as bare URLS, the forum software tries to pull in a page clip which slows down the loading time. For that reason, the moderators routinely convert them to text hyperlinks. ]

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                                Clive Richardson

                                  I was walking my dog in a local park and had a chat with another dog walker I sometimes bump into. I’ve met his son walking the same dog on occasion. Last week, I bumped into the Father again and we got talking about this and that. I can’t remember what lead me to mention Cern but, as soon as I did, he told me that his son, who is a Physicist, previously had a girlfriend who was a Physicist at Cern. He then went on to explain how she started to believe she was being targeted and, because of this, was ‘chucked out’ of Cern and Switzerland. He mentioned her name, Katherine Horton (I had never heard of her). He mentioned that his son had said that Katherine was a completely different person before she went to Cern. Anyway, I searched for her name and found the video of her with Bill in which she said they had got married. They recounted that it was Katherine’s suggestion that Bill might be ‘chipped’ as he was suffering bouts of serious pain in his legs.

                                  I knew about Bill and admired his courage for whistleblowing at the NSA. So it got me pondering about Katherine. She has of course been labelled as a whacky conspiracy theorist but I question what would tip such a well qualified and, by all accounts, well balanced woman with a great career ahead of her, in that direction? For sure, the secret services use covert technology and dirty tricks! They also target people deemed to be a ‘person of interest’. However, despite these realities, it’s difficult to believe what she’s saying.

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                           a current update on the topic (RT 23 Oct 2023 as below). I suggest to depart from muddying the waters. Gov denial clearly contradict facs incl scientific evidence. #HavanaSyndrome is a big topic – deniable only by those complicit (conflict of interest) or completely ignorant. Given the collusion of significant agencies (DoJ, FBI, CIA, Law enforcement) it is all to easy to fall for their nazi tricks (attempting to discredit those they are targeting/hunting – using brute force).

                                    Binney interviewed by CIA whistle-blower:

                                    Declassified official Report,
                                    heavily redacted, with clear attribution to EMF weapons technology:


                                    You want to help revealing the truth of abusive weapons assaults on innocent Gov personnel and civilians.


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                                      Some very naive posters in here.
                                      You think the tactics and technologies that Binney and Horton are complaining about aren’t real and being abused?
                                      Go read some patent office papers and wise up.

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                                        It´s “funny”, last night, a couple of hours before Murray’s Twitter news broke, I almost opened a new thread here titled “Twitter – Censorship Complex”, as Matt Taibbi just yesterday had some new interesting stuff to reveal.

                                        I eventually reconsidered and wanted to think over the new thread idea first. Then Murray’s Twitter news came.

                                        The core of Taibbi’s latest is this Congressional 100-page study about how Stanford was involved in the speech manipulation attempts and censorship. Apparently it is 1 year’s work:

                                        Interim Staff Report of the Committee on the Judiciary and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government U.S. House of Representatives”


                                        And since this issue will get worse every year we might also want to accompany it.

                                        (I find myself constantly going back into many different older threads picking up “Twitter” hints and remarks. Which is a sign that it might better be bundled in one place.)

                                        But for the moment I don’t want to establish again an entirely new thread after Gaza and this one.

                                        p.s. Taibbi did a podcast last night on the complex “Twitter” to explain it to a bigger audience – 51 minutes:

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                                          Horton falls into two possible categories: 1.) Deranged schizophrenic in urgent need of treatment. 2.) Callous conwoman using Bill to grow her profile and capitalise on his reputation.

                                          Personally, I consider the latter more plausible and supported with the information that can be gleaned from her early YouTube appearances. The footage of Horton sitting in a makeshift tinfoil citadel inside her flat makes for cringeworthy viewing and she comes across as bat**** crazy. (Strangely enough, in her later videos and those where she is joined by Bill, she appears to withstand the microwave attacks without the aluminium foil just fine.) Though she provides elaborate accounts of the torture and harassment she claims to be experiencing, she has never quite managed to provide a reason for the security services’ prolonged interest in her. Horton states herself that she isn’t a whistleblower. So, what exactly is the reason why MI5, MI6, the BND as well as Swiss Intelligence and by now their US counterparts would commit such a huge array of resources and manpower (gangstalking) for well over a decade?

                                          To truly understand Horton, it’s simply enough to listen closely to the information she reveals about herself. There is a rather enlightening interview with Kit Klarenberg of Sputnik on her channel. Following the call, Klarenberg apparently ceased all contact and the piece was never published. Yet, Horton chose to publish the call recording. Right at the onset of the call, the exchange gives some insight into her true motivation. In short, Horton is a failed particle physicist, whose attempts at a career change following her departure from Oxford University, which she claims to have attended, were thwarted by the security services (gang-stalkers) following her return to Germany. As her start-up businesses didn’t get off the ground (of course, as a result of the ongoing interference) and yet another failed career change into wealth management (according to her own account she was employed for less than two months at a wealth management company investing in gold), Horton started concentrating her efforts on capitalising on her perceived victimisation by providing consultancy services within the TI community and creating a social media profile for herself. (She still does, charging a hefty hourly rate. Details on her website.) Given all of the above, Horton’s true motivation to marry an octogenarian can be plausibly explained. Putting it simply, she is a gold digger. The prospect of being entitled to Binney’s NSA pension in the event of his death may thus have been a major contributing factor to her marrying him. (Remember, Binney turned 80 this year and Horton is in her mid-thirties / early forties, making her the Anna-Nicole Smith of the TI community.)

                                          It is extremely sad and disheartening that Binney’s reputation and legacy will be forever tarnished by his association with this conwoman. I feel sorry for Bill Binney, who appears to be more fragile than ever, and, not to forget, his sons.

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