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It is quite extraordinary to me how very little publicity is being given to the CIA sponsored military coup in Libya, following the same event in Egypt. The Arab Spring was front page headlines. The CIA and Saudi sponsored cooperation to turn it back to the deepest of freezes virtually gets no mention. This is even true of Libya, where we bombed tens of thousands of civilians to a pulp to ensure the changeover of regime, under the guise of installing democracy. The real aim was never democracy, but a neo-con friendly government, which is so much better secured under the auspices of the CIA.

The sheer arrogance of the political class and mainstream media in their hasty acceptance of the re-establishment of military dictatorship in Egypt, as though nothing wrong had happened, has been breathtaking – and almost entirely unchallenged. Tony Blair’s defence of the coup as the need to overthrow “political Islam” is not stated so openly by governments, but is indeed the motivation. Democracy is a good thing – except for Muslims, is their belief. Yet the government of Saudi Arabia is the most appalling example of entrenched “political Islam” in the world. But as it is unabashedly billionaire and neo-con friendly and pro-Israel, the Arab Gulf State model of political Islam is acceptable to the West. Only democratic, popular, political Islam must be overthrown.

I find amusing that the neo-cons are supported in this by the hard left in the West. It is fascinating to go back to this post and see the comments from those who supported the overthrow of Morsi as a left wing democratic revolution. In many instances, they are precisely the same deluded people who accept without question or query even the most obviously faked Russian propaganda about events in Ukraine (such as the obviously faked photo of the “strangled pregnant woman” in Odessa).

One particularly vile outcome of events in Egypt is David Cameron’s attempt at post hoc justification of Britain’s support of the military coup, by an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood here as a terrorist organization. As with the periodic persecution of Hizb-ut-Tahrir, the UK is sending a very dangerous message. First we are telling Muslims, with good sense, that they should not support their aims through violence but through democratic political activity. But then we are telling them that they must not do that either, and in fact the only course which is permitted is to adopt the same opinions as ourselves.

Personally I am deeply opposed to theological government. But those who wish to espouse it should have every right to do so by peaceful means. If we seek to remove all outlet for political Islam in the field of free thought and debate, we can scarcely complain if it turns to violence.

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90 thoughts on “CIA Triumph

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  • Rehmat

    @Ben – You can squeeze Nigeria and Boko Haram the way you like… But…

    To understand what’s going on in African nation of Nigeria – one has to understand who are claiming to be “friends of Africans”. Take for example, US Sen. John McCain told Jewish magazine The Beast that Washington should send special operation force to find and rescue the school girls taken hostage – especially in a country lead by “some guy named Goodluck Jonathan.”

    John McCain, a radical Zionist Christian, has history of calling for bomb-bomb-bomb a country that opposes the Zionist entity. McCain’s “humanitarian” Christian conscience didn’t bother him when he supported the US invasion of Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Kosova, North Korea, Central African Republic, etc.

    The Boko Haram, mostly from the Muslim-majority northern Nigeria is fighting against the Christian-dominated elites and military which had long been tools of western colonialist. They have allowed the western companies to loot Nigeria’s huge natural resource while the great majority of Nigerians are living in horrible poverty. The western colonialists have never stopped using “divide and rule” agenda by fanning Muslim-Christian religious enmity in Nigeria.

  • Jives

    Boko Haram Procol Harum.

    A whiter shade of CIA behind the scenes provocation/false flaggery?

    Game plan?

    Chaos:ergo…CIA and Western Mils and Mercs gotta move into the Delta/Bight Of Benin for the foreseeable centuries to ahem,’secure’ Freedom and Democracy.

    Or the oily revenue stream.

  • Mary

    The journey of the Peace Boat.

    Peace Boat’s 83rd Global Voyage (Mar-Jun 2014)

    History-‘Peace Boat’s first voyage was organized in 1983 by a group of Japanese university students as a creative response to government censorship regarding Japan’s past military aggression in the Asia-Pacific. They chartered a ship to visit neighboring countries with the aim of learning first-hand about the war from those who experienced it and initiating people-to-people exchange.’

    I see that the UK and US are not in the itinerary. Wise of them to steer clear of the warmongers. Will the BBC and other organs of the corporate media be reporting this voyage or will they stick to the residue of ‘our brave lads’ in Afghanistan and rubbishing Putin?

  • Mary

    Not all is lost in Australia. There is this Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies under the directorship of a good man Jake Lynch.

    Incidentally in this country you will find departments with the word WAR in their titles at British universities.

    Department of War Studies

    Centre for the Study of War, State and Society

    etc etc
    Quite telling.

  • Mary

    I missed out at the end of the comment above that there is no mention of PEACE.

  • John Goss

    Paul Rigby 22 May, 2014 – 11:31 pm

    Paul, I could not find the distinctive sleeve in the third link you provided. Was it the correct link.

    This is the best, that is, most balanced, video I have come across. It does not show the suspected murderer of the woman. But it does show that the police chief seems to be involved and that some of the police were wearing red arm-bands. The quality is better than most other videos of the scenes, and it is also fair in saying that the stone-throwing and shooting came from both sides. But there is enough evidence here to prosecute somebody. Who is the question.

  • John Goss

    “In many instances, they are precisely the same deluded people who accept without question or query even the most obviously faked Russian propaganda about events in Ukraine (such as the obviously faked photo of the “strangled pregnant woman” in Odessa).”

    I did substantial work finding out the identity of the photographer.

    And the personal grief her family had in the tragedy. She must have been criticised by other English-speaking people as well as Craig since she felt it necessary to write her comment in English. Would she fake a photograph when the family is in grief? I doubt it.

    But the thread has gone off-topic with Boko Haram and Peace Boats.

  • Mary

    What has shitty Ban ki Moon got to say about this?

    UN-marked strike helicopter ‘used by Kiev against militia’ sparks scandal

    ‘A video of a UN-marked Mil Mi-24 strike helicopter was published on Tuesday by LifeNews television. It said its correspondents covering Kiev’s military operation in the Donetsk Region took the video near Kramatorsk. LifeNews said at least three combat Mi-24 and one transport Mi-8 helicopters carrying UN colors were spotted in the area.’

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Ban Ki Moon gets handed a script from Washington.
    And I can never make out what he is trying to say.

  • Abe Rene

    @Craig “Democracy is a good thing – except for Muslims”

    There’s a lot of truth in that. Consider the Islamist transformation of Jinnah’s secular Pakistan into the “friend from Hell”, as former Watergate man Charles Colson put it.

    To paraphrase Henry Kissinger,

    “I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go Islamist because of the irresponsibility of its own people.”

    The West had better keep an eye on Turkey, in case Islamists try to do away with the secularism of Ataturk.

  • jjb

    Hi Craig, a short one: what the f*ck was the CIA director doing in Kiev shortly after the “revolutionary” change?

  • Jay

    Have you all had your 2 minutes if hate yet.
    A sad day!

    Where are the big ideas?

    Like Gaddafi’s underground aquafer.

    We need to build Babel not destroy it.

    Radio 5 are schisming.

  • craig Post author

    John Goss

    Who is Alena? How was she able to wander through the building taking photos after the Ukrainian forces had taken control? If she had a status that enabled her to do that, why is her identity secret?

    Presumably Alena took this photo once the fire was out and the building safe. It was under pro-Ukrainian control. I am quite sure not just anybody could wander around taking snapshots of corpses.

    Personally I am extremely skeptical it is a corpse at all. A corpse would not stay in that position. It is only resting on the desk from the small of the back up.

    It lacks post mortem pallor. When someone dies, the blood pressure disappears and very quickly indeed gravity drains the blood down. The higher points go a deathly white. The lower points where blood pools show what looks like heavy bruising. There is none of this effect. Unless Alena was wandering round the building immediately after the incident, I don’t think this is a corpse. There is one possibility, which is that people who die of carbon monoxide poisoning go a distinct cherry red. There may be some sign of that. The photo quality is not great.

    The France 24 article takes “Alena’s” word, but even that makes plain she was not pregnant and there is no evidence whatsoever that she was strangled.

  • doug scorgie


    I don’t know if the photograph is a fake or not it’s hard for anyone to tell but you jumped straight in and called it “an obvious fake.”

    I think John Goss was right when he says you have a blind spot about the wests involvement in Ukraine.

    You say of the corpse photograph:

    “A corpse would not stay in that position. It is only resting on the desk from the small of the back up.”

    Take another look at the picture Craig the “corpse” is resting on an area close to the coccyx not “the small of her back.”

    Also note that woman’s right foot is off the floor. If she was resting on the small of her back and it’s a fake the woman would need both feet on the floor.

    Still it doesn’t prove it is genuine but it is not the obvious fake your knee-jerk reaction proposes.

    As regards the body’s lack of post mortem pallor you say:

    “There is one possibility, which is that people who die of carbon monoxide poisoning go a distinct cherry red.”

    There is another possibility for lack of PM pallor and that is a tight ligature around the neck that is tied.

    Also you said “…there is no evidence whatsoever that she was strangled.”

    A tight ligature around the neck would likely not be seen in a photograph.

  • John Goss

    Another mighty important question about Alenya is, she was allowed into the building, because she had a missing relative. But for a staged death she must have taken someone in with her. Furthermore, if the photograph was not genuine the western press, the integrity of which we all know a lot, would have been very quick to capitalise on it, as would the Ukraine. As I have been unable to find anything in English or Russian that contradicts the authenticity of the photograph I thinks we have to accept that it was authentic. Do you?

  • Jemand

    I don’t know about the particulars but that photo of the woman is weird but not certainly fake.

    If she was strangled, I can imagine that she was forced back to the edge of the desk where she slowly inclined backward until she lost concsiousness and slumped to rest where she appears in the photo. Frankly, I think the bulk of her ample torso is sufficient to hold her in that awkward looking state indefinitely.

    So the photo proves nothing but the fact that a photo was taken. But it does strongly suggest that a woman was murdered.

  • doug scorgie

    Resident Dissident
    24 May, 2014 – 7:18 am

    Perhaps our resident Putinistas might wish to explain why their hero is doing nothing about racism and fascism in his own country

    From your plainly anti-Russia propaganda site:

    “Sergey Aksyonov, acting head of the Russian occupation regime in Crimea, that “a proposal had come in that once the US is united with Russia, Obama should be sent to the Moscow zoo” where he could “sit among the apes.” After criticism, Aksyonov later took this down from his site.”

    It turns out to be not true:

    (UPDATE): The account that was associated with Aksyonov has been revealed to be a fake Twitter account.

    Had it been true the western main stream media would be all over it. They aren’t.

    A clue to the propaganda nature of the site is in the headline:

    “Racism and Anti-Semitism Ceasing to Be ‘Indecent’ in Putin’s Russia”

    Racism AND anti-Semitism

    The website title “The interpreter is a misnomer as it should be called The misinterpreter

    But it’s nice to know where you glean your “facts” from


  • Ahmad

    This is one of your best articles, your point of view is always fascinating which is why I keep reading this blog. I disagree with you about Saudi Arabia being a political islamic state, there is not one shred of truth in this but it is always what journalists like Patrick cockburn keeps repeating to sex up his articles.

    Saudi Arabia was founded by Ibn Saud who invaded other tirbal lands with the help of Muslims fighters and imperial british money befoer the American step in to claim its allegiance instead of Britain.

    Back to the point. the official fatwa or religious believe the government spreading there is that good Muslim should listen and obay the king, if you go against the goverment you stray from islamic teaching. given that Saudi regime is merely a punch of cheap American proteges. where on earth did you discover political islam in Saudia?

  • Mary

    A Pivot on the Peace Island
    by Kathy Kelly / May 24th, 2014

    JEJU ISLAND, SOUTH KOREA – For the past two weeks, I’ve been in the Republic of Korea (ROK), as a guest of peace activists living in Gangjeong Village on ROK’s Jeju Island. Gangjeong is one of the ROK’s smallest villages, yet activists here, in their struggle against the construction of a massive naval base, have inspired people around the world.

    Since 2007, activists have risked arrests, imprisonment, heavy fines and wildly excessive use of police force to resist the desecration caused as mega-corporations like Samsung and Daelim build a base to accommodate U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines for their missions throughout Asia. The base fits the regional needs of the U.S. for a maritime military outpost that would enable it to continue developing its Asia Pivot strategy, gradually building towards and in the process provoking superpower conflict with China.

    “We don’t need this base,” says Bishop Kang, a Catholic prelate who vigorously supports the opposition. He worries that if the base is completed, Jeju Island will become a focal point for Far Eastern military struggle, and that this would occur amid accelerating military tensions. “The strongest group in the whole world, the military, takes advantage of National Security ideology,” he continues. “Many people make money. Many governments are controlled by this militarism. The military generals, in their minds, may think they are doing this to protect their country, but in fact they’re controlled by the corporations.”


  • Mary

    Cringemaking stuff on the BBC website. One of their chief propagandists answers questions. The questions are pre-vetted presumably.

    John Simpson – Such a nice man and so full of kindness and humility.

    see Q 11 for instance
    11. Of all the unpleasant people you’ve been called upon to interview in your delightfully mild mannered yet probing style, who is the one that you most wanted to just drop the technique and shout at for all the horrible things they had done?

    John Simpson meets Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi for first BBC interview 1979 photo
    John Simpson meets Gaddafi for first BBC interview caption

    Colonel Gaddafi was certainly one of them. Mad, and kind of absurd. It infuriated me to see that. But after interviewing him a couple of times I was attacked by a leading newspaper whose owner was doing some dodgy deal with Libya, and later by Downing Street (this was several years ago) for not taking an international statesmen of Gaddafi’s standing seriously enough. Britain at the time was trying to cosy up to Gaddafi. That sort of thing really upsets me. Still, I don’t find many people praising Gaddafi for his statesmanship nowadays.


    He is actually up his own whatnot but maintains the pose that he has been told these very confidential things by the powers-that-be and that we are really lucky to be allowed to hear about them.

  • Paul Rigby

    GRTV: Propaganda and the Ukraine Crisis

    Full Length Documentary

    By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
    Global Research, May 24, 2014

    This full length GRTV documentary produced by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya examines the fictitious land of “Nulandistan” (named after Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland) that has been constructed out of Ukraine.

    It depicts how the realities of crimes against humanity and political oppression involving terrorist mobs are casually replaced by a World of fiction, in which real “Western style democracy” prevails.

    It deconstructs the rhetoric and propaganda of the Obama Administration and its European allies regarding the crisis in Ukraine and takes a look at their growing frustration towards the Russian media, particularly RT, for challenging their account of events on the ground in what they have declared is an intensifying “information war”.

    The documentary starts with an examination of the EuroMaidan protests that both Washington and the Western media have used to justify the instatement of an unelected self-proclaimed regime in Kiev.

    The May 2 Odessa Massacre and the political protest movement leading up to the referendums in Donesk and Luhansk in East Ukraine are reviewed.

    The underlying focus is to show how the reality of events in Ukraine has been been misappropriated and propagandized to support US foreign policy and to justify tensions against Russia.

  • guano

    Islam contains politics of deception and it contains political compromise.

    The Arab dictators, Mubarak and Assad, and Palestine’s Fatah, all spied on their citizens in order to suppress dissent. The CIA had the bright idea of training Mursi both in Islam and politics so that he could persecute Muslims for their private remarks and mistakes as well as suppressing political dissent.

    For example I pray in the mosque in the same trousers I use for work and I have convinced myself that it was clean dirt, but a camera has discovered that unknown to me it was not clean dirt and that I had touched the hand of a lady in the shop. The nit-picking Islam cultivated in the mosques by UKUSIS agencies has now got a case against me for breaking rule no 208947563i111 and can use that as a pretext to question my political opinions.

    Craig is talking out of his valetal orifice when he writes:

    “the government of Saudi Arabia is the most appalling example of entrenched “political Islam” in the world” as if it was comparable to the Mursi, CIA trained version of Islam.

    The Saudis are deeply sensitive to the fellow rights specified in the Qur’an towards the privacy and life-choices of individual Muslims. The CIA Mursi Islam was going to combine the NSA spy technology with a mad mullah rulebook invented by the CIA for the sole purpose of upsetting Muslims.

    Every government spies on its citizens, and every shop spies on its customers – for security reasons. But when you create thought crime, you will criminalise the population and after they have been criminalised, they can be abused.

    Every Muslim is a political Muslim, no Muslim will accept this Zollywood plan to make mischief for Muslims. in Syria, thousands of practising Muslims have been murdered for not belonging to the narrow sectarian thought crime parties of CIA trained Al Qaida.

    All Muslims support political Islam, except when it has been created by Zionists to make it impossible to be a Muslim.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘..the most obviously faked Russian propaganda about events in Ukraine (such as the obviously faked photo of the “strangled pregnant woman” in Odessa)..
    What on earth makes you believe the photo of the strangled pregnant woman was faked, Craig? Here are some sites which show just which side is responsible for both the putsch and the mass of the atrocities:
    ‘The Odessa massacre in detail – An investigation’:(nsnbc international, 10 May 2014):
    ‘Odessa Provocateurs: Censored News’ (Joe Giambrone May 11, 2014):
    ‘Ukraine: Poland trained putchists two months in advance’ (Thierry Meyssan):
    ‘Ukraine Protests Carefully Orchestrated: The Role of CANVAS, US-Financed “Color Revolution Training Group” (Global Research):

    They are doing the same thing in Venezuela; search:
    ‘Ex-CIA agent reveals how Venezuelan “students” get putschist training’:

    Even the US Ambassador, in the hacked phone conversation with Victoria Nuland, says he has information indicating it was the Ukrainians who did the sniping on the Maidan.

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