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by craig on May 22, 2014 11:36 am in Uncategorized

It is quite extraordinary to me how very little publicity is being given to the CIA sponsored military coup in Libya, following the same event in Egypt. The Arab Spring was front page headlines. The CIA and Saudi sponsored cooperation to turn it back to the deepest of freezes virtually gets no mention. This is even true of Libya, where we bombed tens of thousands of civilians to a pulp to ensure the changeover of regime, under the guise of installing democracy. The real aim was never democracy, but a neo-con friendly government, which is so much better secured under the auspices of the CIA.

The sheer arrogance of the political class and mainstream media in their hasty acceptance of the re-establishment of military dictatorship in Egypt, as though nothing wrong had happened, has been breathtaking – and almost entirely unchallenged. Tony Blair’s defence of the coup as the need to overthrow “political Islam” is not stated so openly by governments, but is indeed the motivation. Democracy is a good thing – except for Muslims, is their belief. Yet the government of Saudi Arabia is the most appalling example of entrenched “political Islam” in the world. But as it is unabashedly billionaire and neo-con friendly and pro-Israel, the Arab Gulf State model of political Islam is acceptable to the West. Only democratic, popular, political Islam must be overthrown.

I find amusing that the neo-cons are supported in this by the hard left in the West. It is fascinating to go back to this post and see the comments from those who supported the overthrow of Morsi as a left wing democratic revolution. In many instances, they are precisely the same deluded people who accept without question or query even the most obviously faked Russian propaganda about events in Ukraine (such as the obviously faked photo of the “strangled pregnant woman” in Odessa).

One particularly vile outcome of events in Egypt is David Cameron’s attempt at post hoc justification of Britain’s support of the military coup, by an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood here as a terrorist organization. As with the periodic persecution of Hizb-ut-Tahrir, the UK is sending a very dangerous message. First we are telling Muslims, with good sense, that they should not support their aims through violence but through democratic political activity. But then we are telling them that they must not do that either, and in fact the only course which is permitted is to adopt the same opinions as ourselves.

Personally I am deeply opposed to theological government. But those who wish to espouse it should have every right to do so by peaceful means. If we seek to remove all outlet for political Islam in the field of free thought and debate, we can scarcely complain if it turns to violence.

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  1. lucythediclonius

    22 May, 2014 - 12:25 pm

    Are you seriously suggesting the Odessa massacre never happened ? I watched all of it live .I accept your reservations about the pregnant woman pic making speculations about still photos is not really forensic science .

  2. So, the lefties support humanitarian intervention in Arab countries but OPPOSE it in Ukraine?

    I’m a lefty and I oppose it all — because it is all the same creature, a bit like the scene in the Exorcist where Karras is explaining to Merrin how many demons are inside the girl.

    “There is only one,” Merrin interrupts.

    From Serbia to Ukraine — the one fascist neo-con Empire.

  3. lucythediclonius

    22 May, 2014 - 12:55 pm

    Is it Hifter in charge?If so its a straightforward CIA coup (as opposed to a disguised one) .

  4. Patrick Cockburn’s report on Libya from September 2013 – “lawlessness and ruin”, oil productions down to an eighth, government on the verge of collapse:–it-has-but-into-lawlessness-and-ruin-8797041.html

  5. lucythediclonius

    22 May, 2014 - 1:15 pm

    Yes its Hifter (Hafter) saw through that cunning ruse

  6. Nothing I said remotely indicates the Odessa massacre never happened. Pro-Russian thugs have, by brute force, taken over central administrative districts of several Eastern Ukrainian cities, where ethnic Russians are still a minority but particularly concentrated in the urban provincial centres. Ukrainians have been beaten up, murdered and intimidated on a massive scale. The Russian tactics rely entirely on brute force – the prevalence of Kalashnikovs and baseball bats is ubiquitous.

    In Odessa these tactics of forcefully taking over the administrative centre backfired because it was a city with a large enough concentration of Ukrainians to fight back. They did fight back, and the resulting callousness of the scenes in and around the Trades union buildings was disgraceful, and indefensibly inhuman.

    But for the Russians to initiate takeovers by force and violence, and then complain when their own people get killed too, is ludicrous hypocrisy.

  7. Nice going, site censors, erasing my post without comment.

  8. The hard left? No, the left is demoralized, the support you see is from democrats. There was coup in Ukraine, now the east is being shelled with tanks. He’s restarting the cold against Russia. Obama sent a letter justifying his use of the WPA to go into Nigeria, Syria is a bloody mess and head chopping, liver eating, crucifying jihadists are receiving anti aircraft weapons; he’s droning civilians in Yemen, threatening Venezuela, and says anywhere else that he’s helping kill people (Mexico, Colombia) is a national security secret. Oh, the Egyptian coup got support, now 600 are on death row, and the state dept declared that Thailand was not a coup, but the military just announced it was. The state the Susan Rice helped chip off, South Sudan has melted down, and the soros project in Burma are starving the Royhinga. Oh. CAR Christians are slaughtering Muslims.
    Anyway, why don’t you specify exactly who you are referring to when you say the hard left, because the don’t really exist anymore. There’s just the regular left now. Only Bill Orielly uses that term.

  9. A different coup on a different continent.

    Thai military seizes power in coup
    Thai army chiefs announce coup
    Thailand’s army says it has taken control of the government, suspended the constitution and will enact reforms after months of political turmoil.
    (22 May 2014)

    el Sisi has had Morsi sentenced to three years’ imprisonment.

    Three-year jail sentence for Mubarak
    A court in Egypt sentences ousted President Hosni Mubarak to three years in prison after finding him and his two sons guilty of embezzlement


    and Libya descends into fascism.

    Libyan renegade general urges new ‘crisis cabinet’

  10. Bullshit — Russia reacted to Western aggression. Have you forgotten McCain and the Svoboda leader sharing a fucking platform? Russia knew fine well what would happen to their Black Sea base if they didn’t move quickly.

    You’ve got a real blind spot here, Craig.

    Pilger and Milne know the score — the butchering cunts in Washington, London and Paris. And now Prince Charles leading the charge, trying to brainwash us all with this crap about Russia behaving like Nazis.

    They’ll be throwing babies out of incubators next.

  11. Mr. Murray, if you swapped out each place you used Ukrainians, for one of these terms [federalists, separatists, Russian speakers, eastern self protection groups, or pro-Russians], and where you refer to Russian thugs [pravy sektor, Kiev junta, banderites, neonazis, ultras, proto-fascists, Ukrainian military] then your comment would bear resemblance to what is actually going on. There are no Russians there.

  12. Censorship by ommission Craig,and it’s getting worse.There was a time when a war was a news worthy item. There are so many that when they go wrong for the fomenters,then it disappears as if there was no more conflict.
    Libya has been smouldering since our bombers left Sirte in rubble and thousands dead behind.We destroyed a functioning state with a welfare system that put many European nations to shame.
    The US promised no boots on the ground which from the beginning was a lie.In the evenings under the cover of darkness,our and US special forces paved the way and made progress only to disappear like the vampires they are at sunrise.Hifter is perhaps trying to consolidate Gov. forces,but Ghadafi was an artist that through decades had won the trust and respect of the various tribes that are necessary to have on your side for a cohesive society in Libya.He will never achieve what Ghadafi did.The CIA will not succeed either.This is the 3rd or 4th over throw in a short space of time.It won’t be the last.
    I do try to sift the news and make my own decisions about what is true,propaganda and outright BS.Odessa was an atrocity,and it was carried out by anti Russian groups.Fire very easily gets out of control as do crowds.Now we’ve had the Ashton tapes,the Nuland tapes, the fact that Senator McCain popped up, CIA visits to the Ukraine, billions in so called aid and then the big coincidence when Yanukovich said “no”, somebody changed gear and all hell broke loose with events unfolding just as Nuland had said. What about the West’s propaganda ? Are you of the opinion that this has all been orchestrated from Moscow ? If it looks ,feels,smells,and tastes like shit,then its opinion.
    What gets my goat is that we are worse than Russia on all counts these days and I dont need RT to make me feel that way.

  13. Russian media are reporting that the efforts of Russian online propagandists in Europe have been so successful, the activity will be scaled up to include North America. I saw the report in Ukrainian siting a Russian source and the recent Guardian story. Hard to judge the real scale without further research.

  14. Oh, you mean like me?

  15. Timely reminder, Mark. And if there aren’t several hundred Academi mercenaries in Ukraine supporting their Nazi brothers, I’ll eat something unfeasibly indigestible.

  16. Thanks for posting the Pliger Break the Silence article Mike.
    Since the Ukraine interference it occurs to me that what we’re seeing since 9/11 is indeed all part of a grand plan. Your post Craig is a conundrum. On the one hand you report the doings of the CIAs and describe its tell tale finger print around the world and then on the other hand you seem to be able to ignore, overlook or just plain deny evidence of that self same finger print on Ukraine. I just don’t get it?

  17. Posted yesterday about Swedish press reporting that the Nazi thugs from Maidan had just finished their basic training and been armed and reckoned there would be trouble by the weekend.

    Just heard on RT ( I know ,pure propaganda) that unknown armed militia’s are beginning to shoot on the outskirts of cities in Donetsk.Seems they couldn’t wait for the weekend.

    But then they were put up to it by Putin of course.Deserve everything that’s happening to them.The nazi thugs with guns have been made bonafide brothers in arms of Blackwater aka Greystone , AKA Academi, AKA NATO and that makes it allright.

  18. For me, Johnstone, it goes back to the signing of the Iraq Liberation Act by Bill Clinton in 1998. Hobbled by the Lewinsky scandal, Bill gave the neo-cons what they wanted (which included Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo) in exchange for seeing out his term.

    9/11 was a necessary part of the process, a springboard to widen the scope of what the exceptionalists within PNAC saw as America’s manifest destiny. It came with the usual moral trimmings, of course, but a pig wearing lipstick is still just a pig.

    To lefties, we can give it a simpler name — the permanent arms economy — or, if you prefer, The Shock Doctrine (a la N. Klein)

  19. Thanks for the link Mike, Pilger, just as other commentators can see the polarising world, but he also knows that the traditional lefties, as you call, couldn’t pull a dead herriong off a platter, i.e. our normal reactions such as demonstrating have been proven as ineffective, controlled and inconsequential.

    So unless people scream for more salt on the butter, the situation in the Ukraine will deteriorate. The world has become more dangerous since Brezcinskis planned advice for a ‘world shattering event’ ( in the ‘grand chess board’)to galvanise countries behind US foreign policy, was followed up.

    US global hegemony will lead to another war and it will be worse than ever because Russia and China are not fighting each other over the Ussuri river anymore, but they are in a cohesive and advancing long term union that will/is already running rings around US world trade and its banking/petrodollar hegemony.

    being holed up near Mildehall my end should be swift and without a trace.

  20. Just Tony trying to get on the winning side – what he failed to do when he too, like CIA’s George Tenet, claimed falsely that Saddam was responsible for 9/11, and must pay for it.

  21. Twin Towers – When you murder 3000 citizens and try to make on the foreknowledge the ripple assumes an eternal form at the origin.

    @ 6:02 mins

  22. I agree that Craig, so accurate in other evaluations, even on this current thread, really has developed a blind spot regarding Ukraine. Private armies are in Ukraine supplied by the US. Jack Straw and Tony Blair paved the way for Tim Spicer and company to take control and protect the oilfields and minerals because it would look bad if our armed forces did this.

    I am not at all sure the pregnant woman photograph was faked. People who know how to kill apparently know of a pressure point that immobilises the body to prevent struggle. Anyway this is Global Research which includes, allegedly, the woman screaming but the video link is not there (CIA?).

    Here is the video and you can definitely hear a woman screaming frantically until the great roar of approval goes up from the evil thugs below when a flag is raised through the window allegedly next door to where the woman was killed.

    Why would anybody stage a lie in the same roll of film from which enough disturbing images are already in evidence that presumably are not disputed. These fascists in power now need to be opposed. I would have thought Craig, like Pilger, would have been one of the first to oppose them.

  23. Chris Schmidgall

    22 May, 2014 - 4:38 pm

    This article suggests that Putin is backing down because Russia too is an oligarchy beholden to its billionaires who get very nervous when populists start taking matters into their own hands. According to the author the Ukrainians clamoring for autonomy are more of a complication than evidence of Russian plans going smoothly.

  24. Craig, you say: ”Nothing I said remotely indicates the Odessa massacre never happened. Pro-Russian thugs have, by brute force, taken over central administrative districts of several Eastern Ukrainian cities, where ethnic Russians are still a minority but particularly concentrated in the urban provincial centres. Ukrainians have been beaten up, murdered and intimidated on a massive scale. The Russian tactics rely entirely on brute force – the prevalence of Kalashnikovs and baseball bats is ubiquitous.

    ”In Odessa these tactics of forcefully taking over the administrative centre backfired because it was a city with a large enough concentration of Ukrainians to fight back.”

    If these Pro-Russian thugs at the trade union building in Odessa had guns, why didn’t they use them?

    Earlier in the day the pro-Kiev march was attacked, shots were fired and some were killed but who did the shooting?

    Where were these Pro-Russian thugs in Odessa?

  25. So, what’s in the DIA’s ‘staggering’ accessment of Edward Snowden’s leaking – a 39-page report of which less than one page is made available.

    What he disclosed is still the biggest intelligence coup of all time. Even bigger than those of Peter Wright.

    Must have talked even about all the murders, starting with those of Williams and Wheeler.

  26. CIA – Gently Connecting the Dots…

    According to Jim Rickards in his book ‘Death of Money” the CIA at Langley were monitoring insider transactions on 11th September 2001.

    Wall Street expert Max Keiser witnessed traders indicating ‘Buzzy’ Krongard was the source of this prior knowledge.

    Krongard was appointed outside US director and coordinator to the Global Board of Directors of Anglo-American multinational law firm, Dibb Lupton Alsop (DLA) Piper, the worlds largest law firm by revenue.

    DLA Piper, came from Charles Lupton, former Lord Mayor of Leeds.

    DLA Piper has a family link to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s Yorkshire ancestors.

    In February 2001 in an undisclosed visit George W Bush had an audience with HM Queen Elizabeth II to gain authority for war.

  27. John Goss

    Nobody even vaguely in their right mind could consider anything in that video as evidence of anything happening to a pregnant woman. The cheer is very very obviously for a Ukrainian flag being flown out the window – it coincided with the flag’s appearance and the people visibly cheering are all pointing to the flag.

    There is indeed a woman screaming evident in the background. There is a building on fire and people are dying inside it – that is not in dispute. Though my own interpretation is that it is more likely those are the cries of someone outside desperately screaming with anxiety for those inside. But we can’t know. No evidence whatsoever of anybody attacking anybody in that particular video.

    I will say again. Nobody even close to being in their right mind could claim that video as evidence of a woman being killed. Your link to other evidence which isn’t there, with the tame claim the CIA have spirited it away, is not worth discussing.

  28. On your Global research photos, every one of the photos of charred bodies is of an adult male. Pretty horrible. Absolutely no evidence in these photos of any of them being shot. There is a lot of blood when people are shot, and small neat holes only in the movies. If someone has been shot in the head, it is bloody obvious. “The pregnant woman” photo stands out from the others like a sore thumb and is an obvious fake. The interpretation of a red armband on the man on the roof throwing Molotov cocktails is utterly unconvincing.

  29. I have been trying to discover if this woman’s name has been released without success. Those photos if I recall were out very quickly after May 2nd (Black Friday). One question I think you should ask yourself Craig is why only the names of 36 victims have been released since the deaths. The official figure of the dead is 46 though there is speculation of many more deaths and bodies kept in the basement. Surely concerned relatives would want to know what has happened to their loved ones. None of the 36 dead whose names and year of birth were released died of anything but being burnt to death, falling to their deaths or smoke asphyxiation. But it needs to be asked what happened to the others.

    You won’t like this, because it is Russia Today, but this Maidan commander in bullet-proof vest clearly gets guns under the pretence that he has been shot in the leg and he is later seen firing into the building into which the pro-Russian supporters were driven, locked in, then burnt to death.

  30. John

    Err – because the other 10 weren’t Ukrainians and they haven’t been claimed/identified?

    Certainly some of the Ukrainian faction were firing at the building.

  31. Incidentally I don’t doubt Russian sources will give you a name for the woman. I can give you a name too. David Tordens. Look it up, and start thinking.

  32. DonnyDarko: “Posted yesterday about Swedish press reporting that the Nazi thugs from Maidan had just finished their basic training and been armed and reckoned there would be trouble by the weekend.”

    Don’t forget too many of the Maidan thugs who used the demonstrations to seize power and are no doubt alongside the estimated few thousand US-funded foreign mercenaries and other blood-thirsty sorts spreading chaos and carnage throughout Ukraine had been undergoing training for their killing spree in Poland, with bus convoys taking recruits there widely known of since the summer of 2013, their instructors and paymasters, NATO: British, American, Turkish and Israeli involvement assured, plus of course especial complete Polish government support, the bribes Poland’s neo-cons received in no way compensating for the lasting damage done to that country’s now sunken reputation, amongst the pariah losers.

    Craig (22 May, 2014 – 1:22 pm) : Pro-Russian Ukranians are still Ukranians and their views still count, I prefer the less loaded term of pro-independence Ukranians thanks, it is the fascists in power in Kiev who wish to enslave Ukraine to the west, to the EU, to NATO, to the IMF and to Washington and London’s misrule and ruinous despotic rule. I think few here seen the events in Egypt as genuinely or eve remotely left wing anything, but like most of the ‘Arab Spring’ pantomime only more US/UK/NATO/Israeli intrigues. The only part I can agree with in your post is that “Ukrainians have been beaten up, murdered and intimidated on a massive scale.”, but the mere juxtaposition of this with ‘Russians, baseball bats and Kalashnikovs’, rinsed and repeated many times still cannot create any causative link or association between these unrelated phenomena or bridge the chasm between your mindless marching moron communist antichrist zombies from hell caricatures and the reality which objective analysis without the disinterred cold war hysteria makes crystal-clear.

  33. The surefire prediction diversion post isn’t going to divert, Craig, not yet. When there is downright, overt, plain in your face interference in the politics of a nation, witnessed for one thing by the MacCain and Newland visit to Kiev in support of the demonstrators and the Newland hacked phone call for another. How can you not accept, that the Americans and British and the EU were in it up to their necks, pre the Yanukovich overthrow.

    Vote rigging’s a predictable symptom of the same disease that infects politicians everywhere…elections are futile above a certain level of pestilence, which they do indeed appear to have exceeded, just listen to Haig (not one job of Human empathy). I’m with Russell Brand. This one (election) will not to make a fig of difference to the chaos that’s being visited on the poor ordinary people of Ukraine and all the other unfortunate people of Syria, Libya, Iraq and so on ….

  34. This gives the pseudonym of the woman who took the photo. She was apparently looking for a relative and her testimony is that the “mysterious” woman was not pregnant and about in her mid-fifties.

    In figures given for the dead elsewhere I have read that of the 42 known dead 6 were women.

  35. I remember the first British Ambassador I met (long before your time Craig), at our embassy in a leafy Asian capital then virtually occupied by the Americans. He was a kindly, soft-spoken man and I was taken aback when he described his American counterpart as “a thug”.

    (Declassified documents later revealed that the US ambassador was directing secret bombing raids on this country, among other undiplomatic activities.)

    I was brought up to think that we were basically decent, honest people and I still find it hard to believe that the British ruling elite has slavishly supported Washington for the past 50-odd years, becoming a full-fledged accomplice to all its crimes and misdemeanours.

  36. And here is the Libyan politician Jalil admitting that Ghadafi never ordered the killings of protestors.That was done by the imported terror groups.
    It doesn’t matter anymore.The green flag has gone.
    The bit that puzzles me most of all is that you have these mad muslim fanatic terrorists being armed to the teeth by the US ,UK and the Arab gulf states and some of them are even camped on the border with Israel and yet not a finger is ever lifted against the Zionist enemy. Why ? They can’t be that fanatic in my eyes. Just paid mercenaries with turbans.An Islamic Blackstone that the US switches on and off depending on where they need to turn into turmoil.It really is the theatre of war.

  37. Compare and contrast:

    1) Craig Murray on the photograph of the pregnant woman in the Odessa trade union building:

    “The pregnant woman” photo stands out from the others like a sore thumb and is an obvious fake.

    2) Kievbot, going by the title of InvisibleAndFree (joined Guardian 18 March 2014), on the same topic, from the BTL comments accompanying Ukraine crisis worsens amid intense fighting and warnings of civil war (6 May 2014):

    ews about russian lies about Odessa Massacre.

    With the help of this notorious photo separatists and russians try to ensure the whole world that ukrainian nazis are awful beasts killing pregnant women.

    Let’s look at this photo closer. It is clearly visible, that the woman is elderly. Appr. 60 years old. I doubt that at this age one can have children. Of course, killing of an elderly woman is also very shameful. But everyone who thinks with his own brains and knows at least something about people’s physiology will understand that the woman is ALIVE. The dead body could not lay in such position. It would fall to the floor. The center of gravity of the woman on the picture would be somewhere behind the table if she was dead but here we see that muscles are working. So, when and why the photo was taken? It is obvious that earlier. Such a position is chosen because this way an elderly woman resembles pregnant woman and it can be shown as an evidence of cruelty of mythic nazis.

    By the way, Odessa Forensic Investication Bureau clearly states that among the people, who died on the 2 of May there were no pregnant women. Moreover, no-one is trying to find some pregnant woman who is missing.

    Conclusion: here we see one more piece of russian antipropaganda.

    Source: Link text

  38. Conditioning for War – The dichotomy of ‘real’ and ‘fake’

    Britain did not have an official propaganda program at the beginning of the Great War, as it was theoretically antithetical to British values.

    My grand-father said his father had attended a conference in 1914 that established a propaganda information link with America. My grand-father, a telegraphist, received propaganda information from Wellington House and put it ‘on the wire’ to America.

    In 1917, the Department of Information was established and on February 10, 1918, the Ministry of Information was created whose activities were secret, largely unknown to parliament.

    Conscription was alien to British tradition, and was not brought in until the beginning of 1916. The need to gain general acceptance for the waging of a war in which casualties would reach unimaginable heights involved what was no doubt the most ambitious propaganda campaign in British history, mobilizing politicians, intellectuals, trade union leaders, feminists, and popular heroes such as the music hall stars.

    The leading intellectuals of the age lined up, almost to a man, to join the struggle. Rudyard Kipling had always been a passionate imperialist, and he was joined in the work of writing pro-war pamphlets for the government by, among others, G. K. Chesterton, Arthur Conan Doyle and six professors of history from Oxford University. Even those writers who maintained a reputation as peace-lovers, and who criticized certain aspects of the war, such as H. G. Wells and G. B. Shaw, desired victory for the Empire (O Leary, Daniel and Wisenthal J L Eds. 2006: 5). In 1916, the only time when the anti-war movement in Britain gained significant public support, H G Wells denounced it fiercely in the national press (The Herald May 27 1916).

    The established Church of England, for its part, saw the war as a sacred duty. The following comment by the Reverend Basil Bourchier was not exceptional: “This truly is a war of ideals; Odin is ranged against Christ, and Berlin is seeking to prove its supremacy over Bethlehem. Every shot that is fired, every bayonet thrust that gets home, every life that is sacrificed, is in very truth ‘for His Name’s sake’” (Quoted in Wilkinson 1996: 254). Anglican voices against the war proved to be exceedingly rare.

    The music song titles gives us more insight:

    “Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue”, “Be a Soldier, Lad of Mine”, “The Army of Today’s All Right”, “Won’t you join the army?”, “We don’t Want to Lose You (but We Think You Ought to Go)”, “For the Honour of Dear Old England”, “Boys in Khaki, Boys in Blue”, “Men of England, You Have Got to Go”, “You ought to join”, “Our Country’s Call”, “Let ’em All Come, We’re ready”, and “March on to Berlin!”.

    Thanks to John Mullen & grandad John Benjamin Waterman

  39. The name of the woman who took the photograph is Alena (pronounced Alyona) Nikolaenko. Here is her Facebook page.
    I scrolled down and yes I believe her story and that the photograph she took is genuine. She was indeed looking for a relative, her father-in-law. On 6th May she buried him.

    “My Dear Friends !
    Today we have a funeral!
    Bury our Beloved father, Father, Grandpa!
    Novitsky Vladimir Mikhailovich!
    He was 70 years old! But he never so many years did not give!
    Until the last day he helped his employees to carry rolls of roofing material on the roof ! But thus demanded performance!
    Yes, he was always too for JUSTICE!
    He could not understand how can betray his father and grandfather, who died in the wars of our country! And always proud of St. George’s ribbon!
    He had no gun , no clubs, no Molotov cocktails … He loved life and always help others who need it!
    He loved and honored friendship Ukraine with Russia, Belarus and other nations!
    Perhaps it is because of him that you can see those photos that I was able to do this by logging in the hell in which turned House of Trade Unions on the Kulikovo because is the last place where he could be after us day search it to morgues, hospitals, police, and so on!

    We are today going to the funeral, found that we are not there you go… We basically all the clothes bright colors!…

    I thank you, Vladimir Mikhailovich, that you have given life to my Beloved Husband, Father of my Children!

    All of us today will accompany you to the Last Path!

    Earth you Pooh ! Kingdom of Heaven to you!
    Heavy will have today is the day ……. ”

    I checked the name of her father-in-law against a published page of the dead which appears at number 30 on the list.

    I hope you you will question your original belief that this was staged.

  40. That goes for you Paul Rigby.


    22 May, 2014 - 10:40 pm

    I just don’t understand the reluctance to connect the dots between Sevastapol/Tartus/Tehran, but intuitively we can point to Libya as though CIA is selective about their shenanigans.

    There is a golden-thread woven throughout the World stage, and plenty of manpower and dollars to operate the looms.

  42. Sorry Paul Rigby, I speed read your comment and see you are questioning too. Apols.

  43. The picture isn’t conclusive of anything and the majority of a body’s weight is in the chest and head, which are flat on their backs against the table. The issue is not about the veracity or not of this picture, that picture or any other picture, claim and counterclaim based on minimal information obtained third-hand and fourth hand from unreliable sources. There are reams of photos charred bloated remains and of the aftermath of this event, attempts to discredit any one photo, merely discredit those claiming one or more are fake. What are we being asked to compare and contrast? What I see in both examples are the unshakeable certainties of the the zealot hawking a message, with regard for inconvenient facts. The scene of the crime and the aftermath, the information permitted to the public and any investigation is in the hands of the militarised Ukranian national police forces who numerous videos record stood idly by watching murders taking place before them, watched the building be barricaded with many trapped inside and watched the building set alight, all impassively, done nothing to intervene, protect lives or property, even as injured persons rescued by fire services themselves were attacked and killed.

    Maybe it was a formatting error, but apart from the quoted material, what is your ‘Paul Rigby’s’ take on this: the irrelevant minutaie of this photo which inspires puzzling and such intensive speculation it doesn’t deserve, or of the whole of the recent events in Ukraine that have led to the present débâcle. Your guess is as good as mine as to what ‘russian antipropaganda’ is but it sounds serious and worrying, nebulous, undefined, it’s meaningless, but something about which SOMETHING MUST BE DONE, the effect of a well-financed online anti-Russia campaign, armies of implausible bogus bloggers just another weapon in the US’ destabilisation toolbag. The tone is similar to that hilariously inept poster quoted a while ago here who here who though having never met she said Yulia Tymoshenko said she was just the most amazing human being in the world, showering her with absurd plaudits, and who despite never having met her, then said she was actually Tymoshenkos next-door neighbour (unless she meant they were imprisoned in adjoining cells) and though never having met Tymoshenko, demanded publicly from Ms. Tymoshenko money owed to her ‘for electricity’ –more like unpaid wages for posting such creepy-crawly pish on her behalf.

  44. bah, without regard for inconvenient facts.

  45. Or was I right first time Paul? What exactly are you saying with “Russian anti-propaganda” is it anti-propaganda against Russia or is it Russian propaganda that you are anti. So yes I was right first time. Anyway if you are objective read the links I have supplied and see if you are capable of changing your mind, whatever it is.

  46. Panorama panelists are as anti-Putin as some here apart from Kathryn Allsopp (who she?). I think we might be entering another cold-war situation, but things are different now. The world is a tinderbox. The Yanks (we are the 51st state) are ready to light the blue touchpaper at any opportunity. Scary. It could be a hot war.

  47. John Goss, no problem, I’ve made the same mistake myself before and doubtless will again.

    In an attempt to understand the origins of the “pregnant woman” photograph a little better, here’s a link to a screen shot of what appears to be a piece of pro-Kiev social media triumphalism, delighting in the symbolic death of “Mother” Odessa:

    <a href="

    It’s this post that brings together many of the elements of the story as we currently have it, from the apparent scene of crime to the seeming assassin appearing at same room’s window. If this screen-shot is what it purports to be, then the photo and the connections made with it originate not with Russian propagandists, but Kievan – or, more likely, the CIA.

    I note that the distinctively attired alleged murderer (seen at the window) was also captured on film both both before and after the massacre:

    Below, we catch a glimpse of the same man’s distinctive jacket sleeve:

    The man in the above photograph addressing the assembled members of the SBU psuedo-gang – the Maidan heavies who pretended to be pro-Federalists and attacked the football mob – is, incidentally, Gordienko, the well-known Maidan activist.

  48. British interests in Ukraine

    You might not know it, I didn’t, but there is a British Ukrainian Society (BUS). It’s aim, to “strengthen relations”…

    …It turns out that its board is just full of interesting people: Lord Risby, Lord Oxford , Robert Shelter-Jones, John Wittingdale MP, Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill and Mr Anthony Fisher .

    Now before looking at any of these people in more depth it is perhaps worth noticing that Lord Risby has been a Conservative MP since 1992, till he joined the Lords in 2010, has served in the Treasury and the Ministry of Defense, and from 2005 to 2010 was Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party with special responsibility for business links to the City of London. John Wittingdale is a also very senior Conservative being vice chair of the key, 1922 committee. Robert Shelter-Jones is a Conservative Party donor via his company Sythian Ltd. As the Indepedent Newspaper reported,

    The money from Mr Shetler-Jones has gone to the highest echelons of the party. Dame Pauline Neville Jones, the career diplomat who is now the shadow security minister, revealed in the latest Register of Members’ Interests that she receives £5,000 a quarter or £20,000-a-year from Mr Shetler-Jones.

    Another senior Tory, the former armed services minister Nicholas Soames, also declares on the register that he receives an undisclosed sum as a strategic adviser to Scythian Limited, which has had listed assets of no more than £2 since 2006 and has given a total of more than £27,000 to Conservative Central Office.

    When Lord Risby was at the ministry of Defense Nicholas Soames was the Minister.

    The odd one out at the British Ukrainian Society is Baroness Smith (listed as a patron) who was married to the former leader of the Labour party. Despite her presence, having strong ties to the Conservative party does seem to be quite a common theme at the BUS. Just an inocent coincidence of course. But we do already seem to have quite a grouping of political power. Likewise it may be just a coincidence that another common theme among BUS board members is having close ties to Mr Firtash of RosUkrEnergo gas company. Robert Shetler-Jones was the former CEO of Group DF which is Mr Firtash’s main holding company. Mr Shelter-Jones is now on Group DF’s supervisory board. Lord Oxford is also on Group DF’s supervisory council. While Mr Anthony Fisher is a former director of the Firtash Foundation. And one more BUS board member, Vladimir Granovski, is also on the board of Mr Firtash’s television company.

    So I think it is fair to say that the BUS is not a cultural organisation. It has no artists or poets on its board, nor any human rights activists either. It has mainly people who are interested in business (which businesses I will come to shortly), are closely associated with Mr Firtash, and many of whom are members of or donors to the Conservative party. There are two other things which link three of the BUS members which are not emphasized on the BUS web site.

    Both Lord Risley and Lord Oxford are non-executive board members of Oil and Gas companies whose main interests lie in Ukraine. While both Lord Oxford and Richard Shetler-Jones have been reported as having links (in Lord Oxford’s case very senior links) with MI6.

    So now we have a group of people who are linked by interests in Ukrainian gas, close ties to Ukrainian oligarch Mr Firtash as well as two other Ukrainian business clans, close and senior connections to the Conservative party, ditto for MI6 and they are members of the British Ukrainian Society. If this grouping were in Ukraine and the people were all members of the Ukrainain British Society, with business interests in the UK, ties to Ukrainian intelligence and many of them were senior members of one politcal party as well, would we have difficulty seeing them as on their way to being a business clan?

    Gas companies

    Lord Oxford, or as he is known to his friends, Raymond Benedict Bartholomew Michael Asquith, 3rd Earl of Oxford and Asquith, is an hereditary peer and was a senior British diplomat stationed at one time in Moscow. In fact, according to the Telegraph newspaper he was the MI6 Station Chief in Moscow. He is now a non-executive Director of JKX Oil and Gas which has large oil and gas rights in Ukraine.

  49. Well, if they are that bloody clever why didn’t they sort out Regal Petroleum.

  50. Craig, what’s wrong with a Muslim majority democratically instituting political reform to conform with their beliefs? Are democratic principles to take precedence over the word of God who created all in his great plans for mankind?

    Religion is not a weekend hobby for true believers any more than honesty is a private choice that has no place in government.

    This fellow also doesn’t like “Political Islam”.

  51. The wishes of the vast majority of the people of Libya and Egypt don’t seem to have a place in your condemnation of the ‘coups’ in Libya and Egypt.

    I agree with you that the real aim in Libya to get rid of Gaddafi ‘was never democracy, but a neo-con friendly government, which is so much better secured under the auspices of the CIA.’ But most Libyan people wanted him out.

    What I believe was the US aim was to install a Muslim Brotherhood government in Libya and Egypt and in other Muslim countries bringing about a caliphate friendly to US interests particularly in their strategy of subordinating Africa. However, when Morsi started altering the constitution and bringing in repressive laws, the people weren’t too happy and rose up. The last thing the US would want is Egypt ablaze.

    In Libya in the elections of 2012 10% of the votes went to the Islamists but step by step they have taken over the GNC and all laws etc are to promote their interests. One way they got rid of their political opponents was through their Political Isolation Law, which was passed after their militias threatened GNC.

    Benghazi was always feared by Gaddafi and was the first city to rise up in the revolution. Benghazi is the capital of Cyrenaica, which holds 80% of Libyan oil. Since 2012 to subdue Benghazi there has been a strategy of killing political activists, judges, police, army officers and so on.. Hundreds have been killed but the GNC did nothing, no security cameras or proper equipment.

    Two weeks ago the head of Benghazi intelligence was shot in broad daylight a day after publicly declaring a nexus between members of the GNC and the assassins and bombers.
    The majority of people in the East know exactly who’s responsible for the carnage and don’t see the GNC as legitimate. They are very happy for Hifter to sort things out.

    Support for Hifter’s fight against terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood is burgeoning across Libya. . A banner in Tripoli tonight reads, “yes to police & army no to militias” and graffiti says “no to brotherhood yes to dignity”

    Again the US wants a stable Libya so oil and gas can flow freely especially to Europe and they can get on with Africom. I think their support for the Muslim Brotherhood has weakened and they’re sitting on the fence.

    It seems to me that making judgments about countries and what the people of those countries want should be based on the opinions of the actual people in the countries in question.



    22 May, 2014 - 11:53 pm

    Gas pains for consumers and producers.

    Please compare/contrast TPP and BRICS.

    Pepe on Ukraine and the Petrodollar.

    “More BRICS cooperation meant to bypass the dollar is reflected in the “Gas-o-yuan,” as in natural gas bought and paid for in Chinese currency. Gazprom is even considering marketing bonds in yuan as part of the financial planning for its expansion. Yuan-backed bonds are already trading in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and most recently Frankfurt.

    Nothing could be more sensible for the new Pipelineistan deal than to have it settled in yuan. Beijing would pay Gazprom in that currency (convertible into rubles); Gazprom would accumulate the yuan; and Russia would then buy myriad made-in-China goods and services in yuan convertible into rubles.”

    It is truly amazing how few pick up on this subject of BRICS/Petrodollar. Who was it said ‘follow the money’.


    22 May, 2014 - 11:59 pm

    Can we squeeze Boko Haram and Nigeria into the triangulations?

  54. Great digging Paul Rigby. It is a mafia, dead serious organised international crime, playing with the lives and futures of billions of people for their own grotesque enrichment, a dodgy deep secret state within an already irreparably corrupt overt rogue criminal state. I can’t understand how they think they’ll get away with it and how they’ve got away with so far for so long, and how we even begin to tackle its reach and power, the arrest, just trial and long imprisonment of the whole of the capitalist classes and the lickspittle politicians and media whores who dance to their tune, must not only be contemplated but set in motion.

    Can politicians and leaders be found who are immune to the lure of megalomania, who do not self-select on the basis of fervid psychopathy -while there sure will be natural born psychopaths, the systems that mould larval Crime Ministers and Cabinet Monsters seem to pick the worst of them unerringly, and make run-of-the-mill misanthropes like Cameron, Hague or Blair into abominable beasts history will forever abhor.

  55. The so-called “Arab Spring” was creation of US State Department and several pro-Israel advocacy groups. That’s why nothing has changed in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Bahrain. In fact these countries have become Israeli satelittes.

    In July 2012, Gabriel M. Scheinmann, a visiting Fellow at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), admitted that the Zionist entity is in fact the winner of the so-called “Arab Spring”.

  56. Surely we can all see by now when the horrors of the idiot Establishment are revealed they can never counter our arguments and facts they just scream Lefties and Conspiracy Thoerists at us all?

    Which simply confirms their epic failure.

  57. @Ben – You can squeeze Nigeria and Boko Haram the way you like… But…

    To understand what’s going on in African nation of Nigeria – one has to understand who are claiming to be “friends of Africans”. Take for example, US Sen. John McCain told Jewish magazine The Beast that Washington should send special operation force to find and rescue the school girls taken hostage – especially in a country lead by “some guy named Goodluck Jonathan.”

    John McCain, a radical Zionist Christian, has history of calling for bomb-bomb-bomb a country that opposes the Zionist entity. McCain’s “humanitarian” Christian conscience didn’t bother him when he supported the US invasion of Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Kosova, North Korea, Central African Republic, etc.

    The Boko Haram, mostly from the Muslim-majority northern Nigeria is fighting against the Christian-dominated elites and military which had long been tools of western colonialist. They have allowed the western companies to loot Nigeria’s huge natural resource while the great majority of Nigerians are living in horrible poverty. The western colonialists have never stopped using “divide and rule” agenda by fanning Muslim-Christian religious enmity in Nigeria.

  58. Boko Haram Procol Harum.

    A whiter shade of CIA behind the scenes provocation/false flaggery?

    Game plan?

    Chaos:ergo…CIA and Western Mils and Mercs gotta move into the Delta/Bight Of Benin for the foreseeable centuries to ahem,’secure’ Freedom and Democracy.

    Or the oily revenue stream.

  59. The journey of the Peace Boat.

    Peace Boat’s 83rd Global Voyage (Mar-Jun 2014)

    History-‘Peace Boat’s first voyage was organized in 1983 by a group of Japanese university students as a creative response to government censorship regarding Japan’s past military aggression in the Asia-Pacific. They chartered a ship to visit neighboring countries with the aim of learning first-hand about the war from those who experienced it and initiating people-to-people exchange.’

    I see that the UK and US are not in the itinerary. Wise of them to steer clear of the warmongers. Will the BBC and other organs of the corporate media be reporting this voyage or will they stick to the residue of ‘our brave lads’ in Afghanistan and rubbishing Putin?

  60. Jives. Very probably, based on their ‘previous’.

  61. Not all is lost in Australia. There is this Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies under the directorship of a good man Jake Lynch.

    Incidentally in this country you will find departments with the word WAR in their titles at British universities.

    Department of War Studies

    Centre for the Study of War, State and Society

    etc etc
    Quite telling.

  62. I missed out at the end of the comment above that there is no mention of PEACE.

  63. Paul Rigby 22 May, 2014 – 11:31 pm

    Paul, I could not find the distinctive sleeve in the third link you provided. Was it the correct link.

    This is the best, that is, most balanced, video I have come across. It does not show the suspected murderer of the woman. But it does show that the police chief seems to be involved and that some of the police were wearing red arm-bands. The quality is better than most other videos of the scenes, and it is also fair in saying that the stone-throwing and shooting came from both sides. But there is enough evidence here to prosecute somebody. Who is the question.

  64. “In many instances, they are precisely the same deluded people who accept without question or query even the most obviously faked Russian propaganda about events in Ukraine (such as the obviously faked photo of the “strangled pregnant woman” in Odessa).”

    I did substantial work finding out the identity of the photographer.

    And the personal grief her family had in the tragedy. She must have been criticised by other English-speaking people as well as Craig since she felt it necessary to write her comment in English. Would she fake a photograph when the family is in grief? I doubt it.

    But the thread has gone off-topic with Boko Haram and Peace Boats.

  65. What has shitty Ban ki Moon got to say about this?

    UN-marked strike helicopter ‘used by Kiev against militia’ sparks scandal

    ‘A video of a UN-marked Mil Mi-24 strike helicopter was published on Tuesday by LifeNews television. It said its correspondents covering Kiev’s military operation in the Donetsk Region took the video near Kramatorsk. LifeNews said at least three combat Mi-24 and one transport Mi-8 helicopters carrying UN colors were spotted in the area.’

  66. Ban Ki Moon gets handed a script from Washington.
    And I can never make out what he is trying to say.

  67. @Craig “Democracy is a good thing – except for Muslims”

    There’s a lot of truth in that. Consider the Islamist transformation of Jinnah’s secular Pakistan into the “friend from Hell”, as former Watergate man Charles Colson put it.

    To paraphrase Henry Kissinger,

    “I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go Islamist because of the irresponsibility of its own people.”

    The West had better keep an eye on Turkey, in case Islamists try to do away with the secularism of Ataturk.

  68. Hi Craig, a short one: what the f*ck was the CIA director doing in Kiev shortly after the “revolutionary” change?

  69. Have you all had your 2 minutes if hate yet.
    A sad day!

    Where are the big ideas?

    Like Gaddafi’s underground aquafer.

    We need to build Babel not destroy it.

    Radio 5 are schisming.

  70. John Goss

    Who is Alena? How was she able to wander through the building taking photos after the Ukrainian forces had taken control? If she had a status that enabled her to do that, why is her identity secret?

    Presumably Alena took this photo once the fire was out and the building safe. It was under pro-Ukrainian control. I am quite sure not just anybody could wander around taking snapshots of corpses.

    Personally I am extremely skeptical it is a corpse at all. A corpse would not stay in that position. It is only resting on the desk from the small of the back up.

    It lacks post mortem pallor. When someone dies, the blood pressure disappears and very quickly indeed gravity drains the blood down. The higher points go a deathly white. The lower points where blood pools show what looks like heavy bruising. There is none of this effect. Unless Alena was wandering round the building immediately after the incident, I don’t think this is a corpse. There is one possibility, which is that people who die of carbon monoxide poisoning go a distinct cherry red. There may be some sign of that. The photo quality is not great.

    The France 24 article takes “Alena’s” word, but even that makes plain she was not pregnant and there is no evidence whatsoever that she was strangled.

  71. Craig, Alena (Nikolaenko) was the person who took the photograph and it is still on her Facebook page.

    She is the daughter-in-law of Novitsky Vladimir Mikhailovich, number 30 on the issued list of the deceased! She was allowed into the building because after visiting the hospital and the morgue she had not discovered his body.

  72. I think we’re all agreed she wasn’t pregnant.

  73. doug scorgie

    23 May, 2014 - 3:24 pm


    I don’t know if the photograph is a fake or not it’s hard for anyone to tell but you jumped straight in and called it “an obvious fake.”

    I think John Goss was right when he says you have a blind spot about the wests involvement in Ukraine.

    You say of the corpse photograph:

    “A corpse would not stay in that position. It is only resting on the desk from the small of the back up.”

    Take another look at the picture Craig the “corpse” is resting on an area close to the coccyx not “the small of her back.”

    Also note that woman’s right foot is off the floor. If she was resting on the small of her back and it’s a fake the woman would need both feet on the floor.

    Still it doesn’t prove it is genuine but it is not the obvious fake your knee-jerk reaction proposes.

    As regards the body’s lack of post mortem pallor you say:

    “There is one possibility, which is that people who die of carbon monoxide poisoning go a distinct cherry red.”

    There is another possibility for lack of PM pallor and that is a tight ligature around the neck that is tied.

    Also you said “…there is no evidence whatsoever that she was strangled.”

    A tight ligature around the neck would likely not be seen in a photograph.

  74. Another mighty important question about Alenya is, she was allowed into the building, because she had a missing relative. But for a staged death she must have taken someone in with her. Furthermore, if the photograph was not genuine the western press, the integrity of which we all know a lot, would have been very quick to capitalise on it, as would the Ukraine. As I have been unable to find anything in English or Russian that contradicts the authenticity of the photograph I thinks we have to accept that it was authentic. Do you?

  75. thinks = think

  76. Resident Dissident

    24 May, 2014 - 7:18 am

    Perhaps our resident Putinistas might wish to explain why their hero is doing nothing about racism and fascism in his own country

  77. I don’t know about the particulars but that photo of the woman is weird but not certainly fake.

    If she was strangled, I can imagine that she was forced back to the edge of the desk where she slowly inclined backward until she lost concsiousness and slumped to rest where she appears in the photo. Frankly, I think the bulk of her ample torso is sufficient to hold her in that awkward looking state indefinitely.

    So the photo proves nothing but the fact that a photo was taken. But it does strongly suggest that a woman was murdered.

  78. Resident Dissident
    24 May, 2014 – 7:18 am

    Perhaps our resident Putinistas might wish to explain why their hero is doing nothing about racism and fascism in his own country

    From your plainly anti-Russia propaganda site:

    “Sergey Aksyonov, acting head of the Russian occupation regime in Crimea, that “a proposal had come in that once the US is united with Russia, Obama should be sent to the Moscow zoo” where he could “sit among the apes.” After criticism, Aksyonov later took this down from his site.”

    It turns out to be not true:

    (UPDATE): The account that was associated with Aksyonov has been revealed to be a fake Twitter account.

    Had it been true the western main stream media would be all over it. They aren’t.

    A clue to the propaganda nature of the site is in the headline:

    “Racism and Anti-Semitism Ceasing to Be ‘Indecent’ in Putin’s Russia”

    Racism AND anti-Semitism

    The website title “The interpreter is a misnomer as it should be called The misinterpreter

    But it’s nice to know where you glean your “facts” from


  79. This is one of your best articles, your point of view is always fascinating which is why I keep reading this blog. I disagree with you about Saudi Arabia being a political islamic state, there is not one shred of truth in this but it is always what journalists like Patrick cockburn keeps repeating to sex up his articles.

    Saudi Arabia was founded by Ibn Saud who invaded other tirbal lands with the help of Muslims fighters and imperial british money befoer the American step in to claim its allegiance instead of Britain.

    Back to the point. the official fatwa or religious believe the government spreading there is that good Muslim should listen and obay the king, if you go against the goverment you stray from islamic teaching. given that Saudi regime is merely a punch of cheap American proteges. where on earth did you discover political islam in Saudia?

  80. A Pivot on the Peace Island
    by Kathy Kelly / May 24th, 2014

    JEJU ISLAND, SOUTH KOREA – For the past two weeks, I’ve been in the Republic of Korea (ROK), as a guest of peace activists living in Gangjeong Village on ROK’s Jeju Island. Gangjeong is one of the ROK’s smallest villages, yet activists here, in their struggle against the construction of a massive naval base, have inspired people around the world.

    Since 2007, activists have risked arrests, imprisonment, heavy fines and wildly excessive use of police force to resist the desecration caused as mega-corporations like Samsung and Daelim build a base to accommodate U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines for their missions throughout Asia. The base fits the regional needs of the U.S. for a maritime military outpost that would enable it to continue developing its Asia Pivot strategy, gradually building towards and in the process provoking superpower conflict with China.

    “We don’t need this base,” says Bishop Kang, a Catholic prelate who vigorously supports the opposition. He worries that if the base is completed, Jeju Island will become a focal point for Far Eastern military struggle, and that this would occur amid accelerating military tensions. “The strongest group in the whole world, the military, takes advantage of National Security ideology,” he continues. “Many people make money. Many governments are controlled by this militarism. The military generals, in their minds, may think they are doing this to protect their country, but in fact they’re controlled by the corporations.”


  81. Cringemaking stuff on the BBC website. One of their chief propagandists answers questions. The questions are pre-vetted presumably.

    John Simpson – Such a nice man and so full of kindness and humility.

    see Q 11 for instance
    11. Of all the unpleasant people you’ve been called upon to interview in your delightfully mild mannered yet probing style, who is the one that you most wanted to just drop the technique and shout at for all the horrible things they had done?

    John Simpson meets Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi for first BBC interview 1979 photo
    John Simpson meets Gaddafi for first BBC interview caption

    Colonel Gaddafi was certainly one of them. Mad, and kind of absurd. It infuriated me to see that. But after interviewing him a couple of times I was attacked by a leading newspaper whose owner was doing some dodgy deal with Libya, and later by Downing Street (this was several years ago) for not taking an international statesmen of Gaddafi’s standing seriously enough. Britain at the time was trying to cosy up to Gaddafi. That sort of thing really upsets me. Still, I don’t find many people praising Gaddafi for his statesmanship nowadays.


    He is actually up his own whatnot but maintains the pose that he has been told these very confidential things by the powers-that-be and that we are really lucky to be allowed to hear about them.

  82. GRTV: Propaganda and the Ukraine Crisis

    Full Length Documentary

    By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
    Global Research, May 24, 2014

    This full length GRTV documentary produced by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya examines the fictitious land of “Nulandistan” (named after Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland) that has been constructed out of Ukraine.

    It depicts how the realities of crimes against humanity and political oppression involving terrorist mobs are casually replaced by a World of fiction, in which real “Western style democracy” prevails.

    It deconstructs the rhetoric and propaganda of the Obama Administration and its European allies regarding the crisis in Ukraine and takes a look at their growing frustration towards the Russian media, particularly RT, for challenging their account of events on the ground in what they have declared is an intensifying “information war”.

    The documentary starts with an examination of the EuroMaidan protests that both Washington and the Western media have used to justify the instatement of an unelected self-proclaimed regime in Kiev.

    The May 2 Odessa Massacre and the political protest movement leading up to the referendums in Donesk and Luhansk in East Ukraine are reviewed.

    The underlying focus is to show how the reality of events in Ukraine has been been misappropriated and propagandized to support US foreign policy and to justify tensions against Russia.

  83. Islam contains politics of deception and it contains political compromise.

    The Arab dictators, Mubarak and Assad, and Palestine’s Fatah, all spied on their citizens in order to suppress dissent. The CIA had the bright idea of training Mursi both in Islam and politics so that he could persecute Muslims for their private remarks and mistakes as well as suppressing political dissent.

    For example I pray in the mosque in the same trousers I use for work and I have convinced myself that it was clean dirt, but a camera has discovered that unknown to me it was not clean dirt and that I had touched the hand of a lady in the shop. The nit-picking Islam cultivated in the mosques by UKUSIS agencies has now got a case against me for breaking rule no 208947563i111 and can use that as a pretext to question my political opinions.

    Craig is talking out of his valetal orifice when he writes:

    “the government of Saudi Arabia is the most appalling example of entrenched “political Islam” in the world” as if it was comparable to the Mursi, CIA trained version of Islam.

    The Saudis are deeply sensitive to the fellow rights specified in the Qur’an towards the privacy and life-choices of individual Muslims. The CIA Mursi Islam was going to combine the NSA spy technology with a mad mullah rulebook invented by the CIA for the sole purpose of upsetting Muslims.

    Every government spies on its citizens, and every shop spies on its customers – for security reasons. But when you create thought crime, you will criminalise the population and after they have been criminalised, they can be abused.

    Every Muslim is a political Muslim, no Muslim will accept this Zollywood plan to make mischief for Muslims. in Syria, thousands of practising Muslims have been murdered for not belonging to the narrow sectarian thought crime parties of CIA trained Al Qaida.

    All Muslims support political Islam, except when it has been created by Zionists to make it impossible to be a Muslim.

  84. Really sorry Mods. Please delete above. Wrong thread!

  85. Paul Barbara

    29 May, 2014 - 1:09 am

    ‘..the most obviously faked Russian propaganda about events in Ukraine (such as the obviously faked photo of the “strangled pregnant woman” in Odessa)..
    What on earth makes you believe the photo of the strangled pregnant woman was faked, Craig? Here are some sites which show just which side is responsible for both the putsch and the mass of the atrocities:
    ‘The Odessa massacre in detail – An investigation’:(nsnbc international, 10 May 2014):
    ‘Odessa Provocateurs: Censored News’ (Joe Giambrone May 11, 2014):
    ‘Ukraine: Poland trained putchists two months in advance’ (Thierry Meyssan):
    ‘Ukraine Protests Carefully Orchestrated: The Role of CANVAS, US-Financed “Color Revolution Training Group” (Global Research):

    They are doing the same thing in Venezuela; search:
    ‘Ex-CIA agent reveals how Venezuelan “students” get putschist training’:

    Even the US Ambassador, in the hacked phone conversation with Victoria Nuland, says he has information indicating it was the Ukrainians who did the sniping on the Maidan.

  86. Paul Barbara

    31 May, 2014 - 8:45 pm

    Here is an excellent article about the recent Ukraine situation:
    Kiev Snipers Shooting From Bldg Controlled By Maidan Forces – Ex-Ukraine Security Chief
    Just about says it all…!

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