Parasite News 7


The cruel and rapacious Karimov family strengthen still further their grip on Uzbekistan’s command economy, and continue to siphon off the money of their people. Karimov’s daughter. Gulnara, is the family’s principal bagman. The bulk of the Karimov billions are securely stored in the Swiss branch of Rothschild’s Bank.

How heartwarming, therefore, to see Gulnara Karimova and Nathaniel Rothschild so happy together. You may print this picture off and find an appropriate use for it. Gulnara, incidentally, is not very tall, so the squit next to her is not merely morally stunted.

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7 thoughts on “Parasite News

  • andy cyan

    Aye, but take deep breath. Dont waste your energy hating f*cked up souls, methinks.

  • Craig

    I dunno Andy. Someone's got to hate them. I am not confident enough to leave that bit to God.

  • andy cyan

    I dont really know either Craig, ive just got this notion that when we think of vengence we compromise our objectivity. Theres plenty of hating going on, whats special here to me, is your genuine while deeply informed testimoney.

    Its sure trite for me to talk about such things as negative emotions, because ive had nothing like the exposure to injustice as you have had, and of people youve stood up for, and ive only just bought your book.

    Im just a sneak who thought calling a judge a c* was borderline foolhardy.

  • peacewisher

    She looks quite stunning. But as is often the case… how looks can deceive! Who will be playing Gulnara in the film version of "Murder in Samarkand", I wonder?

  • Sabretache

    A window on the people behind the curtain of the worlds political puppet show eh Craig?

    Seems to me that 'morality' doesn't enter into it. Raw power and the maintenance thereof in the hands of those who have it; thats the name of the game. Probably always been so too, but these days you have to be wilfully blind not to see it. Western politician (in fact most politicians in the so-called 'First World') are simply front-men whose purpose is to inspire, cajole, pursuade or, per our current zeitgeist, frighten their respective constituencies into aquiescence on matters already decided by those 'powers behind the curtain'. IMHO, on the really big issues like foreign policy alignments and action, 'Security' and maintenance of the power/control of the State etc, it makes precious little difference who you vote for. Voting only makes a real difference on the trivia (Hunting is a good example) where tribal passions can be indulged and the lumpen electoriat kept compliant with their internal squabbles and soothing words about how civilised, progressive and advanced they are – whilst their critical faculties are numbed by the latest BIG Brother type 'reality' show masquerading as culture.

    And Gordon Brown wants me to fly a Union flag! Frankly I'd burn the bloody thing first.

  • gerardmulholland

    Peter Mandelson, Oleg Deripaska, George Osborne, Nathaniel Rothschild, James Goodwin, Andrew Feldman, Islom Karimov and taking in Bill Clinton, Gordon Brown and David Cameron on the way? Wow! Is that networking! And the first six were all foolin' around on the SS Enola Gay? Impressive! I hope for his sake that Osborne has a team of well-paid and extremely competent body-guards. With ex-friends like those, he's going to need them. By the way, Peacewisher must be blind. Beneath all that caked-on make-up, she's so ugly, I almost feel sorry for her.

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