Debate on Iraq, Iran and Foreign Policy After Blair: Westminster Hall 20th March


On the 20th March, the fourth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, The People’s Assembly will convene in Westminster Hall to debate the following agenda:

1 Iraq: The Debate Parliament Won’t Have

2 Why We Should Oppose an Attack on Iran

3 British Foreign Police After Tony Blair

Speakers will include:

* DENNIS KUCINICH: US Congressman, candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 2008 presidential election will be the Assembly’s opening speaker at 2pm (

MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT: * Bob Wareing MP, * John McDonnell MP, * Michael Meacher MP, * Linda Riordan MP, * Harry Cohen MP, * Jeremy Corbyn MP, * Katy Clark MP, * Sarah Teather MP, * John Hemming MP, * Lynne Featherstone MP, * Adam Price MP, * Elfyn Llwd MP, * George Galloway MP, * Kelvin Hopkins MP

And others including musician Brian Eno and comedian and campaigner Mark Thomas.

The debate is open to all.

Those wishing to attend can register here.