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If this is what has happened to Bill Binney I am saddened for him. However, in reality, the importance of the DNC leak and russiagate has passed. Not in its factual essence but in its effect. No one cares anymore and the propaganda has done its job. If the CIA/NSA were to state that Bill Binney was correct would it make any difference now? 99% of people wouldn’t even notice. Probably 98% of people didn’t care at the time. It stuns me how little interest people have in these kinds of events and I can’t seem to get people, even my own family, to bother to take an active interest. Propaganda wins because of indifference. It also has a shelf life. Unless it’s actively countered and the argument won at the time of its propagation propaganda wins. Look at Iraqi WMD. This was something the news cycle did take on but it made no difference. The Iraq war happened, none of the people involved in the lies were ever sanctioned in any meaningful way. It is forgotten in the public mindset (in the west, not in Iraq).
I am perhaps being a little too defeatist here. It does matter that such propaganda can be pointed out to people in an effort to persuade them of the techniques and understand how it unfolds in future propaganda events.

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