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J, have you gone stark raving bonkers? You wrote:

“Several studies proving the efficacy of a number of treatments, as attested to by the WHO’s own work in India using Doxycycline and Ivermectin:

– Within five weeks of this WHO trial, cases dropped to just 22 in Uttar-Pradesh and nearly zero deaths despite 5% vaccination, compared to thirty thousand cases and two hundred deaths a day at the same time in Kerala, with 20% vaccinated.”

But the link claims nothing of the kind! The link doesn’t even concern a trial, it’s about a test-and-quarantine campaign! Yes, we know that test-and-quarantine works. You wrote:

“You haven’t seen the majority of the data”

Indeed. That’s why I asked you to link it, which you have not! As I wrote, I couldn’t stand to listen through over an hour of self-promotion and partisan political advocacy from a homophobic, HIV denialist organisation, pausing to freeze McCullough’s slideshow, manually copy references to papers, search on the references, find full copies and search out the scientific discussion about them. If you have any valid scientific points, then it is your responsibility to find the scientific case or, if it is “censored” as you claim, compile it yourself from original papers. If you have checked McCullough’s claims, then you should already have those links, making it a simple matter to post them. That you haven’t suggests that you have merely swallowed McCullough’s claims without scrutiny.

I shall answer a couple of your points as they are such obvious howlers:

“McCullough shows how these vaccines are the only possible candidate for having created the dominance of the Delta Strain”

This is obviously nonsense because Delta has become dominant everywhere it has landed, because it is more transmissible. You yourself linked to the WHO report of Delta being dominant where (you say) only 5% of the population were vaccinated!

“the documented under reporting of VAERS hides the potential number of Covid Vaccine related deaths in the order of 1,700,000 at the present time”

Simply go and check the shape of the “deaths from all causes” graphs; excess deaths have plummeted as mass vaccination has proceeded. As the US had some 600,000 deaths by the end of its second wave, we would expect to see a new peak nearly three times that if vaccination were as deadly as you (or McCullough?) claim.

You seem not to have applied one gramme of critical thought. You haven’t checked a single one of McCullough’s claims, have you? You’ve just swallowed them whole because you like them. Go get your vax J; it’s only a pin-prick. There, there.