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michael norton

Much is being done, as I mentioned today at 8.04.

How fast do the True Believers think they can get the population of the World to go. The U.K. is electrifying our railways. We have made a good effort at installing wind turbines. We have mostly shut down our Coal mines. We have moved away from majority Coal Fired Power Stations. We still have a way to go to increase renewables but there is not a lot of scope left in the U.K. for normal Hydroelectricity. A set of Archimedes Screws has just been turned on in the River Thames at Reading, this technology could be reproduced on most weirs, I am not sure, why the roll-out is not quicker. Also we could have built the Seven Barrage, we have not, why not? That technology once established, could be rolled out around the coasts of the World.

We have started with wave technology in Scotland, this could have been given greater impetus. Geothermal is being tested in Cornwall but no real results, yet. We have been ramping up Interconnectors, good.

Solar is very slowly expanding. I would like to see new build commercial buildings being mandated to be covered in photovoltaics. Elon Musk roof tiles, seems a good idea for houses, I am not sure, why that has not kicked off in the U.K. or something similar, it seems a more acceptable option than roof panels. I think the roll out of fully electric buses, could have gone a lot more quickly. I am disappointed that Graphene solar windows, is taking so long to get going. I am sure that wearable photovoltaics on on the near horizon, so you can charge your device on your walk to work. I think battery cycles have come on apace and will improve commuting for the millions.

So much has been done and is being done. You must take people with you. Laying about in the streets annoying people, will not take them with you, it will lead to antagonism and violence. After 20 months of a pandemic, most people have had more than enough of being told how to live their live by the Elite and by True Believers. So many people are telling us daily they are right and we are wrong, just give it a fucking rest.