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Michael norton, Oct 20, 18:53, final paragraph:

“After 20 months of a pandemic, most people have had more than enough of being told how to live their live by the Elite and by True Believers. So many people are telling us daily they are right and we are wrong, just give it a fucking rest.”

Michael, you still haven’t answered me, yet I see that you have been posting elsewhere. You swore at me. I’m asking; who are the Elite, and who are these True Believers?

“Most people” don’t want to be told what to think by the Elite, right? So “most people” have stopped reading the Mail, the Telegraph, the Daily Express, the Times and the Sun, have they? Because last time I checked, those were the most popular media titles in England. Anti-lockdown, pro-military, anti-EU, pro-Westminster, pro-consumerism, anti-China, anti-XR, anti-climate action etc. etc. etc; all attitudes that are very prevalent in England.

Those titles are owned by four billionaires who don’t live in the UK, nor pay tax in the UK.

Are overseas billionaires the common people then? Or do they just control those media on your behalf out of the goodness of their hearts, to ensure that your voices are heard? They certainly can’t be the Elite, influencing how you think.

No, here’s one of the Elite who tells you how to think, one of those brainy kids who went to university – same university I dropped out of after a year, as it goes; he was a year above me in the Physics Department, and a friend of mine. He helped design GPS, and became Assistant Dean of Research at the Engineering Department, University College London, no less; proper Elite. Look at his journey home from work, er, on the bus. Look at the, er, mansion he lives in. Look at his holiday in, er, Wales, and the swanky parties he goes to: