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I try to always remember to write “climate and ecological emergency”, because climate has massive effects upon ecology, and ecology has massive effects upon climate; the two are inextricably interlinked. Most “news” media seem to refer merely to “climate change” or “the climate crisis”.

Michael, I’m rather disappointed at your selective quotation and interpretation of the source you linked. Your suggestion that the measured increases in methane are unrelated to human activities is directly contradicted several times in the article you cited, which repeatedly attributes it to global warming. I suppose that the tenor of your comment reflects your doubt that global average temperature is in fact increasing, but earlier I cited two widely confirmed observations which put that beyond doubt – the melting of polar ice, and the rising of sea level.

Additionally, the article says that 60% of methane emissions are caused by human activities, and only 40% from natural sources, so even if human activity was having no effect upon the natural sources, we’d still have even more powerful ways of decreasing overall methane emissions.

But the worst sin goes to the article itself, its last three lines are a counsel of despair. They seem to say “there is nothing we can do; we may as well give up”. No. I refuse to abandon civilisation to avoidable collapse.

Michael, this commercialist, materialist, exploitative system that cultivates greed, selfishness and alienation from nature, in order to maximise monetary profit clearly disgusts you as much as it does me; why not rebel against it? I think you’re a natural for Extinction Rebellion.