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19 thoughts on “Genetics Disproven?

  • tony_opmoc


    There is a natural attempt, for a son to look completely different from his father.

    For example, my father looked rather like you. Whilst I look rather like your son.

    My son looks much more like you than me. If you work on it, you can look more or less like whatever image you like.

    However, behaviour and skills are a totally different issue, totally seperate from appearence.

    For example, I still go and see some really young musicians, and after the gig, I ask them if their father is a musician, and sometimes he is standing behind me (and almost always is)

    My son has a very similar laid back attitude to life as I do, but because he has not been programmed with religion, he is much more open than I was at his age.

    His job is almost identical to what I was doing except he works for himself.

    He is however far better looking than I was, but a photo of my nieces American born son – who is now about two – looks identical to how he was at the age of two, such that I thought it was him.

    You are a lucky man.

    They’ve got jobs back in the UK. He’s German.


  • Teehee

    Maybe the mother knows why they don’t look like you, but your ego just doesn’t let you register it. And who could blame her.

  • tony_opmoc


    Simply because you realise that you are a bastard, is no reason to be horrible, or is it in your genetics – and you will forever be a cunt?

    Try being nice – it probably won’t hurt.


  • glenn

    Tony – you’re spot on, but bear in mind this poor sod Teehee is probably talking from personal experience. Doubtless his own mother and in his unsuccessful relationships. So it can’t be helped.

  • Frazer

    Let’s hope Jamie does not object to his Bohemian image splashed over the net 🙂

    Though I must say when he was over in Ghana, he looked very respectable, haircut,lost the beard, worked tremendously hard for Westminster and never complained once. A credit to you old boy !

  • Tom Kennedy

    Jamie looks like an interesting person to know – an iconoclast and a free spirit. I suspect that without the fuzz he probably resembles you more than you think. Your daughter looks very like you and Cameron is a lovely mixture of you and Nadia. You’re a lucky man!

    The photo of Nadira and Cameron is absolutely wonderful – was it taken professionally?

  • Arsalan Goldberg

    Craig Don’t worry about it. In the real world I have a lot of ugly friends with good looking children. It is to do with the fact that people have two sets of Genes. All it means is you didn’t pass your ugly Genes to your children. You should also remember that children inherit half of their DNA from their mothers.

    My children look nothing like my wife and completely like me, but in our case it is OK because I’m better looking than her.

  • arsalan

    Is that a fag in his hand?

    You let him smoke?

    Even if I see my little brother smoking who is in his twenties, married with kids, I pull it out of his hand and smack him in the head.

    My son doesn’t smoke. Some say it is to do with my parenting skills. While others say it is because he is only four years old.

  • Anonymous

    Well, if he is all he looks there, then I’m sure that wouldn’t normally be a cigarette in his hands. And if he has the values of a hippy too, then I think he’s on the right track: peace, flowers, non-materialism, spiritual searching, make love not war and ban the bomb; a time of individualism, creativity and great music – all submerged with the rise of money power, when accountants and finance people started to take more control of companies and material gain became our raison d’etre.

  • Richard Robinson

    I’d say that’s definitely a cigarette.

    Especially bearing in mind that anything here could turn up in a shockhorror! tabloid headline five years hence.

    Apart from which necessary exception, I agree. It’s heartening to see people continuing to pick it up & run with it. Good luck to him.

    Which reminds me of a Bradford band I saw flyposters for once. Love, Peas and Chips.

  • angrysoba

    Which one of you Jew-hating conspiraloons posted that Infowars “story” of the IDF in Haiti?

    Whoever you are you are clearly Jew-hating scum. There is NOTHING at all in that story except some swivel-eyed loon’s speculation.

  • logos

    Jamie’s a hoopy frood, and no mistake. Also very well mannered and considerate – as a pal once said, he’s a real ‘prince amongst men’. I suspect those Murray eyes are the secret weapon in this family.

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