Murdoch is Even Viler than We Knew 366

This article was published on the Sun’s website at 2.50am, that is hours after the Manchester bombing.

It was updated at 09.50am, long after the decision to suspend electioneering. I am not going to link to the article, but the comments below it from the public are unanimous.

I pray that the vile people at the Sun have miscalculated, and in future the Sun will be as welcome in Manchester as in Liverpool.

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366 thoughts on “Murdoch is Even Viler than We Knew

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  • Sharp Ears

    Who has seniority when the military and the police are working together?

    Paras are guarding the entrance to a block of flats in NW London where a flat has even rented out via Air’nB and where large packages were delivered recently. The CIA have released more info on Abedi’s movements – he stayed in London when he came back from Syria and so on. A patsy was indeed manipulated and set up.

    I was in front of two young policemen this morning in a coffee shop. They would not make eye contact or return a smile but were intent on looking at their phones. Baseball caps. Stab vests. Very many gadgets and equipment attached to their vests, round their waists and the tops of their legs. They appeared to have several phones each. How fast could they move with all this stuff hanging off their bodies like Christmas tree decorations?

  • Ms Caroline Larkin

    I find this parasitic journalism abhorrent and wholly distasteful and I am simply some shocked member of the public living hundreds of miles from this horrific event. I have relatives who live in the outskirts of Manchester and my sole living parent has been in floods of tears as the school she attended stands very near to where this attack took place. I cannot believe that there have been no lessons learned from the disgraceful behaviour of The S*n after the Hillsborough tragedy, despite having been found out for playing such an active role in damming the very people who were victims of the fatal decisions made by the police on that day. Yet again The S*n is making use of those injured and dead and the devastation of those families directly affected simply to peddle their Anti-Corbyn propaganda. Time to ShuntheSun…

  • J

    Reported earlier in the day on Tuesday @ Evolve Politics:

    UNBELIEVABLE new poll sees Labour OVERTAKE the Tories by 10 POINTS in Wales

    “Against all the odds, a new poll of Welsh voters has revealed that Labour have completely reversed their fortunes in Wales. While polls prior to the Conservative manifesto launch had them trailing the Tories by six points, this latest poll has indicated a HUGE swing to Labour, who are now leading by ten points…” Continues

    The Poll:

  • Mairi Johnston

    Trolls are discouraged from social media sites etc, but this takes the biscuit for despicable behavior regarding reporting in a daily newspaper. Please investigate this awful demeaning report !


    l never buy the sun, nor will l ever believe anything in it. disgraceful and unthinkable at anytime, let alone a horrific time right now. gutter press is too good a word to describe your paper, disgusted in your ethics, oh wait, you haven’t got any…….

  • Stephen Gannon

    The Sun should be banned. Full Stop. There are no excuses for publishing this dross other than to mislead the mentally feeble or average Sun reader.

  • giyane

    ” En 1994, Ramadan Abedi retourna en Libye pour le compte du MI6. Il participa, fin 1995, à la création du Groupe islamique combattant en Libye (GICL), branche locale d’Al-Qaïda, aux côtés d’Abdelhakim Belhaj. Le GICL fut alors chargé par le MI6 d’assassiner Mouamar Kadhafi contre 100 000 livres sterling. Cette opération, qui elle aussi échoua, provoqua de vifs débats au sein des services de Sa Majesté, dont la démission de notre ami David Shayler. ”

    In other words MI6 is at the heart of the Manchester attack, exactly as they were at the heart of the IRA terrorism. We are supposed to focus on the radicalisation of a young Muslim, and forget about the bastardisation of UK politics. On why he might be angry, not on the scum of the earth who run the Tory party.

    • J

      Google translation:

      “According to Scotland Yard, the attack on spectators of the Ariana Grande concert at the Arena in Manchester on May 22, 2017 was committed by Salman Abedi, who fortunately found a bank card in the pocket of the shredded corpse of Terrorist “.

      This attack is generally interpreted as evidence that the United Kingdom is not involved in international terrorism and, on the contrary, is a victim of it.

      Salman Abedi was born in the United Kingdom to a family of Libyan immigrants. He has traveled to Libya several times in recent months, with or without his father.

      The latter, with whom he lived, Ramadan Abedi, is a former officer of the Libyan intelligence services. He was specialized in monitoring the Islamist movement, but two decades later did not observe that his son had joined Daesh.

      In 1992 Ramadan Abedi was returned by the British MI6 and participated in a Crown conspiracy to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi. The operation having been stolen, he was exfiltered by the MI6 and transferred to the United Kingdom where he obtained political asylum. He settled in 1999 in Whalley Range (south of Manchester) where the Libyan Islamist community of the United Kingdom resides.

      In 1994 Ramadan Abedi returned to Libya on behalf of MI6. At the end of 1995, he took part in the creation of the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya (GICL), a local al-Qaeda branch, alongside Abdelhakim Belhaj. The GICL was then instructed by the MI6 to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi against 100,000 pounds sterling. This operation, which also failed, provoked lively debates in the services of His Majesty, including the resignation of our friend David Shayler.

      Many former members of the LIFG also lived at Whalley Range, including Abedi’s friend, Abd al-Baset Azzouz. In 2009, he joined Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and became a close friend of his leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri. In 2011, he participated on the ground in the operation of NATO against Libya. On September 11, 2012, he led the operation against the US Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, murdered in Benghazi. He was arrested in Turkey and extradited to the United States in December 2014, where he awaited trial.

      It is not known whether Ramadan Abedi joined the LIFG members in 2005 to train Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and in 2011 he participated in the operation of the MI6 of the “Arab Spring” and the ground support role of the LIFG With NATO. In any case, he settled in Libya at the fall of Gaddafi and transferred his family there, leaving his grandchildren in the family home of Whalley Range.

      According to former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar, Abdelhakim Belhaj participates in the attacks in Madrid on 11 March 2004. Later, he is secretly arrested in Malaysia by the CIA and transferred to Libya where he is tortured not by Libyan officials Or US, but by MI6 agents. He is finally released during the agreement between Saif el-islam Gaddafi and the jihadists. During the Libyan war, Belhaj, who is exiled to Qatar, joins Libya in an airplane of the emir and commands the ground operations in connection with NATO. On 28 July 2011, he organized the assassination of General Abdelfattah Younès, who claimed to have joined the “rebels”, but whom he accused of having commanded the fight against the LIFG in the 1990s. In September 2011, Belhaj was appointed military governor Of Tripoli by NATO. In 2012, assisted by Irishman Mahdi al-Hatari, he created the Free Syrian Army, then returned to Libya. On May 2, 2014, he was received at the Quai d’Orsay. In December 2013, following the discovery in the archives of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya of a letter from the former head of MI6, he initiated proceedings in London against the United Kingdom for having abducted and tortured him for nine years earlier. The British secret services then illegally tip its lawyers and will ultimately be forced to destroy these recordings. According to the Attorney General of Egypt, Hichem Baraket, in May 2015, Belhaj becomes the main leader of Daesh in North Africa; Information taken over by Interpol. Belhaj is installing three training camps from Daesh in Libya to Derna (in the former Abd al-Baset Azzouz property), Sirte and Sebrata. In October 2016, he opened a new procedure in London for his abduction and torture, this time nominally against former MI6 director Sir Mark Allen.

      Daesh claimed responsibility for the Manchester bombing, but without qualifying Salman Abedi as a “martyr”. After the attack, Ramadan Abedi declared his hostility to jihad to journalists who joined him by telephone. He also said his son planned to spend the month of Ramadan with him in Libya and was persuaded of his innocence. “

      • giyane

        Thanks for supplying the Google translation. I left it in French not because I understand it well but as a honey trap for the beleaguered trolls who pretend they are fluent.

        One of the points I missed from the original is that Abdul Hakim Belhadj was tortured by MI6 after his capture, not by Gadafi. That is a powerful statement. MI6 camps out in the Muslim dictatorships like a hippotamus that allows small birds to clean its teeth. Oh perfidious Albion! You always claim that undercover agents did this and that. No, you were running the whole shooting match. Bastards. That’s why Kurdish oil gets pumped directly out of the ground into UK petrol pumps.

        Silly me, and here was I thinking the kids had been booked to listen to Ariane ( Aryan, to me or you ).
        I see now their parents had booked them with a popular CIA/MI6 venue. All profits going towards maintaining our deep investigative journalist database. Irony applies for those of compartmentalised understandings of politics.

      • Stu

        According to former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar, Abdelhakim Belhaj participates in the attacks in Madrid on 11 March 2004

        This isn’t true. Voltairenet is sadly unreliable.

  • Sue cass

    Absolutely Vile reporting ,
    I wouldn’t wrap my fish and chips on your newspaper .. get real journalist, and give people proper unbiased true news items …

  • lennie

    Why do you continue to insult the British public’s intelligence with your srnsationalised slander and malicious lies? The Sun is gutter journalism at its very worst. In terms of having any integrity or being valued as a trusted national tabloid, then Viz comic has more credability. So do us all a favour; instead of trying to hoodwink your readership with a fake news service, just stick to where your strengths are, namely, pictures of topless models and bingo.

  • Tom

    They’re all playing their part though, aren’t they? Whether it’s the maudlin reporting stifling vital journalistic questions; the phone-ins that prompt people to feel scared and insecure; the lockdown in reader comments in the Guardian and other media outlets (again to close down the debate on the official narrative and response); the incitement to racism in the tabloids…
    They’re all desperate for Theresa May to be elected – even if it means twisting the truth, leading the gullible to false conclusions and, ultimately putting other children at risk of being slaughtered,
    We have unfortunately reached the stage as a nation where one good, gentle man like Jeremy Corbyn may not be enough.

    • J

      As pointed out up thread, Labour were reportedly enjoying a whopping 10 percent lead in Wales on Tuesday according to one poll. It’s not as bleak as we’ve been led to believe. Throw away your BBC’s and Suns, and Mails and Guardians. If the truth is out there, you won’t find it through them.

    • Shatnersrug

      I tell you what if they were to win they’d have to move damned fast – especially on Levenson – they have one opportunity

  • Laguerre

    Ha ha. Malcolm Rifkind is criticising US leaks on Manchester at the moment on R4

  • Sharp Ears

    Why Jeremy Corbyn has the best long-term plan for tackling terrorism on British soil
    Corbyn opposed the ill-fated regime changes in Iraq and Libya. He questioned the justifications when it was unpopular to do so. He was right. He warned of the repercussions. He was right

    ‘When addressing Chatham House, Corbyn clarified that questioning interventionism does not make him a “pacifist”, the vague but guffaw-triggering label studiously pinned on him by the mainstream media. Challenging the amnesia that pervades public debates over war, Corbyn provided a historical perspective including WWII, the Cold War, Vietnam, and the post-Cold War promise. Stating that military action, as a last resort and under international law, is sometimes necessary, he aligned with what most members of the public would consider reasonable, and what most countries officially support.’

  • laguerre

    Frankly May and her lot are in such a state of confusion that it’s going to be difficult to recover the idea of strong and stable before election day.

    • Michael McNulty

      I thought the attack would serve the Tories but now I think people uniting across the country is a mood more favourable to Labour. I think it’s a false flag which will backfire on the Tories because of public suspicion and I’d say they’re scared. Troops guarding state institutions which no Muslim false-flag has ever attacked makes me think the elite are taking no risks and will steal this election. If they do our troops may well brutally put down any unrest which will include shootings. Mainland Britain could experience our own Troubles for a few weeks.

      Whatever happens I expect in the days before and after the election many elites will be out of the country. I would put it as “fled”.

  • stephen lee

    Typical Tory untruths, why should anyone be denigrated for wanting peace. Strange how the right think it is fine for Syrians to rebel against their government and would follow the good old us of a blindly into another conflict.

  • giyane

    In exactly the same way that Craig Murray cannot be taken seriously unless he toes the government line that this was a terrorist attack, so the mosques have to toe the government line that they have forgotten Islam and support terrorism. The Queen has to pretend she has blue blood and until she dies that is her role. These are all ridiculous , political postures.

    Craig knows full well that government utilises Gladio terror to control the masses, yawn, and probably wrote essays about that as a student of modern politics. Muslims know that it is absolutely forbidden in Islam to kill, however the sophists of political Islam have a slogan that anyone confederating with the colonial powers should be killed first. By their own daft logic, they should kill themselves, because they are the chief confederates and their policy is confederacy. Cue Craig derrrr!

    As to commenting about the bodily functions of her majesty, or indeed any of the many fabricated dynasties of this corrupt planet , I will desist.

  • Helen Hemu

    You should be made to print a front page, huge font apology to Jeremy Corbyn and pay a massive fine and be prevented from printing until after June 8th.

  • Liz hyatt

    All our major towns and cities should campaign to rid their newsagents of this disgraceful rag. Living in Liverpool I never see it on sale anywhere


    Let’s not forget that our wonderful Prime Minister numbers Murdoch amongst friends that include Trump and Saudi Arabia’s illustrious rulers. WHAT IS SHE DOING AS PRIME MINISTER – I FEEL ABSOLUTELY SICK WHEN I SEE HER CRUEL FACE.

  • Janice Squire

    Without prejudice. I am disgusted that the Sun newspaper uses what is, for the vast majority of us, is a devastating human tragedy for political ends. To vilify Jeremy Corbyn in this way is disgraceful but it fits well with the Sun’s agenda to denegrate through sexualised images the women of this country. Criticised for this by the Special Raporteur to the UN on Violence against Women and Children, Causes and Consequencies, Rashida Manjoo we now have to put up with the denigration of the victims of this tragedy who were mostly women and children. To use such a horrific bombing for political ends and to sell newspapers is an insult to us all but especially to those who died and the families who mourn them. This newspaper needs to be made accountable for this offensive and divisible piece of writing published at a time when all decent people are mourning the loss of innocent victims and showing solidarity with grieving families .

  • Pat Nielsen

    Many journalists, editors and newspaper owners earn (far) more than £80000 so hate a party that is for equality and fairer taxation?

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