Murdoch is Even Viler than We Knew 366

This article was published on the Sun’s website at 2.50am, that is hours after the Manchester bombing.

It was updated at 09.50am, long after the decision to suspend electioneering. I am not going to link to the article, but the comments below it from the public are unanimous.

I pray that the vile people at the Sun have miscalculated, and in future the Sun will be as welcome in Manchester as in Liverpool.

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366 thoughts on “Murdoch is Even Viler than We Knew

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  • Malcolm Duncan

    The only action now is to kill the Scum off once and for all…
    Its inbred in its workers they are the scum of the earth… Deserve nothing less than total wipe out

    • Ball


      I think that approach is what has led us here. He was a Libyan national. Try again.

  • Jacqui butterworth

    35 yrs ago-and why not show photo of the tory MP who was a member of the IRA?

  • Ball

    Theresa May should come out and cancel any and all business dealings the UK has recently signed with Saudi Arabia and its allies in response to this atrocity.

    The chief sponsor of this ideology of death should not be propped up by British workers. No amount of money or jobs justifies the carnage we have just witnessed. I would resign my job tomorrow if I was working in such a place.

    Anyone in such a position needs to take a long, hard look at what they are facilitating with the pathetic justification of ‘putting bread on the table’. You would have to have no conscience, nor morals to do such work?

    Hang your heads in shame; from the Prime Minister to the munitions assembly line worker and everyone in between. Take responsibility for the part that you have played in this.

    Saudi Arabia & co are no friends of the people of the UK. This ‘partnership’ needs to be confronted. No amount of jobs or money is worth it.

  • Dean Burnett

    Shit Rag. There is no shame with scum like these. This rag should be finned and put out of business

  • Node

    That’s confirmed, then. The solution is more mass surveillance.

    More from the Sun :

    MINISTERS are to enforce striking new powers to compel tech giants to hand over encrypted data to terror investigators within weeks. The government will ask Parliament to nod through the new orders – dubbed Technical Capability Notices – as soon as the election is over, The Sun has learned.

    They mean police and MI5 can insist services like WhatsApp and Facebook remove all encryption from suspect messages themselves for the first time.

    In a bitter stand off with the government, social media firms have opposed any action on encryption so far, arguing that it forces them to build back doors into their secure platforms that criminals can abuse.
    One government minister told The Sun: “We will do this as soon as we can after the election, as long as we get back in. The level of threat clearly proves there is no more time to waste now.
    “The social media companies have been laughing in our faces for too long.”

    • D_Majestic

      Some of us have seen this dead-end street since the millenium, Node. Finally found it on Google Maps. And we are there at last.

    • Ishmael

      They really don’t care that these programs make it harder to stop terrorists. Before the blood is dry they use this horrific crimes to attack innocents date.

      It’s like an insane snowball. More power . Attack, “more powers”, AttacK “more powers”. etc etc.

      As they fund Saudi Arabia and blow up the middle east.

      Children’s blood works great for them. No questions.

  • Dr AWesome MD

    Oh do get real Craig, the average Sun reader starts at the sports pages and then checks out page three. It really is turtles all the way down.

  • W Simmonds

    Demonisingthem the enemy does not make peace but gives a clearer target to aim at and ways to create maximum hurt…Corbyn talking for peace with IRA was part of what eventually led to the accord later achieved in which Thatcher also participated. Shame on this article.

  • Steph

    I predict ‘Operation Temperer’ will last until the election.
    “This means that armed police officers responsible for duties such as guarding key sites will be replaced by members of the armed forces, which will allow the police to significantly increase the number of armed officers on patrol in key locations. You might also see military personnel deployed at certain events such as concerts and sports matches, helping the police to keep the public safe.”
    I also predict that further campaigning by Corbyn, who attracts large cowds, wil therefore be conveniently curtailed.
    Am I just cynical?

    • Jo

      Their only option is to shut down the web, using the 14 keys scattered around the world. That’ll cost Capitalism a few quid…

    • Habbabkuk

      Yes, I agree that using military personnel to back up the police is a rather good way of optimizing scarce resources.

      Also, it is indeed very cynical to think that the Manchester bombing – which I trust we all condemn without reservation – will be used ti “curtail” Mr Corbyn’s campaigning. That will not be the case and to think it might be is entirely mistaken. I suggest we return to this subject on 9 June.

  • Sharp Ears

    Total hypocrisy from the Murdoch rag.

    ‘Today we launch a Together With Manchester appeal – to raise money for families of the victims of the Arena bomb.

    News UK, publisher of The Sun, has made a corporate donation of £100,000 to the appeal.

    So far 22 people have died and 59 injured after a suicide nail bombing at Ariana Grande’s gig in Manchester Arena last night.

    One of the dead has been named as eight year old superfan Saffie Rose Roussos.

    The Sun’s appeal will raise money for families of the victims to help them rebuild their lives – and to make a stand against terror.

    All money raised will be handed over to the British Red Cross Society and the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund which will provide funds quickly and immediately to the families of victims of the attack.

    The fund is being run by the Lord Mayor of Manchester’s charity, We Love Manchester and the British Red Cross.

    In the immediate aftermath of the bomb last night – the worst terror attack in the UK since 7/7 – the people of Manchester showed incredible kindness and resilience.

    Locals opened their homes to confused people who fled the Manchester Arena in panic and were left stranded. Taxi drivers offered free lifts. Hundreds of people donated blood. People rushed to assist the injured.

    It showed the true spirit of Manchester.

    This appeal will build on that spirit of unity.’

  • Hieroglyph

    This is perhaps not the thread, nor the time, to ponder the crimes of the IRA. However, when pondering such crimes, we must also ponder the crimes of the US security state, who heavily infiltrated the IRA, and who, let’s face it, write all the political articles in The Sun. Once, politicians trembled at a Sun editorial, but luckily they no longer give a stuff, nor should they. The circulation is way down, and the internet bloggers have long since won.

    I’m not surprised, though perhaps expected a suitable period of silence, a few days perhaps, before the Corbyn\IRA stuff appears. Expect more, with a little more bourgeois polish next time. The Guardian. After every terrorist attack, one thing I know: false flag or not, everything coming from official sources is misinformation. They may well protect mosques, as they should, but they could also ask serious questions about how some chump gets his hands on a nail bomb. Can’t be easy – and it must be traceable. Maybe they don’t like where the trail leads?

  • Jarek Carnelian

    Thank you Royston Knipe @22:36 “So Jeremy did play a key role in getting the Good Friday agreement…” It is vital that true histories are defended against the despicable distortions and corrosive bias of our times.

    “When Labour got elected in 1997 the process had again stalled – and Mo Mowlam (on behalf of the Government) asked Jeremy to act as a “go between”, which he did on many occasions.”

    Which will again be spun as further “proof” of him being chummy with terrorists.

    “The big sticking point was “prisoner release” and Jeremy and my wife went over there on many occasions. Jeremy persuaded Mo to go into the H-Blocks to talk directly to the prisoners reps and that eventually worked.”

    Yet he is declared a political nobody who did nothing useful in the last 30 years. Amazing.

    “Jeremy and his staff spent months taking up the anomalies of the “prisoner release scheme” – we’ve still got all the files from that!”

    Good, because you will soon have demands to provide evidence, after all, you are presenting a version of history that does not sit well with the establishment’s total war agenda. Arms companies are great puppet masters – anyone would think the strings were invisible!

    “So Jeremy did play a key role in getting the Good Friday agreement…”

  • LBD

    I see the rich corporate’s are getting worried about their off shore investments, you better watch out ”Corbyn will soon be after you!!!

  • J

    Let’s lay a few disparate facts side by side.

    A UK general election is called by the sitting government at a time when their party is under investigation on multiple counts of election fraud. Not fusty technicalities but breaches of the very trust that our system of government is fair and democratic. These investigations recognise the clear guilt of the government, which is indeed fined for these very breaches, but which the Crown Prosecution Service is unwilling or unable to prosecute. This at a time when the government stands accused of the structural euthanasia of a growing percentage of it’s own citizens primarily through depriving them of the means to survive and secondarily through depriving them of the access to the laws which might challenge it.

    One fundamental result of the contested and illegal election result which formed that government is that the UK is to exit from the EU.

    In order to ‘leverage’ the opportunities which Brexit represents, the sitting government must restore it’s legitimacy, first through it’s right to govern in the first place, but also through it’s right to ‘negotiate’ the giveaways to American corporate culture which will benefit those currently in power and their families, friends and relatives for generations.

    The perception of illegitimacy must be quashed. The perception of legitimacy must be bolstered. However, the facts remain and become increasingly visible to all but the most intellectually dominated.

    However, opinion polls which are methodologically rigged from the outset to create specific perceptions and assumptions, begin to show one party (the Tories) losing momentum against all the odds in their favour. Despite all the manufactured obstacles toward their opposition. This same party begins a very public and very dramatic self destruction, essentially because the personality it has selected to represent itself to us has become dangerously and visibly unhinged. As she can no longer finesse her lack of experience, humanity and knowledge, she can no longer subdue public knowledge of her record in office.

    At the very moment in which the notional electorate are poised to discover that the law is not their friend but an enabler of government and corporate illegality, a moment when the majority is visibly moving away from the government with an energy and confidence that is irresistible, at this very moment an event occurs which was predicted in advance by many and which bears the hallmarks of many similar events and which allows her government not only to suspend any further election campaigning, but also to entrench it’s position of advantage for so many obvious reasons.

    Foremost among those reasons is that people have a sense of respect and decency not shared by media and politicians as evidenced by recent actions. They will not over step the boundaries of politeness laid down by the very society which is apparently quite content to destroy them, to destroy it’s elderly and it’s children, to destroy it’s most vulnerable members as an unnecessary expense.

    All in pursuit of monetary and political advantage.

    Politeness has it’s limits.

  • giyane

    I think it was first acknowledged openly by the UK government that the UK uses Al Qaida terrorists for its colonial operations in the war in Syria. Previously it was understood but not confirmed. Please correct me if I’m wrong. This was perhaps an admission that although they know everything about us , we also now know everything about them.

    All lying is nasty and the remedy for all lies is to reverse them. Labour pair were not snivelling IRA fanboys as the UK government unleashed slaughter on Britain. At the time there just wasn’t the assumption of guilt about government that exists now from the easy access to counter information. Jeremy Corbyn may have viewed the IRA as a counter narrative to UK colonialism, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. We now know that all 99% of terrorism is state-run.

    Curiously it now appears that the Manchester suicide bombing may have been one of the exceptions. How difficult would it actually be for a Libyan to obtain semtex from the war-torn countries that USUKIS have filled to the brim with every kind of military incendiary?

    I’m fully aware that I place myself in the shoes of Corbyn aka Northern Ireland if I take this position.
    The guns used in the Paris football stadium were traced back to Bulgaria. Saddam’s chemical weapons were traced back to Europe. The explosives used in Manchester have yet to be identified. One day we may know from the internet where it came from.

    The main question I am asking is, given that I believe all terrorism is state terror, what was the effect that the state wanted to achieve by producing this bomb? Firstly anger, because rational thought disappears with anger, secondly revenge such as a justification for planned attacks after the glorious election against Damascus and thirdly diversion.

    They want us to believe that they are they are in control of the vomit created by their adoption of state sponsored terror as a colonial weapon. Yes there are a few angry Muslims out there with connections to state sponsored terrorist organisations, and some of them will breach UK intelligence operations. No harm done.

    What has actually happened is that the leader of the opposition has called out state terrorism. The UK has not conducted a single just war since 1945.He has publicly stated that we know who made this disease of terrorism, the UK government. In Northern Ireland, in Afghanistan, in Yugoslavia, in Libya Somalia Sudan ….
    We know now that there are no rebels against colonialism. The only rebels are working for the colonialists.

    Our government and its MSM slimebag shills like Murdoch don’t particularly like the red laser beam from an automatic weapon shining onto its own retina from Jeremy Corbyn. They would prefer to keep the laser pointing at him.

  • John Palfreyman

    We should not buy the Sun wherever we live. This is vile and SHOULD NOT GO UNPUNISHED

  • Soodi Balali

    the Sun is a disgrace. Shame on its owners and shareholders that in order to advance their agenda, do not even respect the deceased and their families and at this sad and tragic times fabricate lies. Shame on Murdoch, the devil incarnate.

  • defo

    The despicable excuse arrived, and the fools. The fools ! They thought the Army had been deployed just to PROTECT them, rather than scare them, and to adjust the narrative.
    Critical/State of Martial law/Emergency/New normal.
    Will every polling station have a couple of squaddies sharing a latte with the boys in blue ?(suits probs lurking, nervously)
    No flags reqd, if the objectives of the Terrorist, and a State, unhappily coincide.
    And the drift rightwards accelerates awhile.

    Come on England. Vote JC FFS please. You would be demented not to 😉

  • Regina burattin

    This people are against peace and democracy!! They don’t build community, they destroy them with their words … too much power has been given to them!!! They need to be stopped!!!

  • Jackie Thain

    You’re not a newspaper. I’ve read better comics than reading the crap you print on a daily basis. Any one who takes your news seriously is as bad as the editor who allows your rubbish to be printed

  • Sharp Ears

    The news channels and ITV are unwatchable. All the ghouls are reporting live from the scene. Upping the terrrr alert at the same time.

    • Anon1

      I once heard McDonnell brilliantly described as “a nasty piece of work with grandfatherly appeal” .

    • Habbabkuk

      Thanks for sharing that, Jim. The twitter responses from a couple of McDonnell’s fans are indeed very revealing.

  • Angela McEvoy

    Where are your standards of decency,morality,integrity and Journalistic credibility.
    To print such a defamatory article during a general election campaign indicates you are using underhand, dishonest report to ensure a Tory win. Whilst at same time turning U.K. Into a banana republic.

  • nevermind

    Amber Rudd just admitted that the security services knew of the 22 year old bomber just back from Libya, but then diverted saying that there are so many here who have come and that it is hard to keep an eye on them, that she has full confidence in our security services….. and that they are doing a splendid job.

    I suppose that’s why the ex home secretary Mrs. May and her follow up have cut our police and armed forces, 5000 soldiers in the last 2 years have gone home and now the chickens come home to roost.

    This is not a strong and stable Britain, this is a Britain that is desperately trying to cover its past neocon mistakes by hiding the facts, by going on the BBC and trying to make out that they have invested and supported the armed forces, despicable.

    When questioned about the dubious values of the prevent strategy, that it is radicalising impressionable young men and women, she was adamant that it was a useful, well working tool and successful.

    Mudoch’s rags should be boycotted everywhere.

    • Habbabkuk

      I remember you complaining in the past on here about various increases (actual or proposed) in the military, police and secret services.

      And now here you are complaining about cuts to the police and military.

      Time you made your mind up ?

  • Michael Kerins

    We all know Murdoch and the rest of the media have been promoting these lies for the last year, but to try and link it to the deaths of innocent children at a concert is despicable. I don’t know how people can buy this crap after the catalogue of lies that they’ve written down the years.

  • Graham Clarke

    Newspapers are the instrument of sociological dictators who control the population by mis-leading information peddled by their proprietors.

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