Murdoch is Even Viler than We Knew 366

This article was published on the Sun’s website at 2.50am, that is hours after the Manchester bombing.

It was updated at 09.50am, long after the decision to suspend electioneering. I am not going to link to the article, but the comments below it from the public are unanimous.

I pray that the vile people at the Sun have miscalculated, and in future the Sun will be as welcome in Manchester as in Liverpool.

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366 thoughts on “Murdoch is Even Viler than We Knew

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  • Ed

    Words cannot express how utterly sickened I feel, it’s depressing enough today, after the horrific events of last night, but this! Absolutely disgraceful, one thing is clear, there needs to be much tighter regulation and appropriate response from the press regulatory authorities, they just keep getting away with it, Major heavy fines should be imposed. Major.

  • Chris hazlehurst

    As per usual The Sun at the forefront of honesty in the press, Never had much time for this so called “News” paper but i sure hope Manchester boycott this rag as Liverpool have done.

  • Jarek Carnelian

    Beyond disgusting. Words fail. Thank you Craig for alerting me and many others who would not normally pay any attention to that vile propaganda sheet. I was raised in Manchester and love the place and the people.
    I will also be making a formal complaint.

  • C Roberts

    For all the Shit of Blair , of warmongering as USA dog on a leash , the Ireland problem perhaps will be his legacy.

    We have seen the most peaceful time in Ireland , and England’s streets as a result since pre troubles. I never Included Scotland as we have its scourge too , in homes , clubs , football stadia , and to date only one side of which has enacted terrorist action on its biggest city Glasgow – which as it turned out was more of a protection racket than any form or semblance to organised psuedo military dissent.

    Lets not forget here that much of that itself was like isil today , formed and thriving on a religious based hate , charged through Empire and colony mindset , both as a result of it – and a desire to be it.

    In Scotland though we have a Tory mindset of Scots politicians wanting to court part of that SCOIRISH sectarianism , that ironically is being shunned each generation at the source , for votes based on hate – in other words empowering that voice , which is enabling its rise , its power. For that reason alone , never mind the dementia tax , of oil theft , or the continued subservience of Scotland under its hammers , on the anvil of union , the Unionist parties should be shunned wholesale…. and remembered for very long time , not sung about , marched for in regalia – but remembered.

  • Joan Coverley

    I cannot understand why anyone would willingly give money to Rupert Murdoch in any of his guises. I try my best to make sure that he gets not one brass farthing from me. It’s not possible to know everything about his financial interests. But as a starter for avoiding tactics:

    Oh, and I responded to the Culture Secretary’s consultation saying that I didn’t believe that he or his family are fit and proper people to be allowed the power that comes with full ownership of Sky.

    Is it worth complaining to IPSO?

  • Mark ward

    I never bought the sun because of Hillsborough now I hope the people of Manchester do the same…vile bastards

  • Habbabkuk

    I heard Corbyn on BBC World earlier on. He talked about “not letting this divide us”. Didn’t hear him condemn the bombing, though.

    The cowardly sleazebag deserves everything the Sun throws at him.

    And the voters will have noticed the sleazebag’s not-so-strange silence.

    • Republicofscotland

      “Didn’t hear him condemn the bombing, though.”



      On the bombing, do you think the backers or planners, handlers, will be traced back to say Syria? Specifically the pro-Assad regime?

      Just a thought.

      • Habbabkuk

        No, no thunderous – just a quiet little condemnation to accompany all the soft soap about “this must not divide us”.

    • Anon1

      I can’t see anything factually incorrect in the Sun article. All I see here is a lot of bedwetting over the truth about Corbyn and McDonnell’s support for the IRA being exposed.

      • Anon1

        Of course, Messrs Corbyn & McDonnell are free to take action if anything untrue has been said about them. The terrorist supporting filth.

        • Republicofscotland

          “The terrorist supporting filth.”

          Are you referring to the rebel fighters in Syria, or Israel’s great ally Saudi Arabia?

        • Mila

          Hey Anon… I do hope you were just a vitriolic about the fact that a prominent conservative MP was a member of the provisional IRA? Just asking… I for one am all for diffusing situations rather than ramping up hostility and violence… increase the peace.

          • SteveMol

            She’s a Conservative Councillor, not a MP. But the point’s still relevant. The Sun article was, I suspect, the first part of a two-part plan to finally destroy any notion of electing a socialist prime minister. The second part of the plan was carried out by the BBC, Sky and all the rest of the compliant media by the constant repetition of the point in Theresa May’s statement which conflated the 2017 and 1996 Manchester bombings. In the minds of the electorate, part two verifies part one.

    • Ishmael

      Ive rarely heard you condemn acts of obvious injustice I can recall. Even those with which you are closely connected and probably should.

      For most people we assume this a given especially when it happens on ones own doorstep.

      I would have thought given your “bomb dropping” on people you give no good reason to suspect of having a nefarious underline character, you would see the kinship you share with this disturbed character.

      Though you are correct of course, killing children has to be one of the most sickening acts one can think of. No matter who does it or why.

      • Ishmael

        And dam, I mistook your comment. Even though I took it in the first time correctly something inside me reverted to seeing it as against the sleazbag bomber. Naturally.

        But no. It was against JC so I correct myself, iv NEVER heard you condemn any acts of injustice.

        You portray yourself perfecting in the picture you paint of others.

    • Mark

      If you listened properly, you’ll have heard him call what happened an ‘appalling, atrocious act of violence’ You don’t like the guy or his politics, fine. But don’t try and twist his comment into something it isn’t (leave that to The S*n eh?) because in doing so, you’re making out you’re less intelligent than I presume you are.

    • Mark

      No that’s the Jeremy Corbyn they want to attack when they hear something about Trident. That’s the snivelling peacenik Corbyn who hasn’t got the balls to do the job. This is the bloodthirsty terrorist ally Jeremy Corbyn who should be mentioned whenever something like this happens because whilst its respectable and the right thing to halt electioneering, they can still score political points in the gutter. Like any good Right Winger, this lot fit the news to fit their attack and change with the tide.

  • michael ryder

    The Sun is the most despicable newspaper in the country, that is some statement considering we have the Daily Mail as well, you haven’t mentioned the ex IRA member that serves as a Tory councillor, or the fact that Thatcher had talks with the IRA.

    • Jim

      The Tory councillor thing has been referenced. Thatcher ‘talking to the IRA’ having been nearly blown up by them in Brighton and mortared in Downing St. might play a little differently with the British electorate than Jeremy’s wholly unconvincing history as a peacemaker with the bomb-boys.

  • Bobby

    I am never surprised at the vitriolic falsehoods that the Murdoch publications throw up, what does surprise me is why anyone would subscribe to it given their proven catalogue of published untruths.

  • John Murphy


  • Steve Turner

    No wonder no-one in Liverpool will buy the work of this vile shit. The whole business should be barred from this country on the basis of ‘not fit and proper’. The IRA did a lot less harm than Murdoch and his criminals.

  • Blegburnduddoo

    Herewith a partial text I sent to a friend at 23.43 last night.

    “I hope the explosion in Manchester was not an IRA bomb or the Tories will blame it on Jeremy.”

    It wasn’t but they still did.

  • Richard Freeman

    Even by the vile, sub-human , tory arse licking standards of Murdoch this is a new and filthy low. This right wing turd and his tory mates need to be thrown into the trash can of history.

  • D_Majestic

    It’s them pesky Russians, Habbabkuk. Must be, innit? Now your style reminds me of someone from way back, since you brought the matter up….

  • Mark mcleod

    Have u learned nothing from hillsborough? Gutter press, gutter journalists. No compassion, no sympathy. No real fact or truth just shock headlines. #dontbuythesun #jft96

  • Sharp Ears

    O tempora, o mores! Res publica Romana in magnum periculum est.

    So we now have Operation Tempora. Armed troops under the control of the police and a Very Severe security level.

    What? No tanks at Heathrow?

  • Patricia Allen

    It was a disgusting article, obviously aimed at turning people away from voting for Corbyn. A disgusting rag

  • Tom

    You can sense the panic from Rupert Murdoch’s CIA bosses as their useless stooge May scores one own goal after another.
    They are the real threat to the country’s security – which is why they’re so obsessed with ancient history about Corbyn.

  • Royston Knipe

    this response was written to a piece claiming Corbyn had no role in the Good Friday Peace Agreement (I can supply source if required) – please read and copy so you have a ‘primary source ‘ to contradict the slurs which will only increase over the next few days ….. ‘ I saw first hand how the Peace Process actually progressed. My wife worked for JC for 17 years and accompanied him over to Ireland (North & South) on many occasions. Unfortunately Anthony is in Breach of most of the facts. It actually wasn’t Blair getting into office that broke the log jam but a statement by a Tory Minister, Brooke, that said “Britain now has no selfish interests in Ireland and is willing to talk peace” that started it off. Parallel with that John Hume and Gerry Adams had both, under a lot of criticism, started talks about what a ceasefire and negotiations could look like. Silly not to recognise that it was a Tory regime that started it. When Labour got elected in 1997 the process had again stalled – and Mo Mowlam ( on behalf of the Government ) asked Jeremy to act as a “go between”, which he did on many occasions. The big sticking point was “prisoner release” and Jeremy and my wife went over there on many occasions. Jeremy persuaded Mo to go into the H-Blocks to talk directly to the prisoners reps and that eventually worked. Jeremy and his staff spent months taking up the anomalies of the “prisoner release scheme” – we’ve still got all the files from that! – without which Sinn Fein & the IRA could not have agreed any process. So Jeremy did play a key role in getting the Good Friday agreement…’

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