Misconduct in Public Office 2

Damian Green was arrested and bailed by the Police for “Misconduct in public office”.

The most egregious example of “Misconduct in public office” in recent years was the preparation of the “Dirty Dossier” on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. This compilation of lies was used to launch a disastrous war of aggression that cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

Let us test the alleged automaticity of police investigation, which Jacqui Smith claims had no political direction. Go to


and report the promulgation of the “Dirty Dossier” as a crime of misconduct in public office. Name Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Alistair Campbell, John Scarlett, John Kerr, Peter Ricketts, Richard Stagg and John Williams as the offenders (take my word for it as someone who was in the FCO’s Senior Management Structure of the time, they are the main offenders).

I expect the Met’s response will show the extent to which they are the jackbooted and armed wing of NuLabour, rather than a body interested in actual misconduct in public office.

You have to leave your name and address, but if you have been browsing this website from home or work you are pretty certainly on a list already.

I have sent my report in. Apparently I should hear from a police officer within 72 hours. Perhaps the Nulab anti-terror squad may move even faster!

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2 thoughts on “Misconduct in Public Office

  • Carol Woods

    I have a letter from Jocelyn Griffith of the City of London Magistrates court which says in so many words that I have made up the law Misconduct in Public Office. I need to be in Southwark Mags with that letter for the black officer charged with such. He will be furious to know that he is being charged on a law that I personally made up.

    Actually Griffith was bribed to send that letter to me (sept 07) so that offenders in Lancashire police and county council could escape private prosecution. Mike Todd was murdered after that because he found out what my case would reveal if examined in a court. What price did Griffith put on his head?

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