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(oh dear…)

J – “why I should give one fig what your understanding of rationality or facts are…”

Pink Floyd – Pigs On The Wing (Part 1) – YouTube, 1 minute 26 seconds.

J – “…that is anyone’s guess.”

Just ask; I do try to be honest, accurate and consistent.

And yes, I have found, in my own personal experience, that there’s a strong correlation between conspiracy theory and anti-Semitism. I was even asked, face to face, if I was Jewish, because I argued against holographic aircraft and the Twin Tower demolition hypothesis, In my experience, the perpetually undefined “Them” of conspiracy theorists often resolves to “Jews” – far more often than I’d expect by random chance.

Ginger Ninja, you need to think more. Yes, there is considerable circumstantial evidence that Building 7 may have been hurriedly brought down as a fire break with the knowledge and even involvement of the New York Fire Department, and that this emergency demolition was covered up. And that tells you what, exactly?

And no, the “official story”, as conspiracy theorists put it, is a set of gross distortions and conspicuous omissions – and 60% based on false confessions extracted under torture*. But it isn’t conspiracy theory; it doesn’t posit that everything is arranged by some virtually superhuman conspiracy that can control all evidence.

* I find it interesting that conspiracy theorists never mention the false confessions extracted under torture. It’s one of the reasons I reject conspiracy theory as worse than useless; indeed, convenient to the establishment.