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Ginger Ninja, Nov 3, 19:18 – “The virus is real. But it’s no where near as dangerous as they’re making out.”

It’s a real shame you’re thinking like such a propaganda victim; this is exactly the line the corporate media have been giving credence to all along.

Plus you’ve failed to understand the problem, apparently due to thinking individualistically and not socially, which again is exactly the mindset indoctrinated by corporate propaganda.

And who is this “them” exactly? If I count up the deaths and infections aboard the cruise ship Diamond Princess, divide one by the other and come up with 1.8% infection fatality rate, do I become one of “them”? What about the research teams in Spain and New York, who came up with 0.5 to 1.0% infection fatality rate? Are these members of “them” too?

Ginger Ninja, I couldn’t live in a mind as disorganised as the thinking you’re displaying here. I’d have to tidy up a bit just to stay marginally sane. I really can’t just throw the cutlery and crockery into the vacuum cleaner cupboard and simply call it the “them” cupboard to avoid contradictions. It just doesn’t work for me.