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by craig on July 21, 2014 3:44 pm in Uncategorized

After leaving the British diplomatic service because of my commitment to Human Rights, and horror at their abuse by the US and UK in the “War on Terror”, I applied for a job at Human Rights Watch. I travelled to New York for a job interview, which was chaired by Kenneth Roth. Rather to my surprise, it revolved almost entirely around Israel, and whether I would agree with the proposition that Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israelis were a major threat to human rights, which HRW should work against.

I replied that any criminal attack on a person was in effect an intrusion on their human rights. That in my view “terrorism” consisted of activities which had always been illegal, such as murder or conspiracy to murder, and that the “anti-terrorism” industry was already massive without Human Rights Watch joining in. I felt that HRW could best operate by continuing to expose abuse of power by authorities.

I didn’t get the job.

Anyway, HRW have now produced a useful paper cataloguing the fact that all recent “terrorist plots” in the United States have been agent provocateur operations initiated by the massive anti-terror industry to keep itself in business. Some convicted terrorists were even ideologically opposed to terrorism before being brainwashed into it by FBI agents.

This is all important and true, but the problem is that most of us have known this for years. HRW also steer clear of some of the glaring inconsistencies in the Tsarnaev narrative.

A completely different subject, but another example of the mainstream catching up with this blog eventually, Scotland on Sunday
has noticed the fact that Jean-Claude Juncker supports Scotland’s membership of the EU. The interesting thing is that the journalist, Andrew Whitaker, has apparently spoken to the same source that I spoke to two weeks ago, and got almost precisely the same answers.

“However, a high-ranking EU official last night stated Junker “would not want Scotland to be kept out”. The source said: “He’d be sympathetic as someone who is from a smaller country…

Scotland would be “exempt” from the process as it is already a signatory to core requirements for nation states in areas as such employment rights and equality legislation because of its 40-year membership of the EU as part of the UK.”

The fact is that the source I spoke to (apologies convention is they can’t be named) was absolutely the obvious place to go. Plainly James Cook of the BBC and now Andrew Whitaker eventually got there, but only after the entire media in Scotland had run with the opposite and entirely untrue story. But it was not at all difficult to discover the truth. It took me twenty minutes, ten days before any journalist even thought of it. Now we finally have some belated journalism happening by people who, unlike me, are actually paid to do it.

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  1. YouKnowMyName

    21 Jul, 2014 - 4:02 pm

    1962 Project Northwoods was an early (the first?) US Military Industrial Complex attempt at gaining more business, using ‘anti-terror’ methods. Obviously the MIC haven’t bothered manipulating anyone/anywhere/anything in the last 40 years!?

    HRW is presumably a ‘controlled organisation,’ A friend of mine met a hacker from an ‘anarchic european dissident hacking organisation’, it was obvious after a few minutes chat that they were just a front for intel activities

    Good, refreshing indeed, news that you found some journos actually (eventually) earning their crust

  2. HRW say of their report:

    “Illusion of Justice: Human Rights Abuses in US Terrorism Prosecutions,” examines 27 federal terrorism cases from initiation of the investigations to sentencing and post-conviction conditions of confinement.

    Seeing as the Tsarnaev trial has yet to commence, it doesn’t fit what they were covering. So it’s more a case that the report presents an interesting backdrop to the trial, which is supposed to start later this year.

  3. Recollecting the last post of yours, and taking account of the current, clearly the imperatives of selection criteria for HRW are;

    1- Is the applicant sympathetic to the zionist cause?
    2- Does the applicant exhibit thinking within the prescribed parameters, and does not exhibit thinking errors, by engaging with the proscribed imperatives?

    If the above are both affirmative then comes the final clincher, is the applicant one of us or is he a loose cannon?

    Clearly you are a loose cannon because you really believe in upholding Human rights, and you went so far as giving up a cushy number, along with the relevant pension. Also you are not a zionist sympathiser, and have not been showing undue attention to certain prepubescent male age group (as the chap who was debriefing you points out). All in all a thoroughly chronic pain in the neck who actually would have been advocating Human Rights and not playing the game of human rights politics!

    Good for you for not getting the job, this itself adds to your kudos. Although sadly Human Rights have lost a good advocate.

  4. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    21 Jul, 2014 - 4:25 pm

    There is always a problem when non-specialists attempt to discuss or understand complicated processes and there is always a tendency to try and be clear(er) by using simplified, non-specialist language when explaining such processes to the general public.

    People on both side of any argument will of course do this.

    The fact is that an independent Scotland will not be “exempt” from the accession process as such; relevant Treaty provisions will apply. Scotland will have to apply for membership, the Commission will have to issue an Opinion, the EP woll have to be consulted, etc.

    Most of the lengthy accession process is taken up by establishing to what extent an applicant country country meets the acquis communautaire (this is the verification process) and then monitoring that country’s progress towards that goal. The negotiation part of the process consists essentially in the applicant country attempting to obtain (temporary) derogations from the acquis communautaire by way of special arrangements, and the negotiation of certain financial questions (eg, that country’s future contributions to the EDF).

    On the case of Scotland, the verification process is nugatory as Scotland already applies the acquis communautair (by definition, as part of the UK), and there will be relatively few matters needing negotiation; preparatory work before effective independence would ensure that this stage would be short also. And finally, the various formal stages of application would certainly also be telescoped.

    In summary, therefore, although the process could/would be rapid, it is incorrect to say that Scotland would be “exempt” from it.

  5. Ed

    Fair point

  6. The use of state sponsored assassination, state propaganda, sysops, invasion of privacy, politicization of the justice system and National Security get out of jail free card are all human rights abuses.

    There are all something with which Amerika and the UK are head and shoulders above the wannabees…..

  7. @Passerby – HRW gets heavy criticism from neoconservatives in the US for being biased against Israel, and not critical enough of Iran. (at the same time as being attacked for not being as critical of Israel as it should be)

    To my eyes, HRW does a lot of good work, it is extremely cautious and methodical with its research, and it is definitely foolish to be dismissive of the conclusions they draw and the positions they advocate.

  8. Thanks Craig, and to be clear, I agree with you that some of the Tsarnaev background – the (unfettered?) travelling to and from Dagestan especially – is pretty strange.

  9. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    21 Jul, 2014 - 4:47 pm

    “With respect to individual responsibility, serious violations of international humanitarian law committed with criminal intent are war crimes. War crimes include the “extensive destruction and appropriation of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly,” which are grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention.[289]

    Criminal intent has been defined as violations committed intentionally or recklessly.[290] Individuals may also be held criminally liable for attempting to commit a war crime, as well as assisting in, facilitating, aiding, or abetting a war crime. Responsibility may also fall on persons planning or instigating the commission of a war crime.[291] Commanders and civilian leaders may be prosecuted for war crimes as a matter of command responsibility when they knew or should have known about the commission of war crimes and took insufficient measures to prevent them or punish those responsible.[292]”

    It’s a 14 page report on Cast Lead and it seems they do criticize Israeli actions in that case. The ICC apparently feels the same way, but have yet to take action. These things take time, those who claim to know are saying. I’m saying; what’s the hold up?

  10. You are well shot Craig. Roth is a shill for the NWO.

  11. “Roth is a shill for the NWO.”

    Being a strong supporter of the EU, globalization and unlimited immigration, I doubt Craig objects.

  12. CharlieAngel

    21 Jul, 2014 - 6:35 pm

    “Roth is a shill for the NWO.”

    You’re David Icke and I claim my £10!!

  13. Human rights you say; post the drip and drp and any number of acronyms denoting the snooping, that is now a main stay of population control in the West. Gradually the benefits of the twenty four hour snooping are coming to light.

    will receive only warnings

    Households in the UK that persistently pirate music and movies online will receive letters warning them that their actions are illegal from next year.

    The warnings are part of a new scheme brokered between internet service providers (ISPs) and the industry bodies representing content copyright holders to educate the public about online piracy.

    Now that every transaction of every individual is going to be stored by the ISP there is enough uses for it to be found, all in the way of finding the terrorists, mind. Although those who are pirating (downloading stuff because the TV is so crap, or are trying out the songs before they buy them) without a doubt are terrorising those poor poor poor copyright holders! Hence they should be investigated too.

    How far down the fascist shitter are we going to descend? When will we be barcoded and handed over to one corporate or another as their belongings?

    Whilst Gaza burns, the government are quiet, and the Cobra meeting is convened to put sanctions on Russia. Prokyshenco the Ukie Mr. perezident goes on the telly speaking in English tells us about those nasty babas in Russia, all the while his goons are raining shells and bombs on the Donetsk and its one million inhabitants.

    Never mind we are all snooped on, because if you have nothing to hide then there is no need to worry, don’t pay any attention to the car number plates on the news that are obscured so that the billy nobdies don’t guess who is in the car driving passed them.

    It will be for the health of the industry;

    Business secretary Vince Cable announced the scheme, saying: “It’s a difficult industry to pin down and it’s also difficult to protect. But unless you protect it then it’s an industry that cannot function.”

    Fact that the same industry is so out of touch (propaganda can go so much with people not getting turned off) that people don’t watch the movies or listen to the crap music any more. Has the business secretary been listening to some of the brilliant free music on the internet? To see the quality of the stuff that the greedy robber barons have to be competing with?

    Who cares about the crap moives? Take a look at the content production among the you tube producers Mr. business secretary, and stop snooping on us all, we know where it will all end; None of us posting anything remotely critical of your scum bag zionist masters!

    As the old Burney’s formula goes, set up an arms length organisation and then pretend as if the independent views are getting catered for. Who are the HRW? Who is funding them? Who set it up?

  14. Criticism of fund-raising policies

    HRW has been criticized for cooperating with the Saudi government by holding fundraisers in that country, and for not releasing the names of its Saudi donors.

    On September 7, 2010, it was announced that George Soros planned to donate 100 million US dollars to Human Rights Watch. Soros’s donation was criticized by Gerald Steinberg, the founder of the pro-Israel research organization NGO Monitor. Wikipedia


    ‘Because the Iraq war was not mainly about saving the Iraqi people from mass slaughter, and because no such slaughter was then ongoing or imminent, Human Rights Watch at the time took no position for or against the war. A humanitarian rationale was occasionally offered for the war, but it was so plainly subsidiary to other reasons that we felt no need to address it.’

    Typical. Mustn’t upset the warmongers.

  15. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    21 Jul, 2014 - 7:01 pm

    In Defence of Kenneth Roth:

    “I travelled to New York for a job interview, which was chaired by Kenneth Roth. Rather to my surprise, it revolved almost entirely around Israel, and whether I would agree with the proposition that Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israelis were a major threat to human rights, which HRW should work against.”


    Well, Craig, if I got blown up on an Israeli bus inside Israel by a Palestinian suicide bomber (or shot by a Palestinian while on an Israeli bus) I might also be minded to feel that I’d undergone a major threat to MY human rights.

    I’m sure you’d agree with that.

    Moreover : might the line of questioning not have been designed to ensure that HRW did not take on board one of those sad obsessives for whom the Israelis can do no right and the Palestinians no wrong? You know, like a few of the commenters on here.

  16. Scum bag zionist thug sniper killing wounded civilian

    All the while the assigned keyboard obfuscation units, secure in their nests are pedantically exploring the hypothetical scenarios in the good old fashioned allegorical stories. As their supported thugs in uniform are busy bouncing rubble in Gaza and killing the refugees in that concentration camp.

  17. Habbabkuk,

    Of course you should have human rights in the example you gave.

    But i think youre missing the point in Craig’s post.

    Human rights should be universal and Craig’s point was that the bulk of his interview seemed Israel-centric,which could give rise to suspicions of a partisan interview and appointment process.

  18. An indictment of Hague contrary to the opinion of the sycophants in the FT and Guardian and in UNICEF.

    ‘A Fantastic Foreign Secretary’? William Hague Leaves Office
    by Ian Sinclair
    Huffington Post
    21 July 2014

    His involvements in Libya, Syria and Afghanistan feature.

    ‘They also failed to mention Hague’s role in standing with Bahrain’s rulers in opposition to democracy and human rights, and how Hague continued the long-standing British policy of supporting the other Gulf autocracies of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE, overseeing billions of dollars of arms sales to these undemocratic governments.

    They also failed to mention that while Hague has been foreign secretary Britain has armed Israel and provided cast-iron support to Israel as it attacks the “prison camp” of Gaza.’

  19. HRW, a corporate body. Chaired by bankers. Does not object to poverty. Does object to Socialist governments who restrict the freedoms of international capital.

    See the problem?

  20. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    21 Jul, 2014 - 8:10 pm


    “But i think youre missing the point in Craig’s post.”

    No, I don’t think I’m missing the point Craig is hinting at (not making) at all.

    He is hinting – through his description of his interview – that HRW is in the pocket of the Zionists and therefore only want pro-Israel/Zionist-friendly employees.

    I happen to find his “evidence” inconclusive and suggested an alternative explanation.

  21. I think I was suggesting that, if you look at the denials of human rights all across the globe, the notion that Palestinian terrorism is the most important thing to concentrate on indicates a pretty weird world view.

  22. Ababcus
    a nice article by Gilad Atzmon, The End of Israel (La vita è bella), which you would hate to miss, can be found at

  23. I don’t know what is going on. Has World War III started yet?

    We’ve just got back from a completely Brilliant Festival – in one of the most Beautiful Places we have ever been – and an extremely large percentage of the Very Best Musicians who were on – were Welsh… Now personally, I have never had a problem with The Welsh…but their reputation is nearly as nice as The Scots….

    So who did it?

    I don’t know…like I said…I have just got home…No news ALL Blues.

    I reckon The PSYCHOPATHS did it.

    I don’t like them – cos they are not only not very nice…they are also completely STUPID…

    Sorry if you can’t piece the Jigsaw together…If that is your problem..maybe you should read some books…

    History books from Both Sides of The Story…

    You could start with 9/11

    So is it true? I don’t know…how could I…I not only was not there – I have not seen the video evidence – described to me….

    I can usually tell when they are faking it…when they are lying to me…

    This is what I read – from memory…RT has done a brilliant job. They have got their reporters out on the scene…and they recorded evidence (that’s video and sound) of actual witnesses in the villages and fields in The Ukraine…

    And they said in Russian…

    The bodies were already dead – and stunk – Really stunk…they had been dead for days….

    Now I am just trying to enjoy the Music…and I read this…

    Did it actually appear on RT?

    Or is this just some daft conspiracy theory..I don’t know yet. I haven’t seen the evidence. Yes it was stormy here too…Fence Blown Down.

    I reckon someone did it…and they are not very nice.

    The Welsh were Superb.

    We were in England (just)…

    These borders – I blame the like of Craig Murray for That.


  24. Karel,

    You are having me on…

    Did Gilad Atzmon Write THAT?

    I trust him.

    His is just a Musician, a Passionate Human Being and a Brilliant Writer.


  25. Habbabkuk,

    Going by a rough timeline id guess Craig’s interview wouldve been circa mid-2000’s.

    Dont you think it strange that the majority of his interview didnt focus on,say,Iraq,Guantanamo,Abu Ghraib,extraordinary rendition,torture etc?

  26. Tony
    I have no reason to believe that he did not write it. Do you doubt it?

  27. Resident Dissident

    21 Jul, 2014 - 9:20 pm

    “Dont you think it strange that the majority of his interview didnt focus on,say,Iraq,Guantanamo,Abu Ghraib,extraordinary rendition,torture etc?”

    Given that Craig’s position on those matters would have been pretty well known what would have been the point. I suspect that HRW are looking for people who are prepared to defend human rights whoever is the abuser – so I would see it as perfectly logical that they would ask potential employees about their stance on human rights regimes to whom they might be sympathetic.

  28. Res Dis,

    That doesnt seem logical to me.

    Surely if HRW had known about Craig theydve known he’s a universalist when it comes to human rights.

    You could almost argue if they knew of Craig’s position they might not have required an interview at all as his credentials were already well known.

  29. Karel,

    No I thought it and posted it on The Telegraph…just as it kicked off..but we’ve been away…no I am not going to spend my long weekend away camping with my wife at a music festival..Reading The News…but I got a bit…

    What exactly do you do…after a completely Brilliant Day?

    We didn’t know anyone there…when we first arrived – we know everyone now…well we made loads of new friends…

    It kicked in about midnight…it just started raining….

    Then we had the most TERRIFIC Electric Thunderstorm…and we were in our new tent..We knew it was forecast..We Had Prepared…But The Tent Had Not Yet Been Tested….

    I didn’t really want another of those magic moments when I woke up at 3:00 am and I look above at our Cheap Pretty Plastic Wigwam…and the tent was shaking so Violently – I thought there was No way – the tent is going to survive this…I put my hand down to just try and work out where the hell we were…Several inches of Water…and I said to my Wife…don’t worry love..we are on a Blow Up Bed…It Will Float.

    So we went with a better Tent This Time and Made Love.

    Well in the morning….eventually…

    Its Great on a Blow Up Bed.

    It stopped after about 15 hours…

    The next day one of the organisers turned up…and said…You do Realise You are Camping on a River Plain….

    Yes…but it hasn’t rained much for weeks….

    Despite 15 hours of continuous rain..does it look Muddy to You….

    Do you want to Cancel Our Festival???

    The Scorched Earth just wanted the rain…and sucked it up like a sponge…

    So he said (after a lot of political nonsense – with the hierarchy) no its O.K. you can carry on.

    They cancelled the equivalent in London…

    Soft Southern Softies


  30. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    21 Jul, 2014 - 10:04 pm

    ““Dont you think it strange that the majority of his interview didnt focus on,say,Iraq,Guantanamo,Abu Ghraib,extraordinary rendition,torture etc?”

    Given that Craig’s position on those matters would have been pretty well known what would have been the point. I suspect that HRW are looking for people who are prepared to defend human rights whoever is the abuser – so I would see it as perfectly logical that they would ask potential employees about their stance on human rights regimes to whom they might be sympathetic.”

    Exactly. That was what I was getting at in the last para of my comment at 19h01, but you expressed it better than I did.

    Thank you, Resident Dissident.

  31. I suspect that HRW are looking for people who are prepared to defend human rights whoever is the abuser – so I would see it as perfectly logical that they would ask potential employees about their stance on human rights regimes to whom they might be sympathetic.


    blah …..blah….. soft soap…. blah..people who are prepared to defend human rights zionistan’s…….enemy* of the moment ………. perfectly logical …… how far does the applicant genuflects

    Simply put the concept is:

    Without a constant vigilance and supervision/testing/checking of probity of the narrators and observing that officialdom toe the line and stay on message. There exists the danger that the whole edifice is liable to crash down, best keep on juggling and sifting, which lickspittle is given the right jobs.

    * zionists have many enemies, in fact everyone is “antisemi……” but they don’t know it; Michael Jackson was signing “anti-semi…” songs , then there is the douglas murray who goes on record;

    London’s pro-Palestine rally was a disgusting anti-Semitic spectacle

    Thousands of anti-Semites have today succeeded in bringing central London to an almost total standstill.

    Or as it is put so succinctly by this “writer”;
    Everyone in the World Hates the Jews

    We hear Israelis (but no one else) being compared to Nazis; we are told that Jewish nationalism is oppressive and archaic; that Israel is a uniquely racist country; that Israel’s terrible misdeeds explain why people hate Jews.

  32. Resident Dissident

    21 Jul, 2014 - 10:29 pm

    Fedup – I never expected you to appreciate that there can be more than one side to an argument or to understand that ends cannot be used to justify means – unless you have anything sensible or original to contribute might I suggest you stop your ever so predictable drivel.

  33. Resident Dissident

    21 Jul, 2014 - 10:40 pm


    It is a common technique in management interviews to get people talking about how they would support an organisations objectives in less than obvious situations – the candidate will have already rehearsed the answer for the obvious.

  34. unless you have anything sensible or original to contribute might I suggest you stop your ever so predictable drivel.

    The unpredictable zionist scum supporter, whose tunnel vision is so obtuse, that is is a miracle it can see the keyboard to type, yet in a leap of (as yet unknown sciences) takes a flight of fancy and verily believes can examine any subject without first weighing it up; will it be good for the “tribe”? Hence the almost unpredictable suggestion, well slap my thigh, well I never, now I must go and self harm I suppose after that!!

    Does your tunnel vision stop you from seeing the laughing stock that you have become?

    one side to an argument or to understand that ends cannot be used to justify means

  35. Do I sense an HRW goblin at this huddle who understands the word ‘exemption’ is too close to the meaning of absolution??

  36. Softship post

    21 Jul, 2014 - 11:06 pm

    Roth is the CIA Station Chief in Happyclappykumbayatown

  37. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    21 Jul, 2014 - 11:24 pm

    This page, just prior to the current reprisals, shows that HRW is aware of and unequivocally condemns, the shooting of unarmed civilians by Israel, among a list of other documented actual offences against actual law. Before deciding that HRW is a tool of Zion, it might be as well to realise that it requires hard and credible evidence of a crime in order to pursue the matter, also that partiality in favour of the Palestinians, terrible as their condition is, must be seen as being as counterproductive to the overall aim – policing human rights worldwide – as partiality in favour of the extremely well-armed and comfortable Israelis.

    I cannot validly comment on Craig’s interview, but I have myself been turned down flat for jobs for which the candidate had already been selected. Asking questions inviting the wrong answer is a standard technique, as any academic easing a promising student into a nice little earner will confirm. If sufficiently pissed. And if Craig’s opinion of Israel’s response to The Rockets was already known…who did get the job, Craig? And were they markedly pro-Zion? My guess is that they weren’t, and that they just, er, had connections.

    So it goes, unfortunately.

  38. Even for an evil paid Zionist shill such as myself I have to say the bias on Sky News this evening was pretty appalling. “A further five Israelis have died today” it reported. A further? Not a mention of the far higher numbers of Palestinians killed – almost 5 minutes of reporting and you got the idea the entire state of Israel was about to be destroyed by Hamas. Can’t abide that.

  39. Some clever interviewing if you ask me. You have to weed out the single issue obsessives from the genuine human rights campaigners.

  40. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    21 Jul, 2014 - 11:41 pm

    (which is not to say HRW isn’t contentious:

    for one side, and the distinctly Zionophile UN Watch on the other. )

  41. Was that a balancing act Ba’al? I am sure you ticked the
    Softship Post Link @ 21 Jul, 2014 – 11:06 pm…

    In my book the corpus of facts is the ‘..hard and credible evidence of a crime…’

  42. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    22 Jul, 2014 - 12:10 am

    Mark, right, but…something like HRW bases its work on law. And that means lawyers. I’m saying that its operatives (leaving aside the vexed questions of who funds it and where its management is sourced) have to be pretty rigorous as to facts – people like us are permitted the luxury of a view coloured by natural justice; they have to make the issue stand against every weasel tactic a corrupt and vicious regime can find to exonerate itself. I’m saying it’s not easy. And I’d add that international organisations promoting human rights are not so thick on the ground that an admittedly imperfect one should be damned completely.

  43. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    22 Jul, 2014 - 12:15 am

    …I did click the link, and followed the issue back a little way. It seems to represent an ongoing pissing contest between Roth and Falk, neither of whom I would trust to run a beetle drive. Frankly.

  44. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    22 Jul, 2014 - 12:20 am

    Yes, Ba’al and Mark. The ICC and UN are bureaucracies and that animal runs like a sloth on codeine. The lawyers muck it up even more as every jot and tittle must be lined up like ducks at a shooting gallery before anything gets done.

  45. I did click the link, and followed the issue back a little way.

    So the US state Dpt. revolving door, is just that then?

  46. Craig mused a while back as to whether to publish a novel or history? Stella Rimington’s novel in which the terrorist turned out to be a rogue Mi6 officer suggests a novel is sometimes the way to go. i don’t know why she wrote that – perhaps it was a case of 5 sticking it to 6, or just to add a dramatic twist, or perhaps she had a point she wished to make? Anyway the HRW useful paper has reminded me of this.

  47. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    22 Jul, 2014 - 12:38 am


    22 Jul, 2014 - 12:56 am

    Unanimously passed.

    Now watch who lets the routine dispute resolution provisions take their course – the Montreal Convention and the Chicago Convention both mandate dispute resolution. And watch who tries to rush them and short-circuit them with charges and sanctions and armed interventions.

  49. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    22 Jul, 2014 - 1:27 am

    “And watch who tries to rush them and short-circuit them with charges and sanctions and armed interventions.”

    Don’t be so cryptic. If perchance, you feel a need to disclose please remember those who have sacrificed everything, including their very lives.


    22 Jul, 2014 - 1:44 am

    perchance, their very lives? What are you, from days of yore?

  51. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    22 Jul, 2014 - 1:49 am

    Yeah. I’m old school, but also new wave, as Carlin so eloquently put it.

    Now about that little secret you seem to be harboring……


    22 Jul, 2014 - 3:00 am

    This is not TWA 800 or UA 93. This is not some FAA milquetoast you can push around, this is senior Russians and Malaysians and French and OSCE field staff who don’t take shit. You can’t just tell Lockheed Martin to turn off SPY 1 or spoof CMOC. The wheels are grinding very very fine and they’re going to be hard to stop. Anyone who doesn’t want that will stick out. For now that is absolutely all there is to know.

  53. Malaysia is a peaceful and prosperous Islamic state with a mixture of Chinese and Indian sub -continent ethnics in its population. Its capital city Kuala Lumpur is the home of the War Crimes Tribunal.
    The Tribunal has recently found Israel guilty of Genocide and crimes against humanity of the Palestinian peoples.
    Malaysian Airlines has lost 2 aircraft in recent months Mh370 and MH 17, both under mysterious circumstances.
    Cannot these Malaysians get the message ,or has it got to be spelled out.

  54. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    22 Jul, 2014 - 3:19 am

    Bullshit. No need to change your encrypted email like you were a target. You got nothin….

  55. Craig,

    You said:-

    ” I replied that any criminal attack on a person was in effect an intrusion on their human rights. That in my view “terrorism” consisted of activities which had always been illegal, such as murder or conspiracy to murder, and that the “anti-terrorism” industry was already massive without Human Rights Watch joining in. I felt that HRW could best operate by continuing to expose abuse of power by authorities.”

    That is how they work. That kind of “human rights” agenda is one that is compliant with a hidden purpose. It does not address the real issues that should be addressed when the truly challenging issue arise. It does to some extent respond, react, and even affect in some ways the trajectory of how global debates on these issues advance. But – yet – there is a deep commitment to the mainstream of what is the projected “respectable” way of doing things. Two death threats and one indication of arson on my home – as Frank Sinatra would say – I did it my way – and still do -but – off the watch list – or – a potential victim?

    They do lack credibility.



    22 Jul, 2014 - 3:58 am

    Heavens to Betsy, you’re obtuse.

  57. “Obtuse”? – never.

    Cryptic – maybe.

  58. Habbabkuk,Res Dis,Anon,

    You guys can tag-team n best buddy back scrstch all you want but your arguments remain most unconvincing.

    It seems Craig was less interviewed than partisanly vetted.

  59. For any defenders of HRW here.

    ‘HRW has not extended similar consideration to Venezuela. In a 2012 letter to President Chávez, HRW criticized the country’s candidacy for the UN Human Rights Council, alleging that Venezuela had fallen “far short of acceptable standards” and questioning its “ability to serve as a credible voice on human rights.” At no point has U.S. membership in the same council merited censure from HRW, despite Washington’s secret, global assassination program, its preservation of renditions, and its illegal detention of individuals at Guantánamo Bay.

    Likewise, in February 2013, HRW correctly described as “unlawful” Syria’s use of missiles in its civil war. However, HRW remained silent on the clear violation of international law constituted by the U.S. threat of missile strikes on Syria in August.

    The few examples above, limited to only recent history, might be forgiven as inconsistencies or oversights that could naturally occur in any large, busy organization. But HRW’s close relationships with the U.S. government suffuse such instances with the appearance of a conflict of interest.’

  60. Gilad Atzmon of the expelling of Professor Falk from HRW

    ‘In my new satirical work, “A Glossary of Zionist Power,” which I am now completing, I include entries for Soros and his Open Society. In the book, Soros is a ‘Jew who supports a lot of good causes that are also very good for the Jews’ and The Open Society Foundation ‘is dedicated to the transformation of deprived people into Guardian readers’. Surely I will now have to add an entry for the HRW and Roth. Both are nothing short of ‘Zionist fig-leaves’ and, like all Jewish progressive outlets that are dedicated to Jewish tribal and ethno centric campaigning, HRW is there to monitor, control and even stifle any criticism of Israel if it should ever get too close to the bone, i.e. touching on the Jewish character of the Jewish state.’
    ‘Professor Falk had little chance of surviving within such a tribal milieu and the reason is pretty simple. Unlike Zionist Neuer, Liberal Zionist Soros, and ‘Anti-Zionist Zionist’ Roth, Professor Falk actually represents the ultimate success of the Zionist project. Early Zionism promised to transform the Jews into ‘people like all other people.’ Zionism vowed to bring to life a Jew who transcends the tribal, a Jew who thinks universally and ethically. Early Zionists also believed that such a transformation could be achieved only in Palestine. Of course, they were wrong, but no one can ignore the fact that the greatest and most prolific Jewish universalists are actually Israelis (Professor Yishayahu Leibovitch, Professor Israel Shahak, Nurit & Miko Peled, Gideon Levy, Amira Hass, Uri Avneri, Ilan Pappe, Israel Shamir and many, many more). But Professor Falk and a few others have managed to achieve a similar goal in the Diaspora. Those Jews whom we most admire and whose integrity we most trust such as Professor Norton Mezvinsky, Professor Norman Finkelstein, Professor Falk – all have something in common — they do not operate within Jews-only political cells. Unlike JVP, IJAN, HRW and Mondoweiss, all of whom are dedicated primarily to promoting Jewish interests, they are dedicated to universal values.’

  61. Prince George was photographed at the Natural History Museum.

    Shame that the Director quoted in the blurb

    ‘Sir Michael Dixon, director of the Natural History Museum, said: “It was a real pleasure to host our patron and her family earlier this month. They seemed to enjoy their visit, wandering through the tropical plants as brightly coloured butterflies took flight around them.”‘

    allowed arms dealers from the Farnborough Airshow to hire the museum in 2012 for a function.

    ‘Natural History Museum hired by arms dealers

    The Natural History Museum hosted the official Farnborough International Reception on Monday 9th July 2012. Arms dealers celebrated their first day of business in the shadow of the Museum’s famous Diplodocus.
    We took action to ask the Museum not to support the Farnborough arms fair, where weapons sales are promoted to human rights abusers. Our public institutions should not be supporting the arms trade.


    My letter
    Dear Dr Dixon,
    I was very disappointed to learn that the main reception for Farnborough International will be held at the Museum this July.
    Farnborough International is an international arms fair which brings governments which abuse human rights together with weapons sellers. In 2010 the delegations included Libya, Bahrain, China, Saudi Arabia and Algeria.
    I support the Museum’s mission to inspire better care of our planet; I do not believe that the Museum’s support for events which promote the arms trade is compatible with that mission. Please cancel the reception and end the Museum’s association with the arms trade
    Yours sincerely etc


    Dear Mary,

    Thank you for your email addressed to Dr Dixon. The Director is aware of your concerns and we have been asked to respond on his behalf.

    We routinely make parts of our building available for private hire by charities, companies, government bodies and individuals for a wide range of events throughout the year. These private events are not partnerships, sponsorships, and the hirers do not have any an association with us beyond the rental of the space. Farnborough International Ltd is not a corporate sponsor or patron of the Museum.

    The income from hiring our spaces provides a valuable source of revenue which enables us to continue important research into understanding the natural world, as well as provide inspiring exhibitions and events for over 4 million visitors a year. Our goal is to maintain and develop the national collections to promote the discovery, understanding, responsible use and enjoyment of the natural world. We do not campaign or lobby for any other organisation or cause unrelated to that mission.

    We appreciate that commercial activities can give rise to a range of opinions and we respect your right to hold different views. Should you have any further queries related to specifically to Farnborough International Ltd activities please contact them directly at enquiries at

    Yours sincerely,

    Customer Services
    The Natural History Museum

    feedback at


    ie Get lost!

  62. On the interview – this was back in 2004 and I had not said anything in public (or notably in private) about my views on Israel/Palestine, since my student days. There was no reason to bring it up as regards my agenda. It was solely to do with HRW’s agenda.

    On HRW is general, they do some very good work in places. They did in Uzbekistan, and this latest report on agents provocateurs is good.

  63. Craig
    “On HRW is general, they do some very good work in places.”

    Of course they do some good work. They have to retain some credibility to keep people applauding.

    As with all do-good institutions embedded in the corporate state it is the partial focus of their efforts which reveal their allegiances.

    For every never read report that speaks slightly counter to the interests of empire there are a thousand essential reports not written. Think of it like the BBC, in that it is the weight of the reporting that influences, if that makes it easier for you.

    Keep up Craig. The Sunday Sport is behind you.

  64. “On HRW is general, they do some very good work in places. They did in Uzbekistan, and this latest report on agents provocateurs is good.”

    Of course. Same with Amnesty. Alas, the allegations of state department interference seem quite legitimate. I quit Amnesty, after yet another mailout which highlighted a country which was currently in the sights of the neocons. Soft propaganda, it seemed to me. Of course, not everyone in HRW or Amnesty is a spook or a neocon, just a few in the leadership. Much the same as newspapers, I suppose, but they have great influence. I’m personally surprised Craig got an interview. I’m sure he merited one … hence the surprise he actually got one.

    Though, reading the bullshit about MH17 over the last few days, I wonder if the spooks have just totally taken over our media, and no journalists at all are left. It’s been … weird. I really am at the stage of just not bothering anymore. I’ll stick to the sport, and maybe the odd Martian landing stuff. That’s quite cool. If it’s real. And who really knows anymore?

  65. On the absence of journalism, Gordon Brown announced that Scotland after independence would be excluded from the organ donor system currently operating in the UK (actually it operates over all of the EU). Many of the major titles ran with this story prominent in their Scottish editions. However a brief phone call to the NHSBT Donor Line reveals that the story is untrue. Of course no corrections will be printed, and those unable or too lazy to check will be left with Brown’s lie. Mission accomplished.

    This sort of lying absolutely depends on highly disciplined media compliance – were there the slightest chance that that investigative telephone call would would have been made by just one journalist then the lie could not have been told.

    This from a poem by Tom Leonard:

    2 a.m.
    In a territory without a valid state

    where the journalists validate the politicians
    and the politicians validate the journalists

  66. Maybe you should found a news magazine. :)

  67. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    22 Jul, 2014 - 5:07 pm


    There was no reason to bring it up as regards my agenda. It was solely to do with HRW’s agenda.


    1/. Re your agenda : perhaps there was no reason, but they may have wanted to see whether you harboured (positive) thoughts on human rights and Palestinian terrorism similar to those entertained by quite a number of your followers on here.

    Which leads me to

    2/ HRW’s agenda : which may be to condemn human rights abuses universally and, therefore, nit to employ someone who would turn a blind eye to those committed by Palestinians.

  68. The sockpuppets are really scraping the barrel now.

    Desperate stuff.

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