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The terrorist attack on worshippers from Finsbury Park Mosque has led to a welcome, but I fear temporary, distancing from Islamophobia of its most ardent exponents. That is the background to this quite extraordinary leading article in today’s Daily Mail.

But it is difficult to understand what can have motivated the Mail to publish such a blatant lie which can bring nothing but immediate ridicule. Claims of a “different world view” are qualitative, although many will find them risible. The massive percentage of shared content is simple to verify. But the out and out lie is that the Mail Online and the Mail have a different publisher. Both are published by Associated Newspapers Ltd. This is an extract from their last published accounts:

I suspect there is more behind this peculiar meltdown at the Mail than just panic at their association with Katie Hopkins. But it would be a huge advance if the mainstream media as a whole were to re-assess the publicity and access they give to dedicated Islamophobes. Douglas Murray still features regularly, particularly on the BBC, despite statements like this one:

“It is late in the day, but Europe still has time to turn around the demographic time-bomb which will soon see a number of our largest cities fall to Muslim majorities. It has to. All immigration into Europe from Muslim countries must stop. In the case of a further genocide such as that in the Balkans, sanctuary would be given on a strictly temporary basis. This should also be enacted retrospectively… Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board: Europe must look like a less attractive proposition.”

The horrible killing at Finsbury Park has given us a few weeks’ pause. Next month, the media will be back to following an agenda on issues affecting the Muslim community which is dictated by the right wing shills of the Quilliam Foundation, Henry Jackson Society, Migration Watch and UKIP.

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135 thoughts on “Mental Meltdown at the Mail

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  • reel guid

    Ruth Davidson has been appointed an Honorary Colonel of 32 Signal Regiment.

  • reel guid

    Davidson, Mundell and Gove were swanning around the Royal Highland Show as if they’re heroes and grinning for photos. Their party has brought about brexit and the end of CAP subsidies.

    At the same time the Tories and the media concoct yet another narrative to make the SNP look bad over CAP payment delays when 97% of the subsidies have been paid.

    So disastrously bring about the end of CAP subsidies and that’s to be regarded as an achievement because you are a unionist party. And the SNP are to be cast as the baddies even though they’re trying to keep Scotland in the EU.

    • fred

      £178 million for a computer system that doesn’t work. Unable to meet the deadline for CAP payments for the second year running. Facing hefty fines if their pleading for an extension doesn’t work. It’s ridiculously incompetent that the SNP are looking, the words “pissup” and “brewery” spring to mind.

      • Republicofscotland

        Scotpulse poll, shows 52% of Scots, think a second indyref should remain an option at the end of the disasterous Brexit negotiations.

        • fred

          Chances are Scotland will have a Conservative government by then. Their obsession with independence is losing the SNP the support of all but the most fanatical zoomers.

  • Hieroglyph

    It’s all sublimated guilt for their previous, full-throated support of Adolf Hitler. Even so, it’s a weird, artificial distinction.

    In fairness, I’m not sure Katie Hopkins is really all that important. Blowhards gonna blowhard ‘innit? Language policing is ok for the schoolyard, but in the big bad world, silencing people for opposing views is unhelpful. I don’t find Katie Hopkins, or that Ann Coulter especially engaging or interesting people, but I wouldn’t silence them. Michael Moore on the other hand should just shut the fuck up, forever. Rich fat white guys really aren’t representative of da yoof.

    • giyane

      OK I voted to leave the EU because it is an out of control, un-elected Federation like the US, hell-bent on a neo-liberal foreign policy. The EU has lost a Ukrainian Nazi supporting partner and we in the UK have lost a total destruction of the Middle East partner. The world is a much better and safer place by breaking up this gang.

      The fact that this has upset our EU former colleagues and they are now able to punish our neo-liberal Tory government is a fantastic bonus ball. It’s called using the game rules to force the rule-breakers not to bend the rules again. Blow-back is a wonderful thing.

    • Dave

      Yes the very thorough advice for the learner includes not putting diesel into a petrol tank!!!

  • Caractacus

    Dear Craig, those who get their news from either the Daily Mail, or Mail online, are not eaxactly known for their love for their “fellow man” don’t you know?

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