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The terrorist attack on worshippers from Finsbury Park Mosque has led to a welcome, but I fear temporary, distancing from Islamophobia of its most ardent exponents. That is the background to this quite extraordinary leading article in today’s Daily Mail.

But it is difficult to understand what can have motivated the Mail to publish such a blatant lie which can bring nothing but immediate ridicule. Claims of a “different world view” are qualitative, although many will find them risible. The massive percentage of shared content is simple to verify. But the out and out lie is that the Mail Online and the Mail have a different publisher. Both are published by Associated Newspapers Ltd. This is an extract from their last published accounts:

I suspect there is more behind this peculiar meltdown at the Mail than just panic at their association with Katie Hopkins. But it would be a huge advance if the mainstream media as a whole were to re-assess the publicity and access they give to dedicated Islamophobes. Douglas Murray still features regularly, particularly on the BBC, despite statements like this one:

“It is late in the day, but Europe still has time to turn around the demographic time-bomb which will soon see a number of our largest cities fall to Muslim majorities. It has to. All immigration into Europe from Muslim countries must stop. In the case of a further genocide such as that in the Balkans, sanctuary would be given on a strictly temporary basis. This should also be enacted retrospectively… Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board: Europe must look like a less attractive proposition.”

The horrible killing at Finsbury Park has given us a few weeks’ pause. Next month, the media will be back to following an agenda on issues affecting the Muslim community which is dictated by the right wing shills of the Quilliam Foundation, Henry Jackson Society, Migration Watch and UKIP.

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135 thoughts on “Mental Meltdown at the Mail

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  • Dave

    Working on the basis its fake till proven true, the Finsbury attack seems very suspect and there may be a fear at the ‘mail’ that acting as a propagandist for the ‘security services’ may back fire on them with the readership, considering it back-fired in the election. There readership is ‘anti-immigrant’ but also ant-war’, if only due to the migrant crisis it incites and this is normally the position of Mail..

    Unlike the Murdoch/neo-con media that is pro-war and anti-immigrant to provide a pretext to be pro-war to progress the crisis to stir anti-Muslim feeling to promote more immigration and war.

    And this difference is reflected by the 4 groups you name. The QF and HJS promote war, whereas MW and UKIP are anti-war.

    • Ian

      Every time there is an incident the resident conspiracy theorists on this blog come out of their overheated bunkers. It is ridiculous, I don’t know why Craig puts up with such bunk.

      • Dave

        Some immediately agree without question the MSM line. One wonders why they frequent this blog!

      • giyane

        Nobody commits such am outrageous attack on innocent people of any description in isolation. There has to be a group however informal backing up the individual’s action. When I bought a small house in the Rhondda the local newpaper reported that an anti-Muslim demonstration walk was planned startring from Treherbert and going south towards Ponyclun.

        I spoke with a local police-woman about this and she said it was outrageous. The local paper reported that those planning the walk had been put under conditions like ASBOs or actual arrest to prevent them doing it. However I came to the conclusion that Islamophobia was rampant in the area, and that it must be in some way institutionalised for it to form a public demonstration.

        I don’t think it’s overheated bunker mentality when there is institutional racism about to decide not to become the victim of overheated bunker racism. I don’t want my wife to go shopping in a hijab and be run down by a nutter who has just crawled out from under his stone. The Finsbury Park event shows that I was right. If he had driven 200 miles to do it, he might have decided to drive 20 miles to do the same.

        In the end the only people who came to look at my house when I put it up for sale were a couple who I decided were there to check me out as a Muslim from the local police. They didn’t seem like the sort of people who would deign to live in a terraced cottage built of stone on a 45 degree slope of a mountain. I came to the conclusion that the presence of a human finger in a tank full of piranhas might represent an existential threat to them. No problem for the police to contain Islamophobia in a place where there were no Muslims.

        Anyway Ian it isn’t allowed in Islam for Muslims to live in places where they feel threatened. My mistake was that I didn’t know when I bought this little house in a beautiful valley in Wales, that it was a nest of Islamophobia, partly because of the large recruitment to the army from this run-down area of Wales.
        I know of many Muslims who drive 50-60 miles a day from Birmingham to own and run a restaurant in areas which are much less volatile than the valleys. If you don’t think the SAS are volatile. Having driven them back as a chauffeur to their safe houses in Hereford after visiting the sleazy haunts of Birmingham, I know they’re quite tame.

        • Ian

          giyane, i am not suggesting that the attacker wasn’t part of a group of racists or whatever, or that there is not a large amount of racism in South Wales. I was simply saying that every time a major incident occurs, somebody in these comments immediately pops up muttering about the involvement of the ‘security services’ blah blah, as if such attacks occur at the behest of the ‘dark state’ and other teenage style conspiracy theories . 9/11, the moon landings, it’s all a gigantic conspiracy, but luckily these enlightened individuals on the internet who know all about it can inform us that they are all put-up jobs.
          That infantile level of analysis recurs regularly here, and i am surprised that a rational individual like Craig gives it oxygen here. that is all.
          BTW, of course you can be thoroughly disillusioned and sceptical of the MSM without believing in these comic book allegations about ‘black ops’ and all the other crack-smoking fantasies.

          • glenn_uk

            Trouble is, Ian, if this conspiracy crap were removed regularly that would be proof that CM is part of the “deep state” and this blog is being run as some sort of decoy by the security services – possibly to flush them out.

            You can find particularly paranoid contributors here claiming typos in their posts were put there by GCHQ or the Pentagon, because the post was blemish free when they hit ‘send’ 🙂

          • Dave

            Are you saying the secret services, a multi-billion pound industry, are not involved?

          • Ba'al Zevul

            @ Ian,
            Hear, hear! Though it is well known on the dark web that ingrowing toenails are a result of HAARP.

          • giyane


            You are right to question the logic of conspiracy theories – if you are a logic person – that’s your right. I try in my tiny way to understand the reason for things happening and logic requires information, of which we are by definition in short supply. We get a lot of garbage thrown over our heads and are kept pretty much in the dark – like mushrooms.

            You haven’t manage to see the point I’m making with my broad artistic brush, which is that,
            it suits someone who runs this country:
            1/ to maintain an extremely high level of Islamophobic propaganda in the trash msm
            2/ to maintain certain areas of the outer provinces of the UK in utter ignorance of normal equal opportunities. This is because it’s hard to recruit people to go and get killed fighting wogs in illegal wars if they were able to see them as normal humans beings like themselves.
            3/ to place immigrants and asylum seekers in deliberately maintained unacceptable social housing in order to foster an image of inferiority
            4/ other immigrants who have assisted the USUKIS in its colonial wars are placed in much superior privately rented housing and many of them continue to assist the neo-colonial machine for money as spies and agents.

            If you use your imagination you will see that these points refute your ” attacks occur at the behest of the ‘dark state’” claim. but I’m not sure you have the requisite type of imagination. Shame.

          • Ian

            Thankyou for your patronising, conspiracy style reply. sorry for my lack of imagination, which leads to my not believing simple counter-narratives which have no evidence.

          • Dave

            There’s a war on, scepticism about the official narrative is a natural response for sceptics!

          • Ian

            Which is why it makes sense to be sceptical about both the mainstream narrative and their substitution with wild-eyed conspiracy theories.

          • Dave

            Considering it was such a basic, but unlikely plot, you don’t need to be wild eyed to suspect it was a staged event, using the B team.

          • John

            If you were right, Ian, you wouldn’t need the ad-hominem nonsense with which your post is filled.

            Different opinions, etc. Maybe take a look at why a differing viewpoint excites such spleen ?

  • DtP

    For the record – there was no ‘killing’ at the Finsbury Park incident. A guy died of an unrelated heart attack and only 1 chap remains in hospital but in a stable condition. It’s been sensationalized by everyone involved which is perhaps standard these days.

    • Gulliver

      And I’m sure those administering first aid to man undergoing the cardiac arrest were in no way hampered in their efforts by a man in a van trying to run them all over.

      • Dave

        Gullibility at its most worthy, because in context, someone who’s had a row with the wife, travels all the way from Cardiff, that’s a lot of petrol money, and arrives at the infamous Finsbury Mosque, in the early morning, just after someone has collapsed and being attended by passers-by, meaning there are people standing around for him to drive his vehicle into and its called a terrorist attack because allegedly he doesn’t like Muslims. Presumably he doesn’t like the wife either!

        • J R Tomlin

          “Infamous” Mosque? Well Muslims pray there so no doubt that makes it ‘infamous’. You revealed your hatred right there and yes shouting “I’ll kill all Muslims!” just might be a tiny hint, for those of us whose heads aren’t up our arses, that he more than ‘doesn’t like’ Muslims.

          Moreover Makram Ali is reported to have died of ‘multiple injuries’ received from being hit by the van the terrorist drove into the crowd.

          • Dave

            It became infamous due to years in the headlines, not because I consider it infamous, which is presumably the only explanation why someone drives across country to drive into pedestrians near it when it would be easier if so inclined to do so nearer to home.

    • craig Post author

      The attack with the van was plainly murderous in intent. How much it contributed to the man’s death is unsure at the moment, but that more people were not killed when the van ploughed into them is a matter of good fortune. I find your desire to play it down more sinister than any “sensationalisation”.

      • DtP

        Absolutely spot on but unfortunately, we’ve been so desensitized to death in general and terrorism in particular that i’ve started measuring these things by body counts. And praise be that this guy seems to fall into Trump’s new definition of ‘loser’. Missus left him, a drunkard, living in a tent, hurling abuse at muslim kids, unemployed, getting thrown out of the boozer for going on an Islamic rant etc etc

        There is a wider discussion to be had, I think, as to motivations. We’ve got locked into a fake discussion about what the perpetrators ‘want’ – be it going off to Syria to fight for ISIS or kill muslims here ; it seems a little false when, as per Jo Cox’s sentiments (if you’ll forgive me) that the perps seem to have a lot more in common with each other than with anyone else i.e. mainly drop outs and failures (Glasgow airport aside).

        You’ve mentioned it before, Craig, especially over Lee Rigby, that these guys just need to wander down Wilkinson’s and they’re good to go and no intelligence capability could ever hope to prevent that. I think we may need to start grading terrorist incidents regarding their sophistication as I think we may see a lot more that are just racist crimes. Finsbury wasn’t Manchester however people want to equate it. Just my opinion, no worries if anyone disagrees. But it’s the sober and sane ones that scare me more.

      • Dave

        Its sensationalism to describe it as a terrorist attack as opposed to an act of random violence. In law terrorism has a specific meaning, the use of violence to promote political objectives. This term is within the 2000 anti-terrorism Act and means war itself is terrorism. The reason the misuse of the word matters is because its done to promote a specific partisan agenda in the same way the term racism is misused by the deep state. I.e. If you oppose globalist domestic policy your a racist, and if you oppose globalist foreign policy your a terrorist.

        • Tony Little

          Who’s to say if this man wasn’t influenced by months and years of anti-islam, anti-immigrant “news” headlines and DID feel that this was a “political” statement about what he might consider to be “those people”? By acting with murderous intent, targeted on a specific community who are the focus of continuous media attacks, I would consider any such act a Terror attack, as it’s intention is to unsettle, alarm, and terrorise that community into believing that NO WHERE, not even their holy place is free from attack.

          Why do you think the KKK would target the churches of the blacks in the Souther States of America. It was a strike at their beliefs, and targeted at a place of historic refuge and peace. This was no different.

          • Dave

            You can be terrorised by a burglary, and the offence is burglary with violence not terrorism, unless you are saying the term should be applied in all circumstances, which would provide another rich seam of litigation against soldiers.

        • J

          “The reason the misuse of the word matters is because its done to promote a specific partisan agenda…”

          The agenda being?

          • Dave

            If you oppose immigration you’re a racist, if you oppose foreign wars you’re a terrorist, or at least a fellow traveller of both.

          • J

            Nice conflation. Since you brought it up,what is the problem with immigration as you see it? Just asking what the real problem is from a position of ignorance.

          • Dave

            Its a question of degree. Unless you are proposing open borders and if so, presumably you also leave your front door open when you go out, then there will be measures in place to restrict and/or control numbers. If there are 1000 people in a country and 100 propose to enter that will have a significant impact. If there are 100 people in a country and 1000 propose to enter, that would probably qualify as genocide under UN criteria. Its elementary really, so it can only illustrate racism against the native population that you pretend not to understand, but if large numbers of people occupied your lodgings, you would!

    • Xavi

      Yes, it’s not as if the guy intended to kill anybody by driving a big van at speed straight into a crowd of people. And that confession that he wants to “Kill all Muslims” has been wholly misinterpreted and twisted by the media to suit an agenda.

    • laguerre

      It wasn’t a heart attack; it was a weak leg which caved in under him and he fell down.

    • Mark Connolly

      DtP, well the BBC says that the man had fallen because of a dicey knee and died from multiple wounds.

      • Dave

        If the person had fallen and was being attended before the van arrives, how could the “multiple injuries” have been inflicted?

    • Muscleguy

      It has of course since been confirmed that he died from ‘multiple injuries’ so you can expect the perpetrator to be charged with his murder. BTW that he was suffering a heart attack is supposition itself. An ambulance was not in attendance. All we know for sure, from witnesses, was that he fell over.

      What is now clear is that he did not die simply from a cardiac infarction.

      I fully expect this one to be rigorously argued in court in due course. If you pay attention that long.

      • Gulliver

        “I fully expect this one to be rigorously argued in court in due course. If you pay attention that long.”

        Indeed, remembering the Ian Tomlinson case a few years ago.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    A lot more bothering the DM than its islamophobia, like the monarchy under threat, the government unable to deal with the country’s problems, and social elite just showing what scum it is.

    And the world at large is in big problems too, like scape goat North Korea making Washington look like a paper tiger.

  • Mark

    ‘The controversialist Katie Hopkins’ Sorry that just amused and bemused me. I’ve often wondered just what that vile woman is and now I know; she’s a ‘controversialist’ I wonder if that’s on her passport, or if that’s how she responds when asked what it is she does for a living at social gatherings? I guess it’s more polite to say that than ‘Oh me? Well I’m an absolute attention seeking cunt who thrives off outrage. How about you?’

  • Harry L

    Talking of religion, be aware that Michael Gove would be in his element if he joined the DUP. In March he called Theresa May “Britain’s first Catholic prime minister”, driving his denunciation home by shouting that she was a “continuity Catholic” and that her father (an Anglo-Catholic Church of England vicar) was a Catholic before her. Most people don’t care much about that stuff, but I can tell you, the DUP care very much indeed.

    Nobody in the Church of England or the Roman Catholic church uses the term “continuity Catholic”. It is a term coined by Gove or his advisers. It is meant to be redolent of the terrorists of the “Continuity IRA”, and will go down a treat among the most boneheaded Protestant bigots.

    Mrs May is our first Catholic prime minister

    Theresa May is Britain’s ‘first Catholic prime minister’, says Michael Gove

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Being born out of wedlock, no doubt Gove is sensitive about that sort of thing….wouldn’t it be terrible if his Dad was a Catholic?

      • Harry L

        That’s an interesting line of thought! If his biological mother was unmarried, as seems likely, perhaps she was a Catholic girl who had to give her baby away so she could move to another area and allow people to believe she was still “pure”? That might explain why he’s such a raving Hun.

        Gove wanted schools across England and Wales to be sent King James bibles, which were to be inscribed “presented by the Secretary of State for Education”. Everyone knows that the Catholic church has its hooks into the Education Department, but they don’t get to call all the shots and Gove’s appointment may have amounted to the construction of a Maginot line.

        Bringing him back into the cabinet last week after the general election debacle must surely have been a signal to Protestant loyalists such as the DUP.

        Gove has some powerful enemies. See the affair of the “Trojan Horse” letter.

        • Harry L

          Personally I don’t think a Tory-DUP “deal” is done and dusted, or all over bar the shouting. The simplistic view that the DUP will keep the Tories in office because they don’t like Jeremy Corbyn because he was chums with Irish republicans in the 1980s doesn’t hold much water, once we are aware that Theresa May is perceived in certain Hun circles as a “continuity Catholic”.

          It’s funny that the same crappy British media that were printing supposedly world-weary comments that of course the DUP won’t help Corbyn described Gove’s return as a “shock” event.

          And Gove’s at Environment too. More heating scam money for the Huns?

          Gangs and knots of interests may wear religious cloaks but essentially it’s all about money and contracts. And Corbyn can, I am quite sure, make the DUP a juicy offer too, behind the scenes. So it all remains up in the air. The Tories may win the vote on the queen’s speech next week. Then again, they may not.

        • George

          Re: Gove and the KJB, I was astonished to find that in Britain this 400 year cornerstone book is still under copyright. One Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group wrote this letter to the Guardian which went thus:

          “Michael Gove and the government are making a gift of the King James Bible to every school in the UK (Report, 25 November) but continue to restrict how we use it. The crown has a perpetual copyright on the King James Bible, through “letters patent” originally issued to stop unofficial editions and then to protect the country from ranters, shakers, Quakers, nonconformity and popery. Thus today we can’t freely reprint, circulate passages, write commentaries and draw upon the text in the way we might with other texts of the time, such as Shakespeare’s plays. Bizarrely, these restrictions only apply in the UK. Gove could make a gift of the King James Bible to every UK citizen – with a simple legal change to revoke its perpetual copyright.”

          • John Spencer-Davis

            There are people who believe that every word of the original texts of the Bible is inerrant – passed directly to the scribes by God. They are called Biblical inerrantists, not unnaturally.

            More striking yet, there are people who believe that the King James Bible is more authoritative than the texts from which it was translated. The English text is “advanced revelation”, superior to Greek or Hebrew. Peter Ruckman was the best known exponent of this rather remarkable belief, known as King James Only inerrancy. J

    • giyane


      The interview with Johnson was hilarious. Like a pit-bull smelling a cat his mind was obviously focussed on something else completely, such as how to cash in on may’s unpopularity and seize the premiership out of her hands. He just couldn’t grasp the concept of Mental Health at the same time as chasing the cat to its inevitable destruction. Eddie Mair sunk his teeth into him. An act of great emotional intelligence perpetrated by a BBC man on a victim with none.

  • Stu

    Well we just saw a BBC News report with land owners begging for ‘seasonal workers scheme’ with the threat that unless this happens UK production of produce will cease.

    The BBC reporter managed to tell us what the increase in the price of a punnet of strawberries in this dystopian future would be but didn’t seem to think that it was relevant to discover and report what the pay and conditions of the unfilled jobs is……..

    • Harry L

      Haha! Someone has probably paid to give the reporter an afternoon or two at Ascot or Wimbledon!

  • Michael McNulty

    Nobody radicalised more Muslims than Bush and Blair. Nobody’s killed more Muslims either. Not even close.

    • Ishmael

      It’s what we should expect from religious fundamentalist extremists. It’s all the people who followed them that’s the thing though.

      What in insane establishment.

    • Republicofscotland

      Check out China, and the Dungan Revolts section.

      The revolts were harshly suppressed by the Manchu government in a manner that amounts to genocide. Approximately a million people in the Panthay rebellion were killed, and several million in the Dungan revolt as a “washing off the Muslims”

  • Republicofscotland

    Douglas Murray is on the board of the HJS, it was Lord Sailsbury a former British PM, who said of the DM. That is was a newspaper produced by office boys, for office boys.

    The DM also printed the forged Zinoviev Letter, and added that British communists were planning a revolution in Britain. One could say now the DM, looks upon Muslims, in a similar fashion as to that of bygone British communists.

    The DM is a right wing rag, that urged voters to support Ukip in 2015.

    • Ishmael

      Yep, blood all over their hands, yet still sold in most every shop in the country.

      “Free speech” used to incite racist hatred, whip the people up into a frenzy, got to war.

      It’s insanity. War is insanity, and criminal by any proportional measure of justice in any other circumstance.

      • Republicofscotland

        Insanity doing the same thing over, and over again, and expecting different results, Albert Einstein, and history keeps on repeating itself, will we ever learn?

        However the press, not just the British press, but all nations newspapers, are a conundrum. We darent curtail their freedom of speech, for they often turn up dark secrets, that we the public would probably never know about without them.

        On the otherhand, they are under no obligation to tell the truth, their trail of thought can make or break popes or politicians, and even cause the average person on the street to become shunned or ostracised by their biting articles.

        We put up with the dark side of the press, somewhat reluctantly.

        As Evelyn Hall or Voltaire once said, which I’m not sure.

        “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

        • MJ

          “Insanity doing the same thing over, and over again, and expecting different results”

          Not Einstein’s finest hour in my view. Sometimes doing the same thing again is the sanest thing to do, if only to double check that you did it right first time. If at first you fail in logging into a secure site because the username/password you’ve entered is incorrect, the most sensible thing to do is try again with the same details.

          • Muscleguy

            Yet after a couple of tries it is sensible to either check your records* or conclude you have forgotten the details and click the ‘forgot password’ button.

            Insanity is maintaining over all the evidence that the details you have entered are in fact correct when dealing with computers.

            On one site recently I discovered my account had been deleted, when no reset password emails arrived. So I simply made a new one.

            *I maintain a record of my logins in munged form. Like Navaho code talk you have to know the language the numbers are in, and how my warped mind works. Note I can only remember the numbers up to four in said language, which causes sum mathematical fun.

        • Ishmael

          Yes I know.

          Yet the fact is just because something isn’t “overtly” racist (and really I think it’s overt enough, implicit in many articles and commentary) why is it different from direct incitement if it has the same effect?

          I find this hisorical abstract (and not followed by anyone totally) “defend to the death your right to say it” a position of ‘I’m gonna sit on my hands’. Do you really defend to the sun to death? I would happily burn very Sun/mail paper in existence. This is not individual free speech, it’s war propaganda. Killing countless people around the world.

        • Ishmael

          Ps, you must also imagine i don’t come at this from a governmental position. I don’t believe in government power. “WE’ doesn’t exist for me. I’m not someone who is into making rules for people at all.

          But I can still say from a moral perspective these systems of propaganda create more harm than any individual could and they should be stopped. This has nothing to do with individual free speech ideals.

          It is feeding death. And they curtail free speech, dominating the “market” and using arcane libel laws. Of course I can say pretty much anything, but nothing published by anyone with any wide reach is free from coercive threats.

          Among the media there is barely any free speech. So what are you defending? Those who control and dominate. These intitutions are our enemy. I wish it wasn’t so but thats clearly what we are to them, they are the ones who’ve been fighting this desgusing class war, still.

          • Republicofscotland

            “Among the media there is barely any free speech. So what are you defending? ”

            Oh I’m not defending the British press, I’m defending free speech.

            I agree that, the press, in its essence is a defender of the first three estates, itself being the fourth estate.

            I foresee, a similar outcome with regards to social media and the press, as there once was between the church and education through reading for the populus at large.

            For centuries the church dominated how the commoner learned, the church has access to the books and guarded them zealously, hindering the commoners education.

            The invention of the printing press changed all that. Now the press are the church and social media is the new printing press.

            The press has seen the rise of social media and the web, and most have jumped on board. However, we now have just as many independent bloggers, who take a different view of the mainstream media. (Craig for example.)

            If we can resist governmental interference on the free-flow of information on the web, ie RIPA etc, we may yet stand a chance of sustaining the worldwide access to information for all.

  • Ishmael

    Somehow we need a reckoning. If we don’t justice (as embodied by state institutions) will crumble, as we are seeing…

    These people committed many crimes, have been a wilful critical ingredient without which many people would not be dead.

    Why is it different if I was to kill someone? Being the cause of death for most of us is a life sentence. It never stops amazing me that politicians seem totaly immune.

    This is a responsibility that is square on their shoulders.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    “but I fear temporary, distancing from Islamophobia of its most ardent exponents”

    “most ardent exponents” – like Donald Trump’s absence of condemnation about a terrorist attack – because Muslims were the victims?

    “It is late in the day, but Europe still has time to turn around the demographic time-bomb”
    And the clock is turned backwards…
    It is late in the day, but Africa still has time to turn around the demographic time-bomb…
    It is late in the day, but India still has time to turn around the demographic time-bomb…
    It is late in the day, but the Caribbean still has time to turn around the demographic time-bomb…
    Actually it was a “conquest and colonial time-bomb” – but nevertheless – we do have to learn tolerance and peaceful co-existence at some point in human history; hopefully!

    • Ishmael

      “we do have to learn tolerance and peaceful co-existence at some point in human history; hopefully!”

      Im ok thanks, as are the vast majority of people I know or who iv met around the world. leaders are the problem. Controlling systems of domination, tyranny.

      The history of humanity is one of peaceful co-existence and we are fundamentally co-operative reasonable creatures. I don’t lump myself in with those who are clearly insane “power” mad killers.

      Those who do such things are an awful exception that prove the rule. And they know it, they use the good in people to twist for maniacal ends.

  • MAB

    I would think what is worrying Dacre the most is the rising possibility of a Corbyn led government, because that means the implementation of leveson recommendations in full and even more importantly, the leveson 2 inquiry itself.

    Dacre could be taking the stand for questioning in that one.

    It is no coincidence may, like the good little serf she is to the tabloids, promised to ignore all current leveson recommendations and do away with leveson 2 entirely.

    • Brian watters

      Let’s hope Corbyn watches what he says on his phone. No doubt the dark side of the British publishing industry will be hacking his phone trying to find some dirt they can use to control him. It’s probably what they have done with the current government in power

      • John

        The hacking will be done by MI5, who may or may not pass it on to their controlled media chums.

    • Laguerre

      I quite agree Dacre is a cunt, as the word seems to have lost all relationship to the female body, at least in Dacre’s own vocabulary. I regret to say that is from personal observation, having been at school with him. A very harsh, domineering personality, even at the age of fifteen. His Wiki bio, which I suppose he wrote or had written, suggests he dallied with liberalism in his youth. I doubt that that lasted very long. His father worked for the Express. I wasn’t surprised to hear that he didn’t make it to Oxbridge, which many of the brighter kids did in that school. He wasn’t known for brilliance, more sports. It sounds like it was sheer dominance of personality that made his career, plus a willingness to do anything to push the right, which was gathering force at the time of Thatcher.

  • Sharp Ears

    Not forgetting Dacre’s shill, the twerp Andrew Pierce. He rejoices under the title Consultant Editor of the Heil. He does not possess an original thought of his own but recycles Dacre’s on Sky News where he is a regular on the paper review where the ‘news’ is regurgitated.

  • reel guid

    Paul Dacre of the Daily Mail is the owner of the 17 000 acre Langwell Estate in the North West Highlands which specialises in hunting, shooting and fishing holidays for the wealthy.

    Talking about the wealthy, there’s a row brewing among the Scottish Tories. With Iain Duncan installed as a Scottish Office minister by way of a peerage, he is standing down as an MEP. The seat ought to go by right to Belinda Don, who was second on the Scottish Tories’ list in the 2014 Euro election. It seems the party bosses want third placed Iain McGill who was the Tory candidate in Edinburgh North & Leith in the GE.

    Belinda Don had been an advisor for 12 years to former Tory MEP Struan Stevenson and it’s believed Stevenson wanted her to be first on the Tory list when he retired in 2014. Iain Duncan does seem to have a lot of friends advancing his interests.

    And McGill seems a rather brash sort with a bit of an orangey feel about him. So very much Ruth Davidson’s type of Tory.

    There seems to be increasingly little room in today’s Scottish Tories for level headed sorts like Belinda Don and Struan Stevenson.

    • Muscleguy

      There’s more, the address registered by the new Tory MP for Ochil and South Perthshire is bogus. It seems he gave the Electoral Commission false information a la Paul Nuttall. His actual address is Swindon. Shows the paucity of actual electable talent in the Scottish Tory party.

  • Sharp Ears

    Merkel has been cosying up to the wizened war monger, Henry Kissinger for celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Marshall plan.

    “Realpolitik”: Merkel Fawns Over Kissinger in Berlin
    by Gregory Barrett / June 22nd, 2017

    ‘After a tumultuous week which brought a number of nasty shocks and alarms, including the shooting down of a Syrian jet by the United States military in Syria, spiraling tensions, and fears of direct US-Russian confrontation in the Middle East, on Wednesday evening yet another horror story jumped off the screen and out of the evening news on German public radio to slap me in the face with the full force of its repellent vulgarity. The most infamous and despicable living war criminal, America’s Henry Kissinger, was once again being honored and treated as a wise elder statesman by a major world figure who claims to be an advocate of human rights and justice.’

    What blood we had left after liberating Europe from the Nazis, was taken from us while Germany was rebuilt.

    Britain pays off final instalment of US loan – after 61 years
    29 December 2006

    • Laguerre

      Merkel is hardly one to rock the boat, but I am not sure that receiving Kissinger socially is an indicator of a policy of subservience to the US. After all, Merkel herself said that Europe cannot rely on the US in the future.This latter is more like real policy.

  • Anonymous

    A recently released UN report details how 65 million people have been forced (primarily through violence) to leave their homes. The crisis happened in multiple countries, but they all have one thing in common. They were/are all the victims of US intervention. In some countries, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, other western countires are complicit, especially the UK. That amounts to the whole UK population, and some, being forced out of their homes into refugee camps or other countries.

    According to the report, three of the nations producing the highest number of refugees are Syria (12 million refugees), Afghanistan (4.7 million) and Iraq (4.2 million).

    The report can be downloaded from

  • Ishmael

    Short clip from great new doc ‘All Governments Lie’: Profound insights on media conformity from Chomsky, Greenwald & Hedges

    Those who wouldn’t be there unless they accept the framework. …Guess this is what bugs me about the constant guardian lectures. And my own. Don’t listen to me ffs.

    “liberal” “left leaning” …Yea lean to left for the photo while standing firmly on the right. Feeding the disaffection.

  • K Crosby

    I think it’s a mistake to use terms like “Muslim community”, religion isn’t a monolith.

  • SA

    The Guardian’ s one sided view of the Syrian war continues

    The article fails to mention that the opposition is made up mainly of Jihadis and that the most effective fighting force is Jabhat al Musra , now rebranded and pretending not to be connected with AQ. This constant whitewashing of terrorism and the West’s support for these groups when it happens on Syria is something that needs to be highlighted. Needless to say my comment making this point was immediately deleted by the Guardian moderator.

    • Dave Lawton

      SA “The Guardian’ s one sided view of the Syrian war continues”

      Agree and because the Guardian pumps out so may lies.I read the OffGuardian.

      • SA

        I too read the OffGuardian, but sometimes you have to take it with s pinch of salt as also the Vinyard of the Saker and the Unz review as they sometimes publish some strange views from the right.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Apologies for O/T, but this issue is one I know Craig is interested in:

    Looks like international opinion is dead against the UK’s treatment of the Chagos islands, and (shock horror) backs legal action.

    The General Assembly resolution requested the International Court of Justice to advise on whether the process of decolonising Mauritius was lawfully completed, following the separation of the islands.

    It also asked the court to advise on the “consequences under international law … arising from the continued administration by (Britain) of the Chagos Archipelago, including with respect to the inability of Mauritius to implement a program for the resettlement on the Chagos Archipelago of its nationals, in particular those of Chagossian origin.”

    Evidently someone’s getting pissed off with the eternal talks and has realised that the UK will always need Chagos for ‘defence purposes’ -it guards the southern approaches to Portsmouth, don’t you know?
    Not sure that this attempt to undermine our sweet and trusting relationship with the US, who own us, and therefore Chagos, will succeed, but the very best of luck anyway. Sincerely.

  • Gulliver

    What you won’t be reading in any future Daily Mail editorial: –

    – As he lay, heavily sedated, in hospital, “The day after the assault he awoke to find a man and a woman in his room. In his drugged state, he assumed the personable woman to be from the British embassy and therefore answered her questions, including the name, address and phone number of his mother. But he said he became suspicious when the man asked to take a picture of him and, at that point, the woman explained that she was Lucie Morris, a Daily Mail reporter. It transpired that the man was Nick Holt, a Mail photographer. Covell immediately asked them to leave”.

    The Mail then doorstepped and aggressively questioned his mother, extracting sufficient information to feed into the following day’s front page claim that Covell had led the rioters and “helped to mastermind” the G8 attacks. He hadn’t. The Mail made it up. –

  • Sharp Ears

    Did anyone watch QT and Oborne the obnoxious Tory aided and abetted by the repellent Dimblebore with his snide throwaways about Corbyn and Labour?

    Oborne became quite agitated when the audience jeered at the Heil. He had described it as a marvellous paper. Ha!

    However the audience revealed its confusion when it applauded the removal of a Corbyn supporter.

    Gina Miller sneered from the sidelines. Blackford SNP wouldn’t stop talking. Ashworth Labour Shadow Health could have done more especially in view of the savage cuts being enacted on the health service in Devon by the grandly titled North East West Devon Clinicial Commissioning Group – hospital bed cuts, 9 community hospitals being closed, A&E, Maternity and Stroke services to be transferred from North Devon Hospital 65 miles south to Exeter and Plymouth etc etc. Lidington, the new Justice Secretary/Lord Chancellor was unimpressive.

    Plymouth voted Labour in the Sutton and Devonport constituency displacing the sitting Con MP, Colvile, with a 7,000 majority., It would have been greater if the election had not been such a shambles, viz

    ‘Council bosses say they do not yet know how much an independent inquiry into voting problems will cost.

    The investigation, led by former Sunderland City Council chief executive Dr Dave Smith, will examine several aspects of last week’s mix-up, including why 1,500 postal vote packs were lost.

    Questions were also raised about people being turned away from polling stations, despite having received ballot cards.

    And it emerged that more than 6,000 votes had been missed off the final declaration for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, giving Labour’s Luke Pollard an even larger majority than first thought.’

    The other seat, Plymouth Moor, was retained by the Conservative Mercer with an increased majority.

    Broken Britain.

  • Republicofscotland

    I found it rather amusing that when asked if Brexit could be reversed, and Britain could remain in the EU. European Council president Donald Tusk replied using John Lennon song lyrics. Tusk said, You may say I’m a dreamer
    but I’m not the only one.

    However when Belgian PM Charles Michel was asked the same question, he replied using a Beatles hit sing title, by saying Let It Be.

    I wonder if any other Beatles lyrics or song title could sum up Brexit?

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