The Official Tsarnaev Story Makes No Sense 343

There are gaping holes in the official story of the Boston bombings.

We are asked to believe that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was identified by the Russian government as an extremist Dagestani or Chechen Islamist terrorist, and they were so concerned about it that in late 2010 they asked the US government to take action. At that time, the US and Russia did not normally have a security cooperation relationship over the Caucasus, particularly following the Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008. For the Russians to ask the Americans for assistance, Tsarnaev must have been high on their list of worries.

In early 2011 the FBI interview Tsarnaev and trawl his papers and computers but apparently – remarkably for somebody allegedly radicalised by internet – the habitually paranoid FBI find nothing of concern.

So far, so weird. But now this gets utterly incredible. In 2012 Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who is of such concern to Russian security, is able to fly to Russia and pass through the airport security checks of the world’s most thoroughly and brutally efficient security services without being picked up. He is then able to proceed to Dagestan – right at the heart of the world’s heaviest military occupation and the world’s most far reaching secret police surveillance – again without being intercepted, and he is able there to go through some form of terror training or further Islamist indoctrination. He then flies out again without any intervention by the Russian security services.

That is the official story and I have no doubt it did not happen. I know Russia and I know the Russian security services. Whatever else they may be, they are extremely well-equipped, experienced and efficient and embedded into a social fabric accustomed to cooperation with their mastery. This scenario is simply impossible in the real world.

We have, by the official account, the involvement of the two Tsarnaev brothers, the FBI and the Russian security services. The FBI have a massive recent record of running agent provocateur operations to entrap gullible Muslims into terrorism. The Russian security services have form on false flag Chechen bombings. Where the truth lies may be difficult to dig out. But the above official version is not true.

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343 thoughts on “The Official Tsarnaev Story Makes No Sense

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  • John Goss

    Thanks Dreolin, it is good to see Glenn Greenwald, who is always a pleasure to read, calling to his aid Tom Paine, whose The Rights of Man is a peerless historical document which could particularly do with being read to the Obama administration.

  • adamite

    Craig, you say the bombing wasn’t a false flag. I’d be interested in how you explain the troubling anomaly of Jeff Bauman’s hair. In the iconic wheelchair photo at the bomb scene he has thick golden curly hair; in the hospital his hair suddenly changes structure, becoming silky and straight and dark brown. Is it possible for hair to morph from almost Afro frizz to silky straight, overnight? Or are they two different men? The eyes certainly look different.

    This is crucially important: if they are, indeed, two different men, then the entire official narrative falls apart.

  • Dremel (the power tool)


    What do you think? Do you think it’s two different people or not?

  • Adamite


    I have never come across a man whose hair can actually physically change its structure just like that, in the space of a day. So it is a tall order to ask me to believe that happened.

    It is one of many anomalies, but a glaring one. Either we ignore what our own eyes tell us or we face up to the reality that we are not being told the truth.

    What do you think about the fact that terrorist drills were being held that day? Or that one of the photos of Dzhokhar at the marathon shows him floating with no legs?

  • A Node

    I agree with lwtc247 above. It looks to me like Dzhokhar is standing with his legs apart. You can see his right thigh, his left leg is hidden behind the blond woman, and between them the leg of a passerby is visible.
    Furthermore, if the implication is that he has been photoshopped in, then check the hair of the blond woman in front of him. It is extremely difficult to convincingly cut out tousled hair and then superimpose it on another image. I don’t believe it could be done this well.
    This is one of a sequence of four photos of the brothers from the same source. There are similar difficulties with the others.
    This ‘floating with no legs’ suggestion is a red herring.

  • Adamite

    And the thick, almost Afro hair of Jeff Bauman? Do either of you have views on that? Both before and after that day, Jeff Bauman had silky dark brown hair.

  • A Node

    Adamite 4 May, 2013 – 9:52 pm

    “And the thick, almost Afro hair of Jeff Bauman? Do either of you have views on that? Both before and after that day, Jeff Bauman had silky dark brown hair.”

    Would you provide a link that makes this difference clear, please. I’ve done a search but although I’ve found references to this, I can’t find relevant photos.
    Also, what’s your opinion of my assessment of the ‘floating with no legs’ suggestion?

  • Adamite

    A Node,

    You can google “Jeff Bauman” +Boston and you’ll get plenty of pictures. You can do an image search.

    My opinion of the ‘floating legs’ suggestion? The whole story stinks so badly that it isn’t really relevant whether the Tsarnaev brothers attended the marathon or not. I don’t personally believe they did, but even if they did, that is circumstantial, it proves nothing more than that they attended a marathon.

    Research what limb-loss injuries among the military are like and you’ll discover that soldiers are issued professional tourniquets to prevent bleeding to death. The “tourniquet” made out of a t-shirt that supposedly saved Jeff Bauman’s life wasn’t even a tourniquet – look up “tourniquet” on Google if you don’t know what they look like. The military often use two tourniquets plus special gauze to stop the bleeding, and even then the chances of loss of life are high. To leave Jeff Bauman for over five minutes all on his own – I’m sorry, but he would have bled to death. And meanwhile he would have been white as a ghost, not looking around calmly observing the commotion around him. Maybe one or two anomalies could be explained away, but we are dealing with a mountain of anomalies. In any case, the cast were caught on camera with no blood or injuries just after the blast. Their “injuries” only appeared a few minutes later. Check it out.

  • A Node

    I told you, I’ve done a search and I can’t find any images that support your suggestion. If you know of some, then post the links.
    I agree that the whole story of the Boston bomb stinks. It is therefore all the more important that truth seekers don’t muddy the waters with red herrings which waste time and discredit the truth movement.

  • Adamite

    A Node,

    Here is a highly credible analysis along with photos of the two ‘Jeff Baumans’ and many other images from straight after the ‘explosion’. The ‘victims’ are clearly shown with no trace of blood and zero injuries. A few minutes later, they reappear dressed in stage blood and pulling faces for the cameras. If we had any vestige of a free press, this would be front page news.

    It is a shame Craig seems to have gone from this thread, as I would have been very interested to hear what he makes of the above photographic evidence.

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