The Official Tsarnaev Story Makes No Sense 343

There are gaping holes in the official story of the Boston bombings.

We are asked to believe that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was identified by the Russian government as an extremist Dagestani or Chechen Islamist terrorist, and they were so concerned about it that in late 2010 they asked the US government to take action. At that time, the US and Russia did not normally have a security cooperation relationship over the Caucasus, particularly following the Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008. For the Russians to ask the Americans for assistance, Tsarnaev must have been high on their list of worries.

In early 2011 the FBI interview Tsarnaev and trawl his papers and computers but apparently – remarkably for somebody allegedly radicalised by internet – the habitually paranoid FBI find nothing of concern.

So far, so weird. But now this gets utterly incredible. In 2012 Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who is of such concern to Russian security, is able to fly to Russia and pass through the airport security checks of the world’s most thoroughly and brutally efficient security services without being picked up. He is then able to proceed to Dagestan – right at the heart of the world’s heaviest military occupation and the world’s most far reaching secret police surveillance – again without being intercepted, and he is able there to go through some form of terror training or further Islamist indoctrination. He then flies out again without any intervention by the Russian security services.

That is the official story and I have no doubt it did not happen. I know Russia and I know the Russian security services. Whatever else they may be, they are extremely well-equipped, experienced and efficient and embedded into a social fabric accustomed to cooperation with their mastery. This scenario is simply impossible in the real world.

We have, by the official account, the involvement of the two Tsarnaev brothers, the FBI and the Russian security services. The FBI have a massive recent record of running agent provocateur operations to entrap gullible Muslims into terrorism. The Russian security services have form on false flag Chechen bombings. Where the truth lies may be difficult to dig out. But the above official version is not true.

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  • DomesticExtremist

    Notwithstanding the conspiracy theories, given the countless billions spent around the world on ‘Homeland Security’ since 9/11, the Tsarnaev story looks neither good nor credible.

  • Komodo

    A bit like WMD’s, perhaps?

    “Further, the process of transformation,
    even if it brings revolutionary change, is
    likely to be a long one, absent some
    catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a
    new Pearl Harbor. Domestic politics and
    industrial policy will shape the pace and
    content of transformation as much as the
    requirements of current missions.”

    PNAC (Neocon thinktank instrumental in Gulf 2 and very close to Israeli movers and shakers):

  • Gideon

    Unbelievable fakery in the whole thing. Without going into all of the photolinks it can be seen that the site of the blast area was virtually fenced off before the incident and – when the smoke cleared – there suddenly appeared all of these casualties. The most prominent was the guy who lost 2 legs. Amazingly, he not only survived this trauma without treatment for over 30 minutes, but they decided not to put him in an ambulance and instead to wheel him past the press in a wheelchair. No blood loss apparent and his lips and face show nary a sign of trauma. Those interested might care to Google amputee actors, known to be used by the military to authenticate trauma situations during training.

  • unseenfootage

    We are informed that the FBI has informants in every mosque in America and even the Imams are compliant. It is quite surprising that the FBI allegedly had no knowledge that Tamerlan had disrupted the Friday sermon with “extremist” rhetoric at a Boston Mosque.

    Even more surprising is that they had to appeal to the public to identify who him and his brother were, when all the while, they had interviewed him at least once according to their admission and on several occasions according to the mother.

  • Cryptonym

    I disagree with the mischaracterisation of the Russian ‘invasion’ of Georgia; quite apart from the will of people concerned to remain part of Russia, South Ossetia was only administratively part of Georgia as a bureaucratic convenience, lumped in during the creation of these assorted Soviet Socialist Republics, and Sakhashvilli was a US/Western puppet New Yorker, ‘friend of Miliband’. I wonder where Sakashvilli’s ragbag mercenary army, with overt US, British and Israeli arms and training are nowadays, and what they are up to? Posing as Syrians maybe? It never ceases to amaze how these tooled-up rent-a-jihad, private security, hired killer types so easily jetset around the globe, criss-cross borders and generally gallivant unhindered.

  • craig Post author


    But legs blown off in warfare do not bleed as profusely as you would expect; evidently the arteries somehow close off. Otherwise the very many survivors such as Nelson or Henry Paget, would very quickly bleed to death. To believe the bombings themselves were fake you would have to believe hundreds of eyewitnesses and medical staff were complicit. I do not countenance that.

  • craig Post author


    The Stalin created borders of Soviet republics are indeed highly illogical, as are very many colonial borders. But nonetheless that Russia invaded Georgia is undeniable. You make a claim of justification; quite another question. In fact it was all about superpower politics and the oil and gas pipeline route from Central Asia and the Caspian; the idea that Putin had a deep personal concern for the problems of the people of South Ossetia is risible.

  • Gideon

    Craig, I agree. And I heard stories from a nurse on the hospital ship in the Falklands about men returning from battle with their arms blown off who were still laughing and joking because of the battle-inspired endorphins (which, by the way, you might not find in a sudden, unexpected explosion). But they were still white as a sheet, which this man clearly is not. For the full ‘real-time’ exposure of the fake photographs see:

  • Tom

    How about the fact that there was a bomb drill during the marathon? There were private military contractors at the event (quite well kitted out it seems, even had a radiation survey meter). Also how was Dzhokhar able to stand out of the boat after suffering a massive neck injury?

    There is security cam footage that is being withheld that would shed some light on the event too.

    All too convenient i’m afraid, and that’s not even the whole story.

  • Gideon

    And, by the way, why did they not put him in a stretcher or an ambulance but instead wheel him past the press at the finishing line guided by the phony cowboy?

  • Gideon

    Forgot to add – to provide hundreds of eyewitnesses. No conspiracy here Frazer, just a healthy regard for the observed facts, without slavish bowing to our political masters who term all critical thinking as ‘conspiracy theory’ to keep the unthinking plebs just that way.

  • Komodo

    Didn’t think the double amputee in the pics looked exactly on top of the world, myself. If I’d seen him in the street, with or without legs, I would probably asked him if I could help… You might try telling some Bostonians that their relatives were professional false-flag operatives, though. I think their reaction would convince you of the contrary.

    But “why?” is an altogether different question. Theory: the objection that the Chechens should have nothing against the US, as their enemy is Russia, would be called into question if Tsarnaev were involved with Imarat Kavkaz – proscribed by both the US and Russia and allegedly linked to AQ (whatever that is). IK is represented across the region, including Dagestan.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    @ Frazer,

    Many who want to discredit the asking of reasonable and logical questions about the official version of a story making national – and/or – international news have a tendency to use the phrase “conspiracy theory” to discredit either the questions being asked or the questioner.
    While some persons make outlandish and unsubstantiated claims through leaps of logic – this want of logical thought – surely cuts both ways. Those supporting the official narrative and those questioning or opposing the official story line can both be flawed by way of being flawed in their logic. This, would be more to the point, once one examines quite clearly and logically a version of a story might through such examination be ascertained to stand or fall, regardless of whichever side of the status quo one is more inclined to be on.
    With the foregoing thoughts in mind, I repeat my line of thinking at present – until someone demolishes my line of reasoning or replaces the view I have formed with something more logical, more consistent with the facts that will project “truth” into the events surrounding the Boston bombing.
    I observe and comment – thus:-
    A. One brother, in the video is told come out of the car and strip naked – which he does.
    B. He is taken naked into custody and is arrested.
    C. Next, we hear in the mainstream media of a shoot-out and that he is shot dead.
    We have A and B on the video – so by what credible and logical process of reasoning do we ever arrive at “C”?
    So, further, without conjecture.

    A. There are two(2) brothers – and these have been the focal point of attention as the mass media has been reminding us ever since the Boston bombing.
    B. We remove one brother from the equation (i.e. since he is arrested – in custody – no longer a threat). So – we get to:-

    C. That leaves one (1) brother we know to have been shot ( under what circumstances we have yet to ascertain – but he is shot and is still in a serious condition). So, we can all reason that what we saw on the video footage was footage of the one that was killed – not the one shot and placed in a serious condition.

    Surely, if a man is already in custody and alive – then when he is shot – under what circumstances can such a shooting and killing of a man who already had stripped naked be justified homicide?

    Simple questions inviting comments and/or answers from all.

  • craig Post author


    But accepting for a moment that Tamerlan is a member of a genuine Jihadist group called IK – it would be impossible for him, already on the Russian security services lists to the extent that they had contacted the US authorities about him, to swan in to Russia and travel down to Dagestan to see IK. Just couldn’t happen. I know someone who was picked up arriving at St Petersburg airport because of an allegation that her husband had stolen a car in Kazakhstan eleven years previously – took her six weeks to get out of a very very unpleasant detention.

  • mryuiop

    Blowing up two bombs at the Boston Marathon and killing 3 people and maiming 170 more people makes no sense.

  • craig Post author


    Wow, that video is extremely troubling – but I find suggestions on the internet it is not one of the Tsarnaevs and an unconnected incident.

  • Brendan

    I had a rather chilling thought, even before reading this post. It strikes me that the security services of various countries have much, much more in common with each other than they do their own people, even if these security services are nominally representing enemy states. So Putin’s mob may well have areas of interest with … well, whoever is in charge in the US. You know, business links, social links, a general interest in keeping matters … doublespeak calm. That kind of thing.

    Not a pleasant thought for the evening, for sure.

    Also, the official version is never true. This is becoming, for me, somewhat axiomatic: we are always lied to, and this is just accepted as how things should be. It’s just kinda routine now, maybe it always was.

  • Gideon

    Craig and Komodo. I do think that you are both off track in discussing the political implications of the supposed patsies. This was a pure FBI set-up with, no doubt, several patsies involved. Somehow it went wrong when the Saudi patsy was dismissed so they changed it to the brothers whom they also had on their list. There is no evidence whatsoever that these two brothers were involved. Putin might have been tempted to play along with the Chechian connection to embarrass the Americans over CIA support, but this whole thing is just a smokescreen for yet another FBI-instigated terror event to test police lockdowns etc. And, Komodo, of course the amputee looked pretty unwell – he is a professional actor.

  • MJ

    “somebody allegedly radicalised by internet”

    “accepting for a moment that Tamerlan is a member of a genuine Jihadist group called IK”

    Where does this notion that the brothers were ‘radicalised’ muslims come from and what’s the evidence? According to the BBC:

    “Russian news agency RIA Novosti says “extremist material” was on the YouTube account belonging to Tamerlan.

    “The BBC has been unable to confirm the information about material on the page.

    “Several albums were posted, one of them titled ‘Terrorist’. The album contains two video clips, which are inaccessible, because the account linked to them has been removed”

  • mryuiop

    Murray sounds like a real fruitcake.

    Murray separated from his first wife, Fiona after starting a relationship with Nadira Alieva, an Uzbek woman whom he met in a lapdancing club in Tashkent.

    On 21 August 2003 he was confronted with 18 charges. These included “hiring dolly birds [pretty young women] for above the usual rate” for the visa department, though he claims that the department had an all-male staff, and granting UK visas in exchange for sex.

  • craig Post author


    Yes. “Allegedly” and “Accepting for a moment” are intended to indicate the same scepticism.

  • antony goddard

    So they put forward the theory that a young moslem could have been ‘radicalised’ by following jihadi websites etc. , but what about being the subject of ‘anti-terrorist interview’ ?
    The drive towards more and more anti-terrorist action may itself be a
    source of radicalisation.
    What would have happened if the FBI had just skipped their interview?

  • Courtenay Barnett

    @ mryuiop,

    “Murray separated from his first wife, Fiona after starting a relationship with Nadira Alieva, an Uzbek woman whom he met in a lapdancing club in Tashkent.”

    Is that as low as you can go – or is there a lower personal level of personal attack that you can sink to?

    I too must be another “fruit cake” as you term it – having myself gone out clubbing with the boys, and having had a divorce. Is that all it takes to destroy a man by reference to his human history and the errors of judgments that some of us men do make?

    So – as I understand your reasoning -a man is acquitted of charges – but on the same man’s blog – under your jurisdiction – you find him “guilty”.

    Pathetic commentary on your part.

  • Jives


    Predictably you fail to mention that Craig Murray was subsequently cleared of all charges.

    Do try and keep up.

  • Tim V

    As has been said Frazer
    22 Apr, 2013 – 1:06 pm – the US Government created a conspiracy theory regarding 9/11 that was swallowed by world opinion hook line and sinker. It has now been conclusively proved in ALL RESPECTS to be lies yet those who have uncovered the truth (in as far as it is possible) have been labelled “con·spir·a·cist”.

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