The Official Tsarnaev Story Makes No Sense 343

There are gaping holes in the official story of the Boston bombings.

We are asked to believe that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was identified by the Russian government as an extremist Dagestani or Chechen Islamist terrorist, and they were so concerned about it that in late 2010 they asked the US government to take action. At that time, the US and Russia did not normally have a security cooperation relationship over the Caucasus, particularly following the Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008. For the Russians to ask the Americans for assistance, Tsarnaev must have been high on their list of worries.

In early 2011 the FBI interview Tsarnaev and trawl his papers and computers but apparently – remarkably for somebody allegedly radicalised by internet – the habitually paranoid FBI find nothing of concern.

So far, so weird. But now this gets utterly incredible. In 2012 Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who is of such concern to Russian security, is able to fly to Russia and pass through the airport security checks of the world’s most thoroughly and brutally efficient security services without being picked up. He is then able to proceed to Dagestan – right at the heart of the world’s heaviest military occupation and the world’s most far reaching secret police surveillance – again without being intercepted, and he is able there to go through some form of terror training or further Islamist indoctrination. He then flies out again without any intervention by the Russian security services.

That is the official story and I have no doubt it did not happen. I know Russia and I know the Russian security services. Whatever else they may be, they are extremely well-equipped, experienced and efficient and embedded into a social fabric accustomed to cooperation with their mastery. This scenario is simply impossible in the real world.

We have, by the official account, the involvement of the two Tsarnaev brothers, the FBI and the Russian security services. The FBI have a massive recent record of running agent provocateur operations to entrap gullible Muslims into terrorism. The Russian security services have form on false flag Chechen bombings. Where the truth lies may be difficult to dig out. But the above official version is not true.

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343 thoughts on “The Official Tsarnaev Story Makes No Sense

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  • Adrian Haburkuk (age 7yrs 5months and tree weecs)

    My Dad is too busy with the next crushing entry on the LSE/North Korea thread so I’ll just have to stand in and demollish the tin-hat brigade myself.

    We get so tird of all these constant conspirucy types (Espeshully Mary who is under the quaynt impreshun that prodoosing evidence has got sumthing to do with trying to get the story right).

    Acording to these rather naeeve woolly-hatted intellechewls, every official narrative is always taylored by finanshul and military eleets towards the end of keeping public frigtened and, subdood and willing to axept increasing militarization, internal represhun, privatizashun and indettidness.

    And every time, all they have to contribewt to undurstanding an ishoe is evidence and lodgic. That’s SO predictuble and BORING.

    My Dad says these people will probly soon start to queschun why the media editors have all but ignord the Waco explojun story, while simultaneeusly giving brethless blanket covrage of the events in Boston. Then the rusty cogs of their amater investigashun will creek into life and, Hey Ho, more evidence and lojic landing here for us to clean up.

    I feel so sory for them. When will they realize that much more powerful brains than theirs have dificult and painfull decisjuns to make. They carry the heavy responsibiluty of protekting all of us from our enemies. By diging and poking at every explanashun in the meedia they do the enemy’s work for them.

    These photos clearly show superfishul damage at Waco.;_ylt=Ar5GRdYFc38O7N_OoBeW8BZUnMl_;_ylu=X3oDMTBoZXBvYzBnBHNlYwNVSCBTZWFyY2ggMTAw;_ylg=X3oDMTJtazdnZmduBGludGwDcGgEbGFuZwNlbi1waARwc3RhaWQDYzU2OGMyMGQtNmEyNS0zMTQ0LWIwYmYtNzY5ZWM2MzJkY2FkBHBzdGNhdAMxcGhvdG8EcHQDMXBob3Rv?p=waco+fertilizer+explosion+images&fr=ush-globalnews

    (Admit it you’re impressed with the size of my link, aren’t you?)

    My dad says there’s nothing here that a quick lik of paynt would’nt sort out in an afturnoon. Only a mad-man would claim that windows shatured 11 kilomeeters away. And they would be totally irrisponsible if they started to ask about the safty of the 44 other fertilliser plants and thowsands of commershull stockpiles of ammonionimum nitrate scatured threw-out the US. It woud be in such poor tayst to ask what corzes the most trawma, a fertiliser detonashun caused by deeregulation and poor safety culcher or one caused delibritly by terrurists. With this kind of thing people might even ask if they need terurrists at all when they have corparayshuns.

  • Jemand

    I’m not convinced that the official story is not true.

    Certainly, the Russians wouldn’t want any radical getting up to no good on home turf, but there is value in following suspects to see who they associate with and what they might be planning. If the Russians thought that Tsarnaev was planning on doing harm in the US, they might have allowed it for the PR value and consequent US sympathy. But where is the evidence? There are many explanations for how people can get away with what they do. Incompetence, laziness, indifference, stupidity and corruption help. While plausible speculation is fun and entertaining, you still can’t build a solid case out of it.

  • Anon

    Info gathered from elsewhere. Some points that puzzle me.

    Who are all the people in the bombing photos who appear to be members of Craft International (Blackwater type company). Why cannot they be mentioned in tv coverage? See

    Who robbed the 7-11 to attract police to suspects? First we were told it was the suspects now we are told it was some other random armed robbers who happened to turn up at same time. Oh yeah? Did armed robbers kill policeman not suspects?

    Who is/are the Saudi national/nationals that cannot be mentioned either.

    Why did Suspect2 2 wear his white cap back backwards thus ensuring his identification.

    Is the woman in this pic wearing sunglasses standing next to the kid who lost his life the same woman seen in this pic
    If so how did she get there uninjured?

    Who was the original suspect they had and then they said they didn’t have? Was he the mysterious Saudi national.

    The FBI hostage rescue team arrived just in the nick of time to prevent the assassination of suspect #2 as assets on scene were about to burn him alive. Those listening on police scanner heard “We have a conflict of plans we need to resolve immediately. We have orders from the top to go for negotiation.” And the kill team was called off just at the very last moment.

    Had the brothers been recruited by “friendly forces”. If so were they double agents? Were they set up?

    Lockdown of Boston.

    Were authorities0 looking for other players? Possibly trying to cover-up/distract/assure desired outcome? – maybe committed 7-11 robbery to draw police attention in direction of suspects?

    If anything like that suspected then lockdown severely restricts their abilities to operate as well.

  • Gideon

    And – from the official story – what, precisely, is the evidence that these 2 boys were involved in any way?

  • Courtenay Barnett

    @ Craig
    “Wow, that video is extremely troubling – but I find suggestions on the internet it is not one of the Tsarnaevs and an unconnected incident”
    At this point, I can but comment as follows:-
    1. The person being arrested does look like Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
    2. If the arrest was related to a different and unconnected incident – then that “different incident” would still have coincided with the very period of the bombing, and since Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a suspect, it would be an odd arrest that would have arrested another and not Tamerlan Tsarnaev himself pertaining to another incident occasioned at or around the same time of the bombing.
    3. Surely, the journalist is clearly there in the video speaking directly to his eye witness account of events that pertain directly to the post-bombing search for suspects.
    4. The video appeared on CNN and seems to be projecting to the public the arrest of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
    See: – the next video mentions CNN retracting the earlier information announcing that a suspect was arrested:-
    The retraction would be consistent with an attempt to find a new narrative once independent observers started posting youtube videos that either directly challenged and/or questioned the official mainstream media’s version.
    And here is another mainstream media video of someone ( Tsarnaev ?) on his stomach lying flat on the roadway. Can we now begin to piece the original dead Tsarnaev together and link to the man subsequently ( Tsarnaev ?) lying flat and come up with a credible narrative to make the official sequence of events ever fit logically together?:-

    Where is the solid case so far built out of the public information that has been disseminated about the brothers?

  • Anon

    It has been suggested elsewhere that there is a clue in this article and photos

    If the suggestion is true then it is astonishing. Anyone else notice an extra connection? Possibly it is nonsense so I won’t mention the suggested additional connection. Just wondering if anyone else spots the same thing pointed out elsewhere without prompting.

  • resident dissident

    I think Craig is making the assumption that the FSB are in full control of events in Dagestan and Chechenya when there is much evidence saying otherwise. It would be interesting to know what route Tsarnaev took to arrive in Dagestan for his six month holiday – but even then I think Craig is a little out of date if you don’t think there are ways around security even at the major Russian airports.

    While I have little time for Putin and his colleagues, and I wouldn’t deny that he is above false flag operations, I very much doubt that he would take the risk of setting off bombs at the Boston Marathon or turning a blind eye while someone else does. As a former KGB officer and head he would probably have a pretty good idea of the depth of the FBI investigation would follow – and of the consequences that would follow if his or the FSB’s fingerprints were to be found anywhere near. Lets just say that the sh**storm that would follow would make the Livinenko affair pale into insignificance (and given the effort that has been made by the Russians to recover from that I very much doubt that Putin would have the appetite for a considerably larger repeat performance) and I suspect that Putin would also be extremely wary of the likely damage to his financial interests and those of his friends.

    There is no denying that that Putin is quite capable of despotic behaviour when it suits him – but there perhaps needs to be some recognition that he is far from being the only despot operating in the Caucuses at the present – there is plenty oif evidence that there is plenty of Islamist inspired terrorism as well as the Russian variety. I would recommend Tolstoy’s Hadji Murat if anyone needs evidence that this clash of two despotisms has been going on for rather a long time now.

  • Komodo

    FFS! How many more times? is a disinformation site, renowned in song and story. If it told me the earth went round the sun, I’d be tempted to adopt the hollow-earth theory. Really. Bunch of liars, either with the assistance of Israel or intended to make Israel look even rottener.

  • doug scorgie

    22 Apr, 2013 – 1:36 pm

    “Blowing up two bombs at the Boston Marathon and killing 3 people and maiming 170 more people makes no sense.”

    It happened Mryuiop so it made sense to someone.

  • Michael Stephenson

    I really suspect that this could be an FBI sting operation that went awry.

    Considering how many potential terrorist they have “stung” using convicts to convince them to turn to terrorism, so they can then be arrested and tried on terrorism charges. 150 since 9/11 IIRC

    Why would they just give these guys the all clear after having already suspected and interviews them? It seems standard procedure is to set them up then bust them.

    Why would this be any different?

  • Anonymous

    Let me throw in a (not The) Muslim perspective.

    First, I grieve for those people who lost family. I grieve for those who lost limbs and must live the rest of their lives recovering. Second, I was so angry that this was allegedly by a Muslim. I wanted so much that Muslims had nothing to do with this and literally cursed (I never curse) when I learned it was by two Muslims. If it was really him, I hope he gets prosecuted to the fullest extent and hope the victims find peace amist the pain.

    I also see some things fishy about this story, mostly about his path towards radicalization.

    1) I find it highly questionable that Tamerlan suddenly became “religious” and “suddenly” went crazy. I grant you, “sudden religious syndrome” can lead to absurdities, but his life didn’t seem particularly pious to begin with. He had none of the outward signs of religiosity — in fact, in many cases had the exact opposite. Dzhokhar’s Russian Facebook page said he was interested in “Money and Power”. Pretty worldly for would-be martyrs.

    Being outgoing and friendly are not exactly questionable qualities.

    2) These two were raised in the US and came to know people here. Just meeting people and knowing what we (Americans) are like would have tempered their minds against radicalism.

    3) The YouTube speakers he was listening to were not “radicals”. His YouTube playlist included Feiz Mohammad. He belongs to the non-political line of Salafiyya (Salafi/Wahabi), who may be upset at US behaviors abroad, but are actively anti-terrorism. Feiz Mohammad is primarily known for his technical theology, not politicism. I dislike Salafiyya/Wahabiyya, but this strain is actively anti-radical.

    4) The Second Chechen war ended about a decade ago and the few remaining seperatists are weak and largely rejected by the Chechen people. Its over. What would his motive even have been? Chechens oppose Russia, not the US — in fact, the US was sympathetic to their cause pre-9/11.

    Again, if its him, I hope he goes to jail forever or gets the chair. But I’m so deeply deeply sad that ever this happened.

  • Urk


    For somebody so keen to encourage google use, you seem quite adverse to doing so yourself.

    How convenient for the spooks that they concocted so quickly a fake history for Mr phoney cowoy, or as he is known in the real world Carlos Arredondo.
    You can read about him via the website of that famous mouthpiece of the US government Michael Moore:

    The guy in the wheel chair is not an actor, his name is Jeff Bauman Jr (perhaps you would like to google that name) he really has just had both of his legs blown off. The reason there may be not as much blood as you might hope is because Carlos has tied up his legs with makeshift tourniquets, and I believe in his right hand he is squeezing off a vein or artery.

    Carlos Arredondo is a hero and it sickens me that people like you are quite happy to drag him through the mud to further your own agenda.

    There is certainly a lot that is very fishy about this whole incident yes, but spreading malicious and false information like this only provides ammunition to those that would insist that we all look the other way and simply accept official explanations, while labelling all detractors loony conspiracy theorists. People like you make their job so much easier and it is tragic that you seem to see yourself as some sort of vanguard for truth when you cannot be bothered to even check! but just regurgitate what you read online. (almost like some unthinking pleb!)

    For other Boston BS hoax de-bunking, the ever trustworthy snopes is your friend…
    In particular please see the heading “False Victim”.

    If you cannot verify what you are posting online it might be a better idea to not post at all, or at the very least to not do so with such conviction and apparent veracity. It is not difficult to do, it just takes a little bit of independent thought, and a bit more time.

  • Anon


    I am fully aware of what DEBKA is. You can modify their version of events accordingly…8

  • Victor Tashkentskiy

    Not only he traveled to Russia or troubled region of Dagestan, but also he was able to renew his Russian passport in 2012!!!.
    Wow, that’s amazing. Russians, like many other former soviet republics, scrutinize applicants for passports or passport renewals so much so that you have to give information almost on all relatives and your life and work history. What is more amazing is that Russian migration services confirm he had submitted all documents and claimed that his previous passport was lost in Boston! Shite is happening all over the place.

  • Kempe

    Well this may be some sort of complex conspiracy involving unlikely cooperation between the FSB and CIA/FBI or there may be a simpler explanation. He could’ve travelled on false/stolen papers, easy enough to obtain if you know the right people and we don’t know for sure what route he took, only that he left the US in January and turned up in Dagestan in March or May. Plenty of time to take the long way round and sneak in via Georgia or Ajerbaijan; or by boat.

    Always a sound idea to consider the more sensible options before developing improbable conspiracy theories.

  • Komodo

    “But accepting for a moment that Tamerlan is a member of a genuine Jihadist group called IK – it would be impossible for him, already on the Russian security services lists to the extent that they had contacted the US authorities about him, to swan in to Russia and travel down to Dagestan to see IK. Just couldn’t happen.”

    But if he’d travelled to Dagestan to see his entirely uninvolved friends and relations, it might have been an easier matter. And would it have been necessary to travel to Dagestan at all? As far as I can see the Chechen US diaspora is pretty well centred on Boston. I’d be very surprised if IK were unrepresented there. Though that gets us back to the question of why the FBI didn’t have a line on him. And so on, in circles.

  • Komodo

    I do. I ignore them completely. What comes out of Debka is guaranteed disinformation. Using it as a source is pointless.

  • Anon

    Was this tweet by the younger brother a clue in case something happened to him.

    Met this marine yesterday who said he doesn’t give his name out to “unclassified personnel” he then proceeded to tell me his name quietly

    2:45 PM – 12 Jan 13

    It is surprising his twitter account is still active.

  • Mango

    the suspects’ father says his elder son rang him a day after explosions and told him that FBI officers had called him and told him that he was being suspected. Tamerlane, according to his father, was taking his brother (in his car) to college when he was shot dead. He also says his elder son has received several phone calls from FBI officers previously. I don’t still understand if a man was flagged don’t you notice whether he is piling armors or explosives or not?. Don’t you notice whether he is contacting someone who is teaching him how to make explosives, because according to an FBI officer who gave an interview yesterday “the explosives were difficult to compound, and there are accomplices who helped in this”.

  • Jives


    Im on an IPhone so cant test your new feature out alas..

    But thanks very much for your time and effort on this.

    Im sure it will be invaluable on my desktop PC.


  • Uzbek in the UK

    Well spotted Mr Murray.

    For a person on Russian FSB (former KGB) security list is virtually impossible to cross Russian border unnoticed and even more impossible to travel to Dagestan which as you well put it – one of the most heavily securitised place in the world. And Tamerlan would have been in Russian FSB list if they raised their concerns with FBI.

    I said again and again that Russia is no better than US and in my opinion is much worse when it comes to their national (Putin and gang’s) interests.

    In my opinion it was carefully planned FSB operation which was aimed at destabilising Chechen nationalist links with western governments. Although foreign radical Islamist fought in Chechen wars, Chechens themselves have rarely expressed their support with international jihhadi movements. With the exception of several Brits who were beheaded in Chechnya there were no cases when Chechens were involved in killing any foreigners. And even in this case it is still argued that this most likely was a work of few foreign radical Islamist who were operating in Chechenya back then.

    For Putin whose dissatisfaction with current quasi criminal Chechen president Ramzan Kadirov is obvious the case of breaking links between west and Chechen nationalist is key in his future plans of regime change in Chechnya.

  • Uzbek in the UK

    Information in the link provided by Victor Tashkentsky is yet another proof that Tamerlan had never been in any FSB lists. Getting any former soviet republics passport is huge pain in the neck and applications are scrutinised by several agencies including FSB. For someone on their security alert list it would be impossible to receive the passport without at least being invited for questioning.

  • Anon

    Some “agency” arranged to setup the brothers unaware the brothers were “agents” for someone else?

    What will the younger brother say. Interesting he was terrified of the police but surrendered close to death to the FBI Hostage Rescue Team as soon as it appeared on scene if accounts are true.

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