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    Paul Barbara

    Is there anyone on this site who is willing and able to translate a book from German to English?

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    M Tal

    I would have the skills and experience.
    Whether I can help will depend on the details.

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      Paul Barbara

      Fine, M Tal. If the mods can exchange our emails, I’ll put you in touch with a book publisher who is looking for an interpreter, and you can sort out the deal yourselves.
      Alternately, if you go to and join the Forum, you can PM (personal message) me with your email.
      I post on that Forum as ‘outsider’, and if you go to my profile, just click on the ‘PM’ button and send me your email.
      The book involved is ‘Gekaufte Journalisten’ by Udo Ulfkotte; the German was a best seller, but the US company that bought the rights to print an English translation then ‘privished’ it and sat on it (doubtless at the behest of the CIA). The rights have now been taken back, and a printer is negotiating the rights.

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        M. Tal

        Ah, sorry. Ulfkotte is a hard-right Islamophobe. If he’s not a Nazi himself he certainly spends plenty of time with them. Wouldn’t touch his book with a bargepole.

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          Paul Barbara

          @ M. Tal
          Thanks for reply. I trust you watched his short video – he can’t be much of a Nazi, as he wants to avoid a war with Russia, which is why he decided to speak out about media corruption.

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    The book is available in English on Amazon

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