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    Around a fifth of care home staff are refusing to have the vaccine. (Reports in the Heil and the Torygraph.) That is a very interesting part of the population in this connection, because these workers have seen what’s happening at the sharp end – the slaughter of many thousands of old people last spring, when paramedics were told not to attend if they had respiratory problems and the death rate at care homes shot up, with many having “Covid” written on their medical certificates of the causes of death even without having been tested for SARS-CoV2. Care home staff may well appreciate much more keenly than most other people in the country that the official line on “the coronavirus” absolutely stinks to high heaven. I do not believe for one moment that the reason so many are refusing is because they believe they are “invincible”, which is the (insulting) explanation given in the Torygraph.

    And there’s more: their bosses, through their cartel the “National Care Association”, are “seeking legal advice” on whether they can force them to succumb, which presumably would mean not that they would hold them down and gag them (after all, the workers aren’t the residents) but that they would give them the sack if they continue to refuse to get injected.

    More naive readers may be unaware that “independent” care homes tend to be run by vile conmen who “pay” large rents to freeholder companies that they themselves are connected with but which are separate legal entities, often based offshore. Also they love to run scams supplying wheelchairs and buggies etc., persuading elderly people or their families into buying them at high prices and then if they die or become unable to use them a few weeks or months later, sucking their teeth and saying they can only buy them back at 10% of the price. I seem to recall that one guy who specialised in that kind of verminous operation became the head of the Student Loans Company. (Meanwhile the appointment of the former CEO of the criminal scammers called Talk Talk as head of the NHS “Track and Trace” also “says it all”.) Scams with equipment at care homes, and with property leases, are the kind of thing the Tory golf club set call “enterprise”. These care home guys can also arrange through swindler friends working as solicitors for oh so helpy wills to be drawn up for residents too. There are few clients that many solicitors welcome more than elderly people who’ve lost half their marbles, don’t see their families much, and have loads of money in the bank. The phrase “scum of the earth” comes to mind.

    So it is very interesting indeed that care home workers and care home bosses seem to have diametrically opposed views about the vaccine – and more than that, they are having a big fight about it.

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    N_, the contempt you hold for your readership parallels that of the tabloids. You should feel shame.

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    I don’t necessarily agree with all of what N_ says in his post but some of it isn’t far from the truth. I have also read that in Ohio 60% of care home employees were refusing vaccination.
    I don’t think employers will ever be able to force vaccinations on employees but it may get to a point where they can fire them for refusal or remove them from duties that require resident (or patient) contact. Say for instance there is an outbreak of flu in a care home traced to some employees who hadn’t had the flu vaccine, is anyone liable and if so is it the employee or the care home?
    The flu vaccine is offered to all NHS staff. I wonder how long before the GMC and NMC and other professional bodies make it unethical not to have it which would effectively make it mandatory for doctors and nurses, radiographers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, paramedics and almost by inference everyone else who has patient contact including porters, care assistants and well everyone working in health care to be honest. The liability issue also arises. If someone is genuinely allergic to the flu vaccine and can’t have it where does that leave to employer in terms of liability? What if they catch flu from a patient. Not a big issue for most but some will get severely ill. I suspect the legal issues will force the issue to the forefront in the next few years.

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    After promoting update, only about 50% of NHS agree the flu jab, and I doubt many will agree a synthetic pathogen jab, both for medical and moral reasons, as the companies and NHS are indemnified against any harm and frail elderly are dying after the jab, see report from Norway.

    Using an emergency to coerce and ignore rules, approaching a year, can’t legally trump existing human and employment rights, if you have the gumption to resist, but the intimidation has suppressed resistance, even if you could get a court to hear a case.

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    This already exists for TB, Hepatitis B and C and HIV.

    “This guidance is intended not to prevent those infected with blood-borne viruses from working in the NHS, but rather to restrict them from working in those clinical areas where their infection may pose a risk to patients in their care.”

    So it could be adapted for SARS cov-2 as appropriate.

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    That figure is out of date. For the 2019/20 ‘flu season vaccination uptake amongst NHS staff ranged from 71% to 86%. Reflecting the upward trend in the general population.

    Some frail elderly Norwegians died AFTER being vaccinated. Any proof that it was the vaccination that killed them?

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    @Kempe: Did these frail elderly Norwegians die WITH the vaccine or FROM the vaccine?

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    Apparrently 13 of the 23 have had post mortems done which did associate their deaths with side effects of vaccination. Bloomberg has a piece on it here.
    American CDC have stated that the rate of ana[hylaxis is something in the order of 11.1/milliom link. Off the top of my head that is similar to what you might expect from penicillin treatment.
    The method by which these new covid vaccinations are attempting to deliver immunity is new and previously untested. We should be monitoring them closely.
    Other worryng news in the Guardian here. That is a lot of readmissions.

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    “Did these frail elderly Norwegians die WITH the vaccine or FROM the vaccine”?

    Mean spirited, but a good question. If someone dies within 28 days of testing Positive, officially its a covid death, but if someone dies immediately after a synthetic pathogen jab, its just a coincidence, a bit of bad luck! Personally not being an expert, I find the idea of ‘vaccinating’ the frail elderly on other medication, and perhaps not feeling very well, obvious quackery.

    The ‘vaccines’ are promoted to protect the vulnerable and so it appears logical to ‘vaccinate’ the elderly, but as the vulnerable elderly will have weakened immune systems due to age and on other medication, its taking a big risk, to give them new experimental synthetic pathogens. In fact if more deaths serious side effects are reported, to continue the coercive mass ‘vaccination’ becomes a crime against humanity.

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    Tens of thousands of the elderly have been vaccinated in Norway. So far, even counting all 29 deaths as due to the vaccine, the risk/benefit versus contracting covid-19 is massively in favour of vaccination.

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    Clark, I’d urge caution just for now. I don’t want to come across as anti-vax, because I am not. However, this is a new type of vaccination mechanism (mRNA) with, so far as I know, a new lipid nanoparticle delivery system (Pfizer and Moderna vaccines). It could be the lipid nanoparticle that people are reacting to. The Oxford/Astrazenica one uses more familiar technology in that it conveys the mRNA via a modified chimp virus. For now any adverse reactions should be considered seriously.
    For interest worldometer has a covid vaccination dashboard.

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    ET, I agree, and I agreed when SA said that ongoing monitoring of outcomes was important. But the Norway results do not support Dave and N_’s arguments. They do not support N_’s “culling” conspiracy theory, and they do not support Dave’s claims of “obvious quackery”.

    What they are an argument for in the ongoing emergency is informed consent.

    In the larger context, the existence of the emergency itself and the haste in deploying experimental vaccines is an indictment of governments’ nonchalance; gross irresponsibility by not doing what the New Zealand government did.

    That could still be done, by compartmentalising, wiping out covid-19 zone-by-zone, implementing proper trace, test and quarantine, and in that environment developing vaccines with all the usual safeguards. That option is open to all governments at any time; it’s never “too late”, and it only takes a couple of months. China got covid-19 under control after the Chinese New Year celebrations had scattered it through a tenth of the global population, and that’s how they did it.

    It’s like climate change. The solution is always the same, but the longer you leave it the more damage it does.

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    Meanwhile the appointment of the former CEO of the criminal scammers called Talk Talk as head of the NHS ‘Track and Trace’ also ‘says it all’.

    This despicable individual, namely Boris Johnson’s friend the Tory peer Dido Harding, is now in the news for the 1 million pounds of public money PER DAY she is handing over to “private consultants” to “help” with “NHS Track and Trace”.

    (The figure of “£1000 per day” that is appearing in many media organs right now is damage limitation and supposedly refers to how much each “consultant” is paid. The figure of how much is paid to consultants as a whole by “NHS Track and Trace” each day is almost 1 MILLION pounds. As anybody who went to a cafe during the gap between the lockdowns will be aware, “Track and Trace” is a complete an utter effing joke. It’s also very lucrative for some. Who do these consultants think they are – C[r]apita?)

    TalkTalk are a criminal outfit, pushing at the boundaries of the law (to put it politely) in a similar way to some water companies (pressurising customers into paying five months in advance), car park management companies at motorway service stations, and an airline company such as FlyBe (you can read about their favourite trick of telling passengers at final departure gates that they must have typed their own names wrong and therefore they won’t be let on the plane unless they cough up more money there and then – i.e. basically extortion) – not to mention payday loan sharks etc. etc. (And the list could go on: trying to trick whoever comes through the door into signing some kind of continuing agreement and then sending thugs to threaten them when they don’t pay, is par for the course in all sorts of areas of life in Britain nowadays, including companies selling Chinese “health” treatments and artworks.) Dido is one to watch. She has a background in horse-racing apparently. She’s the daughter of a hereditary peer whose own father was not only Governor of Cyprus but also an “adviser” to the British government in its war-criminal efforts against the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya. Got to admit I hope she ends up in prison where she belongs.

    The Morning Star speculates that she’s one of Boris Johnson’s old flames. She did PPE at the same time as David Cameron at Oxford. She may well have been a “posh totty” hanger-on orbiting the all-male Bullingdon Club which counted among its members both Johnson and David Cameron. The Morning Star makes the interesting point that Boris Johnson referred to her as a “senior NHS executive” at a time when she had never worked for the NHS in her entire life. That sounds very much like something he’d say for a personal friend whom he was helping to grab state money, as he did with Jennifer Arcuri.

    For scum such as Harding, “NHS” will only ever be a brand name that she and her disgusting ilk can line their pockets from. She is married to Tory MP John Penrose who is involved with “1828”, the “advisory board” or “think tank” (i.e. gang of corporate lobbyists) who advocate NHS privatisation and (whaddayaknow) also “donated” to Matt Hancock for several years.

    It would be nice to get a list of those 900 “consultants” paid by “NHS Track and Trace”. Who do they really work for? Google maybe? An insurance firm like Aviva? If Google wants to run “the world’s information”, then there can be no doubt they will at some point muscle in to “health”.

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    “I’d urge caution just for now”.

    Yes that would be sensible, but the government have different objectives and are introducing 24 hour ‘vaccination’ hubs, because they want the entire population to be injected, even though about 99.90% don’t need it and 0.01% shouldn’t have it. I’m sure within those figures there’s room for doctors discretion, but the roll out of the coercive medication is completely unethical, and heralds sinister times.

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    The reason the “government have other objectives” of rapid vaccination is that they are opposed to making economic changes that would empower the people to wipe out covid-19 by the entirely natural method of social compartmentalisation for two months.

    The government gives money to some businesses to prevent them from going bankrupt while they can’t do business, and the businesses pass some of that on to their employees. Instead, the government should suspend fixed costs such as rent and interest ie. unearned income, and give money directly to the people to spend as they wish. Employers would then be under enormous pressure to arrange working environments where infection cannot pass, or they’d be unable to get staff. The bad employers would be unable to do business, so they’d either change or be out-competed.

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    And what “heralds sinister times” is far right politicians, major and minor, denying reality and mandating death and suffering.

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    “even though about 99.90% don’t need it and 0.01% shouldn’t have it.”

    On what premise or premises do you base this assertion? That’s an honest question Dave.

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    Humans are social animals and what you are proposing “social compartmentalisation” is inhumane social isolation, and simply wouldn’t work in any society valuing work and freedom. It betrays a socialist mind set that humans can be moulded by their environment, but which ignores their spirit. And that’s assuming you can close the door to a virus, something Vincent Price found was impossible in Masque of the Red Death.

    ET you ask a honest question about something that been answered a number of times. The new vaccines (albeit I’ve read they’re not vaccines but synthetic pathogens) are promoted as a preventative treatment. Take the jab and you won’t get the illness. In practice, if asked, those giving it admit it doesn’t stop you becoming ill, but they say it will mitigate the illness!

    So if you’re healthy you don’t need it, because your immune system and medicines will heal you if you get ill/virus and if you’re vulnerable, its risky taking it, as a weakened immune system, due to age and other medication, may not be able to cope with any side-effects.

    The problem is medication can be harmful, because any alien agent entering the body will be attacked by the immune system as an intruder, and that’s why you get side-effects, some very serious, so really you should avoid medication if possible, albeit the pros may outweigh the cons. And that’s why any safe medicine follows years of trials and monitoring. These therapeutics, are mostly medicines to help treat you once you’ve become ill.

    So the question, the drug companies don’t want you to ask, is are there alternatives to drugs that can keep you healthy. Well the best way is to strengthen your immune system with healthy eating, exercise and socialising in the sunshine as this helps the body produce vital Vitamin D. (All things being banned to keep us safe). People become ill due to weakened or overwhelmed immune systems, but treatments to sooth the symptoms as the immune system fights back help, as do medicines that directly treat an illness.

    The fascination with ‘vaccines’ is because the big drug cartels don’t make money from healthy living and cheap and generic medicines, the big money is in expensive ‘vaccines’ with ’emergency’ proposals to multiple jab entire populations, and with indemnity from any compensation claims. Kerching.

    So its not a matter of being anti-genuine vaccines, its about a balanced health policy favouring healthy living and tried and tested medicines, not magic bullet synthetic pathogens that simply aren’t needed because most people’s bodies, except vulnerable and elderly, can deal with a illness/respiratory virus and there are many medicines, treatments, already available, but being suppressed to facilitate mass-‘vaccination’.

    And bear in mind the ‘vaccination is intended to stop you getting something, not treat an illness. The reason vaccines are no longer vaccines is because once the idea was to give you a small dose of something, to make it easier for the body to fight it and gain immunity. But these new ‘vaccines’ are not the illness, but contain something else, synthetic pathogens, which remains, I believe, confidential, but definitely not highlighted, and neither are the side effects.

    So why? Well corruption is endemic to humanity, the way of the world, which religions explain as our fall from grace, but which can be mitigated by social organisation in the public interest, helped by a healthy democracy holding the Executive to account.

    The problem is Blair was a disaster, spiritually corrupt, and although not entirely to blame, he began the process of politicisation of independent bodies, in which Britain became more and more centralised with a few powerful people, the globalist, fascist corporate elite calling the shots. And easily controlling the underlings with the threat of being called a racist.

    But then there was a populist revolt, threating the new oligarchy, and so the Great Reset, using the virus to cripple civic society and small businesses to suppress the peasants revolt to entrench the ruling elite, with is an unholy alliance of Western bankers/aristocracy, Vatican/church and Chinese Communist Party.

    But having exposed themselves so clearly to suppress the revolt, Stop the Steal, will they permit a return to normality and honest elections?

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    “what you are proposing “social compartmentalisation” is inhumane social isolation, and simply wouldn’t work in any society valuing work and freedom. “

    Wrong, as ever. The point of compartmentalisation is to avoid isolation. People organise into closed groups, ie. communities, for company and mutual support. When there has been no transmission within the community for 14 days, it becomes a Green Community. Green Communities may mix and merge with other Green communities, increasing opportunities for socialisation and work.

    It is similar to the concept of Green Zones, but with some complications. Since self-sufficiency is nearly impossible in the UK, each Green Community requires Amber volunteers, to get supplies from Red Zones and put them in a safe place for collection by the Green Community. This can be worked by three groups on a six-week rota – a fortnight on collection duties, a fortnight in quarantine, a fortnight within the Green Community. But if everyone observed this discipline, only two cycles would see COVID-19 wiped out.

    You claim to be anti-globalist Dave, but here is a valid reason, indeed a necessity for travel restrictions, yet you are opposed to it. Just like the Brexit “Control Our Borders” Conservatives took ten months to before controlling our borders.

    You’d do better not to make assumptions about my ideology, Dave, and you’d do better to abandon your own; it seems to be blinding you to reality and making you waffle about irrelevant politics, about which the virus cannot possibly care. And I get my ideas from the study of nature, not Vincent Price films.

    “Mental health is the ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs”

    M. Scott Peck, US army psychiatrist.

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    From End Coronavirus

    In a year of suffering and losses, many countries have made their own experiments in how to deal with COVID-19.
    The results of these experiments are known:

    • Having COVID-19 under control reduces suffering and losses.
    • No country has COVID-19 under control without strong travel restrictions.
    • No country has COVID-19 under control by trying to keep the numbers at a non-zero threshold.
    • It is easier to get back to zero if you react fast to new outbreaks.
    • It is not too late to try to get COVID-19 under control and it doesn’t take long.

    Let’s learn from the countries that succeeded. Go for zero – with a green-zone strategy.

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    Its a question of balance and what you and the government propose won’t save us from covid-19 let alone covid-20. Both see the virus as a way to introduce your own versions of the brave new world, both a return to feudalism, the restrictions on travel a key element, but neither will stop covid-19, let alone covid-20, and not intended to either.

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    Healthcare professionals in the UK have a moral duty to get the Covid jab

    I wonder when the advice from GMC will be produced.

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