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    Modified Bayes theorem; note term P(C):

    Paul Barbara

    @ Clark October 3, 2019 at 00:50
    This is not a reply to your comment above. I have read quite a few prior comments but not all, and one I noticed you claimed Silverstein was obliged to get insurance and to rebuild on the site. Let me clarify, it seems probable he was legally bound to insure the buildings, but the ‘Lucky’ part was he had two special clauses inserted into the insurance: that they be insured against terrorist attacks (and this was just weeks before 9/11!) and that he would have the right to rebuild on the site. He had those clauses specially inserted, they were far from obligatory.
    Then he only paid one month’s mortgage payment; he was not liable to pay another penny after they were destroyed. So he got the Towers for peanuts. Very handy too, as the Towers were huge White Elephants, had never been profitable, much of their space was empty without renters, and they were virtually condemned, as they were chock full of asbestos.
    The Port Authority had put out tenders to either get the asbestos removed, or to demolish the Towers; both had been prohibitively expensive. Silverstein must have known this, as he already owned WTC7, so why would he buy them? If the 9/11 destruction hadn’t occurred, ‘Lucky’ Larry Silverstein would have been in the merde. And if his wife hadn’t convinced him to go to the dentist (I think it was the dentist) he would have been in the Windows on the World and brown bread when 9/11 unfolded. Instead, he made a colossal killing (at least financially).

    Regarding Gelatin and the ‘B-Thing’, here is a very good article which links Gelatin to the Israeli ‘Art Student’ spies, and also explains that one of the Gelatin group’…has been identified as Hanan Serfaty, an Israeli military intelligence officer and bomb expert.
    And it turned out to be Serfaty who was found to have moved nearly $200,000 around during the first quarter of 2001 and explained it away as the proceeds from successful art sales.
    I wonder what Sherlock Holmes (or even Inspector Clouseau) would make of all this?

    Paul Barbara

    Regarding the Israeli ‘Art Student’ spies, here’s some further info:
    ‘Censored Israeli Software Spying On US Am Docs Comverse Infosys Carl Cameron Dec 2001′(from Fox News!):
    Although Cameron didn’t get the sack, his career was irrevocably damaged.

    Paul Barbara

    I’ve been aware of this for some time, but some of you may well be unaware:
    ‘New York Fire Commissioners Call for New 9/11 Investigation About “Pre-Planted Explosives”:

    New York Fire Commissioners Call for New 9/11 Investigation

    The government will pull all the stops on getting both cases crushed, Firefighters and Lawyers, but at least it helps to bring the situation to some more people.
    The Firemen and the Architects and Engineers agree that explosives and/or incendiaries were used in both Towers and WTC 7.


    I posted about this up-thread (September 19, 2019 at 13:42). I argued ….

    “Everybody has an opinion on what happened on 9/11, but I suggest some opinions carry more weight than others. A New York fire department, the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District, were amongst first responders, lost 2 firefighters on the day and many more are suffering chronic health effects. In July 2019, all five commissioners of the fire dept approved a resolution to officially support a new investigation into the events of 9/11, claiming …..”

    …. but gave up when Clark abandoned any pretense of reasonable debate by refusing to concede even that “the 5 fire commissioners have professional knowledge of fires and how they affect buildings.”

    Clark then proceeded to deliberately and knowingly make this thread unusable by embedding trivial and irrelevant videos until the forum software couldn’t cope and lag times were measured in minutes. Last time I was here my browser crashed. I say “knowingly” because he warned somebody else about this technical problem in another forum. Doesn’t seem so bad now. Maybe the mods have fixed it.


    Because I am being accused of deliberately sabotaging this thread, I have opened a new one, with a prominent warning not to post naked links, the cause of slow page response. Any of you dumb and paranoid conspiracy theorists could have opened a new thread, but it seems you prefer whinging to taking direct action; no surprises there, then.

    Your new thread is here. MODS, I suggest you close this forum thread before it gets any longer and slower.

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