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    Circumstantial evidence that something was hidden tells us nothing about what was hidden.

    The Port Authority disposed of the wreckage. The Port Authority also authorised the, er, rather unconventional WTC designs to be built, and after the collapses tried to withhold the plans from the engineering investigations. The New York building industry is also rife with corruption. Demolition mythology actually supplied a convenient decoy for them.


    You again demonstrate your own lack of understanding. g is a rate of acceleration whereas free-fall is a physical condition. To give a trivially obvious example, a bicycle may accelerate horizontally at g, but no one would therefore insist that it was in free-fall.

    And the units of g aren’t seconds.


    “UAF […] just needed details of the structure concerned”

    And they can’t get that without the debris, because the plans may not have been adhered to. Such malpractice is actually fairly common in the building industry.


    More gall!


    But not to the scale you propose and with such remarkable timing. Find Jesus!


    There’s nothing odd about the timing (sigh); WTC7 had been hit by the collapse of WTC1. It had a gash that spanned multiple floors, it was bulging, leaning and burning. Fire-fighters were measuring its deformation, “up on the transit”. If there was ever a time for a weakness to show up, that was it.

    I didn’t propose any scale. I said I thought a team working with the fire-fighters might have hastily demolished WTC7 on the semi-quiet, so that rescue operations could be resumed in the exclusion zone around it.


    “The 9/11 Commission and its final report are still held up as the final word on the events of September 11, 2001. But there’s just one problem: Six out of the 10 commissioners have admitted that the commission was misled, stymied, hampered by conflicts of interest, and, ultimately, forced to participate in a politically-motivated cover-up. This is the story of the doubtful 9/11 commissioners.”

    the corbettreport


    Yes as Christopher Bollyn says the authors of the crime reveal themselves as they block investigations into the crime.


    Have any readers here actually read the 9/11 Commission Report, or any part of it? I haven’t.

    It is not widely realised that much of the 9/11 Commission Report was derived from interrogation under torture:

    …441 of the more than 1,700 footnotes in the Commission’s Final Report refer to the CIA interrogations. Moreover, most of the information in Chapters 5, 6 and 7 of the Report came from the interrogations. Those chapters cover the initial planning for the attack, the assembling of terrorist cells, and the arrival of the hijackers in the U.S. In total, the Commission relied on more than 100 interrogation reports produced by the CIA. The second round of interrogations sought by the Commission involved more than 30 separate interrogation sessions.
    – Four of them [detainees] said they gave information only to stop the torture. Although details were redacted in all the detainees’ testimony, the tribunal permitted the inclusion of a letter from a detainee’s father in one case, citing what he claimed was American torture of his son. In the letter placed in the record, Ali Khan claims his son, Majid, underwent extensive torture before and after interrogation sessions.

    – “The Americans tortured him for eight hours at a time, tying him tightly in stressful positions in a small chair until his hands feet and mind went numb. They retied him in a chair every hour, tightening the bonds on his hands and feet each time so that it was more painful. He was often hooded and had difficulty breathing. They also beat him repeatedly, slapping him in the face, and deprived him of sleep.

    – “When he was not being interrogated, the Americans put Majid in a small cell that was totally dark and too small for him to lie down in or sit in with legs stretched out. He had to crouch. The room was also infested with mosquitoes. This torture only stopped when Majid agreed to sign a statement that he wasn’t even allowed to read. But then it continued when Majid was unable to identify certain streets and neighborhoods in Karachi that he did not know.”

    I shan’t bother with a link as I know you lot are only interested in collapsing buildings.


    The guilty torturing the innocent to absolve themselves of blame!


    Clark said ”And they can’t get that without the debris, because the plans may not have been adhered to. Such malpractice is actually fairly common in the building industry.”

    If such malpractice was fairly common, then it begs the question why other buildings of this type have not come down in a similar fashion. Maybe it’s just a New York thing?


    It’s common because they can usually get away with it. Once the building is complete you can’t tell whether components were missing when the concrete was poured, and not many buildings get hit by aircraft or whatever.

    But yes, it does happen, eg. the Ronan Point collapse in 1968:

    Further construction defects had led to the whole weight supported by each wall panel being supported by the panel beneath by two steel rods, instead of being spread evenly along the panel, leading to extremely high stresses that the concrete was not designed to withstand.

    – The strengthening brackets which had been fitted during the rebuilding were in many cases not properly attached, since they were fastened to hollow-core slabs, and in many cases they had been bolted only to the thin concrete surrounding the cores, which was inadequate to take the stress.

    – The concern […] eventually led the council to evacuate the building, and then to demolish it in 1986 in a forensic manner (rather than, for example, using explosives). When this was done, the extent of the defects found shocked even some of the activists, such as the architect Sam Webb, who had been lobbying for years that the building was unsafe.


    Gerry, September 6 at 07:10 (#46919):

    “The North tower collapsed in about 13.8s total which equates to around 2/3 freefall, total freefall being approcx 9.2s for 1365ft. Still way too fast.”

    Myself, September 6 at 16:04 (#46949)

    “Yes, the internal collapse accelerated at around 2/3 of g, so 1/3 of the entire potential energy of the structure (before collapse) was available for destruction of materials. Convert that to TNT equivalent and you can see that it was way more than enough.”

    I agree that the collapse was much too fast to be consistent with Bažant’s “crush down then crush up” model. But Bažant’s model isn’t consistent with observation of either the collapse or the wreckage; it’s an interesting theoretical exercise, but it isn’t remotely realistic and it was never intended to be.

    Bažant’s model is the failure mode that demands the most energy, bending every vertical column in the building. But when things break in the real world, they do so at the weakest points rather than the strongest, ie. they break in whatever way requires least energy. In the Twin Towers’ collapses, this was cascade destruction of/through the floor systems.


    Here’s a 29 minute video by news cameraman Mark LaGanga. Don’t bother if you prefer two-second sound-bites on a loop or eyes in pyramids overdubbed with a male voice choir; this doesn’t even have commentary:

    Starting just after the collapse of WTC2, he walks into the disaster zone, enters the damaged and mostly evacuated WTC7, and then takes some shots of WTC1 burning. He videos most of the collapse of WTC2 before getting caught in the dust cloud.


    He videos most of the collapse of WTC2 WTC1 before…



    In this video you can see the masses of wreckage – which didn’t exist, some Truthers tell me, because the buildings were “turned to dust”. At 03:15 you can see how insubstantial the Twin Towers’ perimeter structure looked once deprived of the illusion of solidity provided by the building before it was damaged. And these are just a few of the lower floors, yet some Truthers repeatedly insist that this structure could have supported itself upright to over ten times the height of the remnant shown, without lateral bracing from the floor systems.


    The expression the towers turned to dust is accurate, but you’re right some of it didn’t turn to dust, but reinforced iron, concrete and steel doesn’t turn to dust due to a shoddy build but can due to high grade explosives and the picture is an example of what material had been turned to dust.


    Even in a normal civilian controlled demolition, explosive or vérinage, most of the dust is produced by the material crushing itself as the collapse hits ground.

    The WTC buildings produced more dust because the buildings were much taller than any buildings that have been imploded. There was further for the rubble to fall, so it picked up more speed, more kinetic energy, which was all dissipated in the final crush.

    There’s really no mystery. When ore or rubble is deliberately turned to dust it is done by crushing it in a mill. This process has been studied thoroughly and is well quantified. The same equations have been applied to the Twin Towers’ collapses, and the amount of dust produced was normal.


    Except there was nothing being crushed, it was just exploding into dust, but as you rightly say some of the 220 stories of reinforced, concrete iron and steel didn’t turn to dust!


    Just watch the collapse videos. You can see the descending, accelerating front of dusty air ejected by the avalanche of concrete floor systems confined within the perimeter columns. It races ahead of the second wave of collapse (namely the toppling of perimeter sections), and the huge dust cloud wells out as it reaches ground. All just what you’d expect from progressive collapse of the concrete floor systems, all just as predicted by Newton’s laws.


    God help us!

    Skye Mull

    There’s a lot of theorising here by someone who is clearly not a structural or civil engineer.


    Observation mostly.

    The odd bits of theory can easily be checked. Which are you worried about?


    Meanwhile, solid evidence of foreknowledge and obstruction of efforts to prevent the attacks gets lost by those fixated on the fact that the towers fell down after high speed impacts onto their structures. How many “truthers” know about Alec Station, Able Danger, Coleen Rowley, the NRO “plane into building” exercise during the attacks or any other evidence of complicity not related to the (false) claims of demolition?


    Not surprised it’s gone quiet Clark, the disparaging generalisations about truthers is fairly offensive/ annoying to those of us who you would call a truther but are only following the facts and evidence. I define myself simply as someone who understands freefall.

    Re your firefighters blew up WTC7 on the day, it sounds entirely impossible to me. Have you any fire fighters/ CD experts that consider it plausible? More importantly, does this mean you accept CD as the only reasonable explanation for WTC7’s collapse? That at least is progress.


    Being generous Clark’s role is to self-skunk the blog to stop it being banned by the deep state and this explains his regular black is white observations, but has a personal interest because he believes controlled demolition equates to blaming the ‘Jews’, as opposed those specifically responsible.


    The book you recommended by the Holocaust denier specifically named Judaism itself as the cause of 9/11. I pointed that out and you defended it. Your fellow Truthers refused to acknowledge your anti-Semitism. Instead, they accused me of fabricating it to “protect the official story”.


    I think the reason it’s gone quiet is that I can actually do simple physics.

    You seem to have been convinced by Truther websites that you “understand free-fall”. Whether induced by explosives or not, hardly any material in a progressive collapse is in free-fall overall, because it is in constant random collisions with itself; that’s what makes the characteristic roaring sound. Sound is a form of energy, making that energy unavailable for acceleration of materials. The sites you seem to have frequented have been very selective in the aspects of the physics that they mention.

    There are videos on YouTube comparing the descent of WTC7 side-by-side with multiple known controlled demolitions. Overall, scaled to occupy the same space on screen, the collapses indeed look very similar. But look more carefully – many storeys of WTC7 are the same height on screen as a few storeys of each other building, yet they fall side-by-side. This tells us that even known demolitions accelerate at less than the acceleration due to gravity.

    Maybe the things you read on Truther websites are less than true.


    And if either of us are “skunking the blog” it’s you, Dave. It was you that posted the “Jewish lightning” comment, deleted by moderators for its anti-Semitism. I had to look it up. It is slang for setting fire to one’s own building in order to claim the insurance. You confirmed your stance that the Twin Towers were demolished for an insurance fraud above.

    It is an anti-Semitic canard; “Jews will do anything for money, even mass murder, and there are any number of other Jews who will conspire to help them in perfect secrecy”.


    Military engineers have frequently demolished buildings in hours. It’s one of their main jobs.

    It was the fire-fighters who seemed to have foreknowledge of the destruction of WTC7. Are you accusing the fire-fighters of pre-rigging the Twin Towers as well, and thereby murdering hundreds of their own colleagues? See here.


    so you’ve determined that I have arrived at my conclusions by being convinced by “truther websites”. Sigh.

    The sort of websites I found convincing is those where arguments are made by the likes of Gerry above, so thanks for re-confirming my belief that this thread is filled with unnecessary snidey shit. So I’m out.


    I don’t blame a religion for 9/11, although some blame Christianity for the Holocaust! Do you?


    If you could indeed “do simple physics” you would know that a 53ft beam cannot expand anything like 6.25″ when elevated 577C, so invalidating NIST’s favoured hypothesis for the collapse initiating event at WTC7.


    And if you could indeed remember simple statements, I don’t defend NIST’s WTC7 models:

    Engineering Prof releases draft report on 9/11 collapse of WTC Bldg 7 in NYC

    Engineering Prof releases draft report on 9/11 collapse of WTC Bldg 7 in NYC

    Did you contact David Chandler?


    Bloody over-enthusiastic forum embedding software broke my links and is making this page irritatingly slow. Here and here.


    “We heard that the Twin Towers were demolished. We know it looks a lot like they failed at the damaged zones causing the tops to smash the bottoms, but it could have been a special, timed, sequenced, fireproofed and remote-controlled demolition rig made to look that way. WTC7 looks somewhat like a conventional controlled demolition, therefore it was a controlled demolition, therefore it was rigged weeks in advance, therefore the Twin Towers could have been rigged in advance too, but with a couple of these special, theatrical, damaged-zone-down demolition rigs. Three thousand people in the world have signed up to this, but all the world’s universities and engineering associations are pawns of the conspiracy.”

    I call this spectacularly wishful thinking.


    “…to stop it being banned by the deep state”

    This just drips with paranoia; there are dozens of sites pushing demolition nonsense but they don’t get “banned”. YouTube’s infested with the stuff and YouTube’s owned by Google, yet I hear that Google are the “deep state”. And don’t pretend it’s a coincidence that you lot all keep making the same half-dozen non-points as each other, and generally in exactly the same words – you all get it pre-cooked off the ‘net.


    That was a generous reason for your black is white observations, but as you rule out self-skunking (do you also deny you are trying to undermine and/or get the thread removed?) the second reason becomes most likely! If so do you think its anti-German to blame Germans for the Holocaust and think criticising Hitler is “anti-Germanism”?


    What you display there is the role of the religious inquisitor searching for and seeking to crush the first sign of heresy.

    The twin towers was obvious controlled demolition (meaning brought down with explosives), but admittedly viewers were bamboozled and told something different, stories about planes, hijackings etc, which most accepted on trust, as they were marched into war, which you repeat.

    But WTC7 is different, because it wasn’t hit by a plane and fell in the afternoon with little public knowledge of the event. So when this event is quietly scrutinised its without the ‘heat’ surrounding the twin towers and so can be looked at dispassionately by reasonable people.

    And that why you have until recently described it as a sympathy collapse and now (almost as far-fetched) rigged to collapse on the same day as a national disaster was unfolding, rather than allow the truth of WTC7 ignite the chain of heresy you describe.

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