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    I see that many of my typos, mispellings and other lazy mistakes are corrected after a time. I am assuming and Mods have noted it in another post that they do this. I was thinking that some features from other forums might help to alleviate that Mod burden. I have no idea how they might affect server performance or how easy or difficult they are to implement in whatever forum software is being used. So, I thought I’d ask and suggest some possibly useful additions.
    The ability to preview posts might help us to correct our own mistakes and save Mods some time. Does this tax the server?
    Also, other forums I have posted on allow a limited period to edit posts already posted, say 5 or 10 minutes. Even if there is no preview I find I notice my mistakes more easily when I read it in the forum proper.
    I ask out of curiosity more than anything.

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    Thanks for your suggestions, ET. I agree it would be useful to have those features, but they aren’t available in the standard edition of the bbForum software we use.

    As it happens there is a Preview button on the admin pages for moderators but it doesn’t work properly: it simply links to the current version of the page without showing any unpublished edits, so it gives no idea of what the changes would look like, and previewing an unpublished comment shows nothing.

    I suspect if we wanted to implement new features we’d have to switch to a different WordPress plugin or use a separate CMS engine. That would be an enormous undertaking for the site admin, so I don’t think it’s likely to happen.

    Correcting text isn’t a huge burden for the mods, because we try to read everything anyway and if we spot a typo it’s a simple task to press the edit button and fix it – in most cases, spelling errors are underlined automatically and can be fixed by selecting from a right-click menu.


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    Thanks for answering.

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    Would it be feasible to standardise the BBCode across the main comments sections and the discussion forums? For example for italics it has to be “em” in the discussion forums (“i” does not work), but “i” certainly works in the comment sections, and I’m fairly sure “em” doesn’t work there as an alternative but I don’t want to use a live comment as a sandbox to find out. (Fortunately the syntax for links is the same.)

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    Thank you for the suggestion, N_.

    The bbPress forum doesn’t use BBCode by default, though there are plugins available for it. Implementing it would require a policy decision and we’d have to consider the potential gains and risks carefully.

    Different users employ the <i> (italics) and <em> (emphasis) tags in the comments section, to the same effect, but the forum is a bit more sniffy. You’re right that there are inconsistencies, not least with the way tweets and embedded links are rendered.

    Moderators only have access to the bbp style pack options and can’t change the quicktags markup. I’ll have a hunt around for anything that could influence this and pass on your suggestion to the site admin.

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