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    Firstly I’d like to say thank you for writing this blog – excellent work – this article by Michael Hudson is fascinating and his recent book – Killing The Host – on how the parasitic banks are destroying the economy makes fascinating reading – his forthcoming book “J is for Junk” looks to be a fascinating study of what he calls “Junk Economics” ie Neo-Liberalism

    Anyway here is the interview – and bellow are my thoughts on the situation we find ourselves in and the failings we make on the left in communicating to the ordinary person and how we might change the presentation of our message to lead people back to the safe arms of a caring left and away from the traps of the establishment

    The Commanding Heights

    it explains in very simple terms what is going on in the world and what the outcome will be. Although everyone assumes American Hegemony this isn’t entirely true – the real plan is by using junk economics(neo-liberalism) to crash the economy’s of every other nation and kill about 50% of the population and return the rentier class to a global neo feudal state.

    So that’s it, really.

    Whilst pointing out the massive failures of capitalism is extremely important, we NEED to start focusing on coming up with a solution – and do it pretty damn quick.

    Time and again I hear from left thinkers how the Establishment knows that humans don’t respond to facts, that we respond to emotion. So they use raw *illogical* emotion to manipulate the population into giving them what they want.

    Then as if to ignore their own advice leftist thinkers go straight back to quoting the ugly facts. It’s almost as if our cynicism won’t allow us to dream up a vision of a better world, one where we don’t destroy the planet, where we reproduce responsibility because we understand that the planet is fragile.

    So I’m going to stick my head above the parapet and suggest a better world

    A home for all

    A warm safe home that allows a person to be free and private and raise a family without fear of destitution

    A peaceful society

    A no brainer – say after me “All we are saying is give peace a chance”

    The freedom to travel freely

    The environmental activists spends their time telling folks that they should give up air travel. Well I’m going to say it – forget it, it’s an impossible sell. You cannot expect people to stop flying because of a bunch of blamey negative facts. Humans are naturally inquisitive – if you want people to vote for you, you need to sell them something positive – we ought to be striving towards new innovations that ultimately end pollution through travel – green aeroplanes if you will, or super hog speed trains

    To work, not toil, for the betterment of the community both locally and internationally

    People are obsessed with hard work – even though it’s clearly not very good for them! Therefore any leftist needs to acknowledge this and present a future where people are allow to expand and feel purposeful. There are a number of ways to do this with out freaking out the larger population

    1) halving all working hours with teams of two or more assigned to a job role – the role can function 24/7
    2) guaranteed basic wage – no person should be denied food or clothing due to their inability to work

    3)active community service treated as and given the same respect as employment

    The ability to live within our means both financially and ecologically

    Another one people are obsessed with – truly their is no living within you means – but if humans are to continue living on this planet then they need to stop turning it into a stripped out dump. We need to dedicate science and engineering to recycling what we already have, to work of clean safe fuel, research into what to do with the endless landfill sludge – can it be purified? Is there uses for in if broken down to its elements – under a capitalist society these type of research is is expensive and unprofitable – under a new system it is one of our highest priorities

    An end to an indebted economy

    We are debt slaves – we are impoverished by a system that takes money from out pockets and presents us with a choice between toil or death – it is a ludicrous misanthropic system designed to enrich the the land owning and banking elite.

    A system that works for all not enslavement to a system

    Well this is another simple slogan – we must be positive we must offer solutions and we must be clear – we cannot continue to point out the cold hard facts and expect anyone to follow us.

    The left is a place of love and caring we need to show this actively and stop getting bogged down in fatalism.


    These are very simplistic suggestions – I will work on them in much more detail when I have time. Keep up the work you do, but remember most folk don’t want to here that we’re all doomed – and that avoidance pushes them into the traps of the elite. We cannot win them back with fatalism. We need to demonstrate the loving arms of the left and we need to do it pretty damned soon.

    That’s for reading


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