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    Dominic Cummings’s latest statement.

    It’s quite a popular comment that Cummings is “not as clever as he thinks he is”. I don’t necessarily agree with that. I doubt he believes he is even in the top 100 cleverest people in the world. (What would that mean anyway? Like other believers in IQ he assumes first that it makes sense to conceptualise such an idiotic measure and second that it’s normally distributed – two of the most “pseudo-scientific” crocks of utter cr*p in existence – so he’d talk about his z-score, but let’s not go there.)

    More to the point – although it’s not such a direct statement of course – would be the comment that “he’s too clever by half”. He is certainly “trying to be clever” with this latest statement.

    I am happy for No10 to publish every email I received and sent July 2019-November 2020 (with no exceptions other than, obviously, some national security / intelligence issues).

    That’s a very carefully written sentence. Is he saying there are some emails concerning national security that he will only give copies of to the prime minister if the prime minister first agrees not to publish them? Then will he do if Johnson leaks them? Or indeed if he publishes them openly? Or if he says publication wouldn’t damage or endanger national security? Sue him? Or is he saying that since they’re about national security he won’t let Security Risk Boris have them in the first place? Remember that the sentence was written by somebody who has been very careful about things like the use of the forward slash and possible interpretations of “a” and “the” elsewhere in this statement.

    He should mind how he goes, because nobody is indispensable – not even him. It’s possible to kill anybody. We may be quite close to the moment when somebody asks “Who will rid me of this troublesome eugenicist?”

    Prediction: by the end of this year, Michael Gove will not be in the post he is in now. He will either be prime minister or he will be out on his ear’ole. He has been Cummings’s little man for many years and it’s beyond a joke.

    Interesting that Cummings doesn’t mention the messages between David Cameron and James Dyson. He doesn’t deny leaking THOSE. There is no love lost between Cameron and him. Cameron called him a “psychopath”. Strong language indeed – much stronger than what Cummings said about Davis.

    All of Westminster thinks Cummings has got it coming to him. He may be well advised to consider moving out of town, rather than talking in public about what documents he holds, as he does in this statement.

    Got to admire his sense of humour, though, when he says “The proper way for such issues to be handled is via an urgent Parliamentary inquiry into the government’s conduct over the covid crisis which ought to take evidence from all key players under oath and have access to documents.”

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    Correction: I meant David Cameron’s messages relating to Greensill, not James Dyson.

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    We can safely say the “heroic phase” of Boris Johnson’s premiership is now over 🙂

    Do we have a name yet for the “donors” who were going to pay to refurbish his flat over No. 10? Any guesses for which foreign country they might be connected with? LOL

    This is all getting into very dangerous territory, and the present stage of conflict can’t possibly last long.
    I agree with David Cameron that Dominic Cummings is a psychopath, but there’s got to be a reason DC is making these plays. He’s not a complete headbanger, and I doubt he’s taking a swing out of the blue because “voices in his head” told him to. More likely is that opposing interests made a play at HIM and he’s responding. And he’s obviously capable of putting up a tremendous fight, given that he has more backbone in him than practically every cocaine-snorting idiot of a politician or journalist…until the day comes when he isn’t capable any longer…

    Things are going to look different and pretty soon…

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    “Do we have a name yet for the “donors” who were going to pay to refurbish his flat over No. 10? Any guesses for which foreign country they might be connected with? LOL”

    Of course we do. It is the Russians interfering with our politics again.

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    Dominic Cummings might be about to go over the catastrophe cusp and have a Twitter freakout.

    I’m rational, rational, RATIONAL I told you all! Johnny von Neumann would have loved me!

    “Rationalism” is a codeword for extreme elitism. “Effective altruism” is a mindf*ck by which Randroids try to distract from their Randroidism, rather in the fashion that Richard Dawkins says he marvels at the creativity of the cosmos or whatever – or similar in a different way to Michael Gove approvingly quoting Antonio Gramsci.

    What’s with the Twitter handle “2306” reference? St John’s Eve? Lighting a bonfire?

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    This is looking bad for Boris Johnson: “A senior minister [Liz Truss] has insisted Boris Johnson did pay for the refurbishment of his official Downing Street flat out of his own pocket but could not confirm where he had got the money.” He’s going to have to come up with an account of where the money came from, and fast. Who knows, we may find Dominic Cummings was carrying a wire.

    That said, one has to notice that the spotlight has been taken away from David Cameron’s corruption.

    In another recent instance of stage magician-style misdirection, the top all-boys private schools in Britain had the spotlight taken off of THEM, as the whole “boys molest girls in all co-ed schools” story was conjured into existence. Senior police officers and eckshpurts confidently predicted it would be the biggest and longest-running distraction from Eton and Winchester story ever. Bigger than Harvey Weinstein, Bigger than the sexual abuse of boys in organised football. Etc. This is a classic case of media misdirection by powerful interests – and yes, Winchester College have said they’re rethinking their supposed decision to admit girls as boarders within a few years.

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    The “exoteric” reference of “2306” is to 23 June 2016, the day of the Brexit referendum.

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    A note on the photo that Dominic Cummings has on his Twitter account. It shows John von Neumann with Richard Feynman and Stanislaw Ulam. As anybody who has studied Cummings’s blog is aware, he is obsessed with John von Neumann.

    Who was John von Neumann?

    Answer: he was one of the most brilliant mathematicians of the past 150 years. Even the world’s other leading mathematicians who were his contemporaries tended to see him as belonging to a class above themselves where mathematics was concerned. If you want a shortlist of the top mathematicians in that period then he von Neumann is obviously on it, and possibly the only others who are on it would be Alexander Grothendieck and Grigori Perelman. For the sheer breadth of the application of his brilliance, Von Neumann probably then wins out of those three.

    Right, how he did he conduct himself?

    And the answer is…he was a WAR CRIMINAL. He was deeply involved in the mass murder of a large number of unarmed Japanese civilians by the US military in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There is absolutely NO WAY that someone could seriously argue that this guy had clean hands. Such “scientists” are NOT innocent. This is the man who did the maths for the altitude at which to explode the Nagasaki bomb so that the largest number of people would be murdered. He knew what he was doing.

    So it is truly amazingly “rich” for Cummings to put up a quote from von Neumann that says “The combination of physics and politics could render the surface of the earth uninhabitable”. (That comes from his testimony to the US Congressional Committee on Atomic Energy, 31 Jan 1946.)

    That’s like Adolf Hitler saying the combination of chemistry and politics could do the same.

    PS The “soft” science of biology appears to be winning out over both physics and chemistry…

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    Johnson could be about to fall. There is a huge subtext of “he’s stuffing his pockets” in stories being put out about him by his own government ministers! E.g. that he “covered” the cost of the refurbishment. (Did he? So who put up the money?) And now the defence secretary Ben Wallace says that the report that Johnson said thousands more deaths were preferable to a lockdown was untrue…and then he calls it “gossip”.

    “Gossip” is just an Anglo-Saxon way of saying what is more commonly referred to by government spokesmen as “speculation”, a standard Brit-posh (e.g. Foreign Office) way of saying something is true but you can shut up about it, you ain’t getting any more information about it either, and we aren’t admitting it openly.

    As the British naval “carrier strike group” sets sail today for China…
    hold on to your armrests for the ride with Michael Gove…
    …or will it be with Jeremy Hunt, who made his fortune in China?

    P.S. Why do they keep saying Theresa May had middle-class taste in interior design? So what? That doesn’t get Boris Johnson off the hook. He’s not accused of bad taste in sofas. He’s accused of TAKING BRIBES. It’s a pathetic bit of misdirection that might have been thought up by the kid in the office – maybe by some “rationalist” 18-year-old with a copy of “Atlas Shrugged” stuffed in his jeans? 🙂 And anyway isn’t it “as common as muck” to think you’re better than somebody else because their taste in sofas differs from yours?

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    Typical British cr*p: when the prime minister gets caught taking bribes, the issue is what social castes have what tastes in furniture.

    Does the word “BRIBE” ever even get mentioned in Britain in connection with a British politician or public official?
    Or is it always terms like “donor” and “cash for questions”?

    I couldn’t care less what any politician’s taste in furniture is.

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