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    michael norton

    I would like to ask, what is the purpose of undof ?
    Israel has conquered a vast amount of the \Golan Heights, Israel now assumes permanent ownership.
    Israel attacks Syria, when it feels like it, which is at least once a month, yet never a peep from undof?

    michael norton

    Why would Chinese Muslims feel the need to be in Syria?
    Members of the Turkistan Islamic Party have been looting metal pipes from Syria and selling them in Turkey.

    A good question would be, was the Syrian War ochestrated from outside of Syria?

    Al-Nusra,Turkistan terrorists loot metal pipes, sell parts of Zayzoun plant in Turkey

    michael norton

    Turkey’s death toll from the outbreak rose to 425 on Friday, while the number of confirmed cases from the disease rose to over 20,000, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said.

    “We have decided to bring partial curfew into effect for people under the age of 20 as of midnight Friday,” Erdogan said.

    Everything seems to have gone quiet on the confrontation between Turkey and Syria.
    Maybe covid-19 is bringing some focus.


    The world should unite to fight Covid-19. However the empire seems to have other plans, and NATO members are now stealing each other’s equipment. Here Sweden is considering reporting France to the European Commission after 4 million face masks ordered by Mölnlycke from China were stopped in France. The Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs says that France’s action is a violation of the internal market rules.
    Spain: Turkey stole at least 150 of our ventilators which we ordered from China.
    And meanwhile the EU genocidal compliance with US sanctions against Syria continues:
    The EU rejected Russia’s proposition to lift sanctions on Syria to help fight the coronavirus.

    Not only in the ME but also in Venezuela:
    US deploys warships off Venezuelan coast

    Since air travel was largely locked down to curb the spread of coronavirus, the UK military has airlifted personnel to at least six countries that have banned British travellers or flights — potentially moving thousands of troops.

    From Declassified UK.From Declassified UK.


    Looting has been a feature of the War on Syria led by Turkey who has benefitted from the looted goods. Early on when the Russians intervened in September 2015, they started by destroying coloumns of oil truck traffic operated by Daesh into Turkey. The Turks benefitted from this contraband traffic.
    DAMASCUS (Sputnik) – Russian Aerospace Forces’ airstrikes against trucks smuggling oil from Syria into Turkey by Daesh (Islamic State), prohibited in numerous countries including Russia and the United States, have helped in revealing the volume of theft from Syria’s natural resources, Syrian Electrical Energy Minister Imad Hamis told Sputnik.
    It has also been stated that wholesale looting of factories in Aleppo which were dismantled and shipped to Turkey took place early on during the war.
    NATO Warfare in Syria: Creating and Exploiting Desperation

    michael norton

    Americans still at it, in Iraq and Syria

    Hasaka, SANA_ The US occupation forces continued their violations of international laws and entered a new convoy of 35 trucks laden with military and logistic materials to its illegal bases and occupation points in the Syrian al-Jazira region coming from northern Iraq.
    Civil sources said that 35 trucks entered the Syrian territories coming from Iraq through the illegal al-Walid crossing in al-Ya’rubia countryside, to the far northeastern of Hasaka, loaded with logistic and military materials, the majority of which went to the illegal base in Khrab al-Jeer airport in al-Malikiyah area.

    The sources pointed out that the US occupation forces are reinforcing their illegal presence in the military airport of Khrab al-Jeer and other areas occupied by them through sending convoys to these areas periodically, loaded with logistic materials and military equipment.

    During the past few months, the US occupation forces have entered thousands of trucks loaded with weapons, military and logistic equipment into Hasaka through illegal crossings to reinforce their presence in the Syrian al-Jazira region to steal oil, Syrian underground resources and major crops.

    michael norton also known as Rmeilan

    What this does show is that the Kurds and continuing to cooperate with the Yanks and are cocking their noses to the rest of Syria

    Is the U.S. Expanding an Airfield in Syria?

    Never hear this stuff on the BBC

    michael norton

    Turkey now has the ninth-highest number of covid-19 cases worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University data.
    urkish authorities have imposed new measures to limit the spread of coronavirus, as the number of infections continues to rise sharply.

    The country has reported 30,217 confirmed cases and 649 deaths.

    So the Americans are continuing their build up in extreme North East Syria, around the oil fields.
    But this air-base at Rmeilan would be able to strike Iran.

    michael norton

    The United Nations has ordered its military and police forces across the globe to suspend rotation in an effort to mitigate the spread of the deadly coronavirus.
    The suspension will stay in effect until June 30, the spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric, told reporters on Tuesday.

    “There is no movement of troops, coming in or out… A few, limited exceptions may be considered,” Dujarric told CBS News.

    The spokesperson explained that the order applies not only to formed military and police units, but to individual officers as well.

    The UN currently has 13 active peacekeeping missions in Africa, the Middle East, Cyprus, Kosovo, and Kashmir.

    France’s sole aircraft carrier ‘Charles de Gaulle’ had to suspend its Mediterranean Sea mission and turn back to port shortly after around 40 of its crewmembers were placed under medical observation with suspected Covid-19.
    All symptomatic sailors have been “isolated” from the rest of the crew and are being constantly monitored by medical staff, the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

    michael norton

    The Russian military has setup four new posts in northeastern Syria this past week, as they beef up their presence in the Al-Hasakah Governorate.

    According to a report from northeast Syria, 12/04/2020,
    the Russian military setup four observation posts in the Al-Qamishli and Tal Tamr districts, which is where they have ran into the U.S. Armed Forces on a number of occasions in the past five months.

    michael norton

    The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces arrested a senior Islamic State person this week.

    According to the SDF’s statement, their forces captured the Islamic State official during a special operation in the
    Al-Hasakah Governorate.

    The operation was backed by the U.S. Coalition’s warplanes.

    They added that the Islamic State official was responsible “for financing and equipping sleeper cells in the region.”

    There does seem to be an awful lot of jostling, going on, currently in the North East of Syria.

    michael norton

    Part of the hustling currently being undertaken in North East Syria, might be attributed to the U.S.A. not want Syria or Russia or Iran capturing Islamic State operatives, putting them on the tele and asking questions, such as
    who funded you, who trained you, who do you work for???

    michael norton

    A Russian jet flew within 7 meters of a U.S. spy plane that was flying towards the Syrian coastline last week.
    According to the report, the Russian Su-35, which was deployed to intercept a U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon aircraft, flew within 7-8 meters of the the spy plane.
    According to the U.S. Navy, the P-8A Poseidon crew struggled to cope with turbulence due to the close passage of the fighter,” the publication quoted Popular Mechanics as saying.

    “It was found that the passage was unsafe due to the fact that the Su-35 conducted a high-speed maneuver at a distance of 25 feet directly in front of the mission aircraft, which endangered our pilots and crew,” the US military said in a statement.

    Popular Mechanics cited the U.S. Navy as saying, “we expect that they [Russian pilots] will behave in accordance with international standards established to ensure safety and prevent incidents.”

    michael norton

    following planning and coordination that took more than four months, the authorities secured the exit of an armed group from al-Tanf (U.S.A. held enclave)area near the Syrian-Iraqi borders, with the militants handing over their weapons and vehicles to the Syrian Arab Army.

    A source from the authorities involved in this process told said that 28 militants and 6 drivers from the so-called “Jaish Maghawir al-Thawra” group, which works under the supervision of the US occupation forces, arrived at Palmyra city where they handed over all their weapons and equipment to take advantage of the amnesty decrees.

    michael norton

    This might be really quite important news.

    Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra
    previously called the New Syrian Army

    So the al-Tanf Enclave, is one of those strange places that holds displacement camps and American camps and special forces.
    It has three way passage between Jordan, Syria & Iraq, which means that contractors can shift between these different states, then shelter, in the American held Enclave.
    Very similar to how the Islamic State Enclave worked, against the Golan.

    michael norton

    Syrian air defense were activated late on Monday to engage ‘hostile targets’ above Palmyra and Homs, the local media reported, calling the incident an act of ‘Israeli aggression.’
    Several enemy missiles have been shot down, the state news agency SANA reported. Witnesses spoke of multiple explosions heard in the Palmyra area in central Syria.

    Anna Ahronheim, military correspondent for the Jerusalem Post newspaper, tweeted that the attack was targeting the Syrian T-4 airbase in the Homs province.T-4, also known as Althias, is about halfway between the city of Homs and Palmyra.

    It would seem the Americans/Israelis are unhappy
    and can not let it go.

    michael norton

    Iran – U.S.A.

    Donald Trump instructs U.S.A. Navy to shoot down and destroy all Iranian gunboats if they ‘harass our ships at sea’
    A week earlier, the US Navy accused the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) of “dangerous and provocative” actions, claiming that nearly a dozen Iranian vessels buzzed a group of American ships in the Persian Gulf. The US Fifth Fleet later published video footage of the encounter, which showed the gunboats circling a larger US ship.

    michael norton

    Donald Trump tells America to stop buying Saudi oil,
    America has more oil than it needs.
    This is BIG NEWS

    That is Saudi buggered.


    There is a glut of oil. Nobody is buying any oil. Some have even paid money for people to take it away.

    michael norton

    Saudi State still killing people if they do not do what the government want, quickly enough

    Quite shocking, how ruthless they are.
    The crash in oil price is almost certainly, going to make them more ruthless.

    michael norton

    The Golan

    New York, SANA-Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, reiterated that the occupied Golan is an integral part of the Syrian Arab Republic’s territories, adding that regaining Golan, until June 4th, 1967 line, with all means guaranteed by the internal law, will remain a priority for Syria.

    michael norton

    Just watched the George Galloway show, orbiting the world.
    He had some pundit on, who claimed the Saudi Regime is in terrible, possibly terminal trouble.
    The price of crude has collapsed, this is on what 99% of the Saudi Economy is based.
    The price of crude will not bounce back, after the initial covid-19 crisis has passed, because the world will have stepped-changed, much less international flights, as it was international air travel that spread the plague around the globe. There will be another plague and we must become more intelligent and prepared.
    The push to wind turbines and photovoltaic will rush past crude, more people will work and shop from home, so less car commutes. Countries will move away from globalism and make themselves like Medieval states, unto themselves.
    Clean Fresh water will be highly prized.
    The massive Saudi Royal Family are parasites who suck the life blood of the country.
    covid-19 is rife but officially it is only slight.
    America is will be very preoccupied for the next decade and will offer little help to the Desert Kingdom.
    End of Days for the Desert Kingdom.

    michael norton

    Aleppo, SANA-A number of civilians were martyred and injured in an explosion of a booby-trapped tanker truck in Efrin city in Aleppo northern countryside which also killed and injured many terrorists affiliated to the Turkish regime.

    Local sources told SANA that a tanker truck, loaded with a big quantity of explosives, went off near a center for the mercenaries of the Turkish regime in one of the markets, killing a number of terrorists and injuring many others.

    The explosion also claimed the lives of many civilians.

    michael norton


    Since the Turkish annexation of Hatay Province in 1939, the Afrin District is now almost surrounded by the Syria–Turkey border, apart from the border with the Azaz District to the east and a short border with the Mount Simeon District to the southeast.
    There was an outbreak of civil unrest on 21 March 1986, during which three people were killed by Syrian police. In 1999, the arrest of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan triggered renewed clashes between Kurdish protesters and the police.

    This recent lorry fuel bomb in Afrin has been attributed to the Kurds by the Turks.

    michael norton

    This new attack by the Syrian Arab Army followed reports of a new TURKISH military convoy heading to the Idlib Governorate.

    Per the previous Sochi Agreement, the Turkish Army is only allotted 12 observation posts in northwestern Syria; however, they have since constructed dozens of others.

    Turkey is out of control

    michael norton

    They are still at it.

    Israeli helicopters attacked a number of military positions in southern Syria with missiles, Syrian state media reported, noting the strikes inflicted “limited material damage.”
    The aircraft bombed sites in the Quneitra and Daraa provinces early on Friday morning after approaching from the occupied Golan Heights, firing some five missiles, according to the Jerusalem Post. A number of unconfirmed reports said the targets included militias allied to Damascus, such as Hezbollah, in addition to the Syrian military.

    michael norton

    I guess the Israelis have stolen the Golan from Syria and they are going to do their utmost to hang on to it.
    The United Nations have a team based in the Golan, you never, ever hear a squeak out of them.


    South front YouTube channels have been suspended without warning and their admin think it might be in preparation for a war against Iran.
    It looks that Trump and his advisors think that the fall in oil demand and prices gives an opportunity to attack Iran as the removal of Iranian oil from the market would also lead to an increase in oil prices to rescue the failing unprofitable shale oil industry. This of course will be done when the rest of the world is busy with the Covid-19 crisis.
    This of course would be outrageous but who is going to complain?

    michael norton

    Hasaka, SANA_ The US occupation forces carried out an air landing on the border area between Syria and Iraq, in the northeast of Hasaka province.

    Civil sources told SANA correspondent that the US occupation forces on Monday carried out an air landing operation using two helicopters backed by six vehicles and with the participation of a group of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDS.

    The operation targeted a house in Quraish village, about 1 km from the Iraqi border and 24 km south of al-Yarubiya town.

    According to sources, the occupation forces kidnapped two civilians, one of whom is Iraqi, and took them to an unknown destination without knowing the reasons.

    Over the past few years, US forces have carried out similar air landings that later turned out to be a cover for the transfer of their agents from “Deash” terrorist organization in Hasaka and Deir Ezzor countryside to their bases in Iraqi territory.

    michael norton

    Hasaka, SANA-Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries of terrorist groups are going on in the policy of systemized displacement against Syrian citizens in some occupied regions of Hasaka in addition to perpetrating acts of killing, looting and kidnapping against families and their properties.

    According to the Social Affairs and Labor Department in Hasaka, nearly 50 thousand citizens of the northern countryside of Ras al-Ayn city suffer from the coercive displacement and live in shelters after their houses became haven for the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation who are being brought from Aleppo countryside and Turkey.

    I can’t understand how Turkey gets away with destroying Syria.

    michael norton

    A reckoning is coming to the Turkish Regime.
    Transit vans were made in Southampton for half a century, then re-located to Turkey ( cheaper) now nobody is buying vans, no matter to Southampton, they have moved on.
    Turkey is rushing up the covid-19 league, right behind Russia.
    The Turkish Lire has fallen to the lowest level against the American dollar, since the Second World War.
    Erdogan is pumping billions in to the Turkish banks to hold off economic collapse.

    michael norton

    Turkey’s president for life, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is a populist juggernaut, fond of suggesting that his leadership is the only way to protect the country from enemies both real and imagined. The coronavirus pandemic, however, is an existential crisis unlike anything he has faced before.
    The economy of Turkey is taking a nosedive, the contagion is running out of control, he is fighting wars in Turkey against Kurds and in Libya and in Syria, whilst also try to harass Greece and Cyprus.
    The Turkish lira dropped to a record low this week of nearly 7.27 to the dollar as central bank interest rate cuts intended to boost growth – as well as investor fears over Turkey’s depleted foreign currency reserves – began to bite.

    michael norton

    Now the worms are coming out of the woodwork

    Three Daesh terrorists confess to perpetrating a number of operations in cooperation with US occupation forces in al-Tanf

    michael norton

    The SANA video of the three terrorists saying they were working with the Americans, they only did it for the money,
    from al-Tanf

    was very quickly removed, it was also featured in al-Masdar
    also very quickly removed.

    michael norton

    Joshua M. Landis (born May 14, 1957) is an American academic who specializes in the Middle East and is an expert on Syria.
    [Probably where they got the name Pamela Landy] ( CIA) the Jason Bourne films.

    There is “stuff” going on with the maternal relatives of Assad the butcher.
    His elder brother Bassel al-Assadan heir to the presidency died in a car crash, sat next to him was one of his cousin’s head of Intelligence/security, Hafez Makhlouf, brother of Rami Makhlouf .

    On 18 July 2012, Al Arabiya reported that Makhlouf was killed in a bombing which targeted Syria’s National Security headquarters in Damascus. Other sources however indicated that he was only wounded in the attack.

    In September 2014 multiple sources reported that he had relocated to Belarus with his wife. Earlier in the month Makhlouf had been removed from his powerful intelligence post in Damascus but pro-government sources said at the time that it was a “routine” move. Joshua Landis, a U.S. expert on Syria tweeted that Makhlouf had left Syria.
    Now we learn that Rami Makhlouf( possibly) the richest business man in Syria has been unfriended by Assad.

    If true this may be a tactic learnt or encouraged by Putin.

    michael norton

    How great, some good news from Syria, new gas well comes on stream to aid electricity output.

    Qara 8 gas well put into services to support electric power stations

    michael norton

    Deir Ezzor,
    Three soldiers of the US occupation and 5 members of Qasad (SDF) groups were wounded in an attack against a joint convoy for them on the administrative borders between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor provinces.

    Local sources told SANA reporter that a joint convoy for the US forces and the US-backed Qasad groups was attacked by unidentified gunmen with machineguns and RPG launchers at the roundabout of Rwaished village on the administrative borders between the provinces of Hasaka and Deir Ezzor as 3 US soldiers and 5 members of Qasad groups were injured.

    The sources indicated that the wounded were rushed to the US illegitimate base in al-Shadadi city south of Hasaka.

    michael norton

    RAF still bombing Islamic State, presumably taking off from Cyprus
    The first strike took place on 8 May, when a remotely piloted RAF Reaper destroyed a bunker, which the MoD said contained a group of IS fighters, at a location west of Tuz Khurmatu in northern Iraq.

    On 10 May, two Typhoons struck a cave system identified by surveillance aircraft as occupied by IS.

    Two Reapers struck another two bunkers on 13 May, while on 23 May, the MoD said a patrolling Reaper struck IS fighters hiding in woods.


    Today in russian news:

    Muhammad Hussein Saud, from the city of Palmyra for some time was recruited by the Islamic State. He fled to At-Tanf, and there he met with British intelligence.

    Muhammad said that he was recruited by the British to “… work like a spy, like a traitor…The task is to photograph important objects of Mukhabarat, the Russian and Syrian army”

    British experts needed information about “important sites in Russia and Syria” … in order to arrange a terrorist attack in the future.


    Under cover ov the Covid-19 epidemic, the oil hungry Turkish regime is attempting to control all oil in the Mediterranean production and eventually probably also shipping although the later would need a stronger navy.
    The Turkey Libya connection is raising hackles in the area and both Egypt and Greece and others are not so happy.

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