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    I’ll translate the paragraphs in logical order, the source in russian is here

    Private investigation
    According to information published on the website of the firm WIFKA, detective Joseph Resch was investigating the crash of MN17 in 2014.
    The customer, whose name Resch does not name because of the terms of the contract, offered a reward of firstly 30, and then another 17 million US dollars for information about the causes of the disaster.
    In mid-2015, the detective was approached by an informant who provided valuable information. For this he received a reward of 15.5 million, paid in cash in three different currencies — euros, US dollars and Swiss francs.
    About a year after this event, the German Prosecutor’s office brought Resch as a witness to the investigation of the criminal case “on a war crime”.
    At the request of the Netherlands, the Swiss Prosecutor’s office then opened the banking cell of Resch, which he claims contained important documents.
    According to Resh, “then I offered my cooperation to find ways to obtain information without putting myself in danger.” He added that the documents from the cell have not yet been returned to him.
    Resch already talked about his investigation in the German press in 2015. In particular, he told Spiegel about the circumstances of the meeting with the informant. And then, in 2016, to Stern magazine about telephone threats against him.

    Joseph Resch told RIA Novosti that he tried to give the Netherlands new materials on the MH17 disaster, which were not taken into account in the recent statements of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in June, but was refused.

    It is specified that Resh insisted on public data transmission, as he was threatened and he fears for his life. This condition did not suit the Dutch Prosecutor’s office. As a result, the detective published an open letter to the JIT and the Dutch Prosecutor Fred Westerbeke on the website of his detective firm WIFKA.

    Letter to the international investigation
    “As part of our testimony (to JIT *editor’s note) we will touch upon the following evidence and information:
    <…> audio recordings made by special services of air traffic on July 17, 2014 from fighters and “towers” (air traffic control points *editor’s note) of the Ukrainian army and separatists,
    telephone conversations of the Ukrainian army,
    audio recordings of special services and the military on Vladimir Putin’s flight on July 17, 2014 (on this day the President of Russia returned from Brazil to Moscow *editor’s note) before and after the crash (of MH17 *editor’s note),
    records of “towers” after the information about the crash,
    audio recordings including intelligence about the relevant military events by the separatists and Ukrainians for several weeks before and after the crash,
    handwritten notes and personal audio recordings of fighter pilots about the incident”

    Information that the investigation does not have
    In the list of information that the detective is ready to provide the SSG, there are also:
    — “the name of the informant who was paid 15.5 million in various currencies in cash;
    — the name of the “institution” in which the informant worked;
    — disclosure of information assessment by other important holders;
    — allegedly destroyed secret documents of high-ranking military and political figures;
    — written notes of the special services about the incident”.

    Resch insists on public disclosure
    According to Resh, he is ready to transfer these documents to investigators only in the presence of representatives of the international media.
    “voluntarily and only by working together we offer to make a statement to the competent JIT and the investigating prosecutor Westerbeke in the Netherlands. For the reason of our own security, we believe it is necessary that the international media as well as representatives of affected states participate in our statements and disclosure of evidence” the open letter says.

    Polite refusal
    The JIT has not yet responded to the letter of the German detective, but he received a response from the Dutch Prosecutor’s office, which was signed by prosecutor Anne van Doren.
    The text of this letter, which is addressed to Joseph Resch’s lawyer, is available to RIA Novosti.
    The Prosecutor’s office “took note” of the detective’s proposal and stressed that the JIT “always interested in materials that can contribute to the investigation.”
    However, the conditions put forward by Resch are “very unusual, and they can also harm the investigation if the evidence is discussed by the media and individuals before they are examined”.
    In this regard, “the JIT can not answer the request” made by Resch, says the response.
    Resch, as a citizen of Germany, is recommended to apply with his “wide range of evidence” to the German Prosecutor’s office, and if he still wanted to send his materials to the JIT, the Dutch Prosecutor’s office suggests to use the appropriate online form on the group’s website.

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    I think it is this website


    If German-speaking commentors could kindly confirm and give your evaluation, I would be very grateful!

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    I’m sorry for the translation error you can meet in the text.
    “SSG” stands for “JIT” aka Joint Investigation Team

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    to keep the information in one place I copy previous piece of news:

    July 24, russian news report today on MH17 case:

    “In a new documentary film by Dutch director Max Van der Werff about the circumstances of the disaster, the senior investigator for digital expertise Akash Rosen from Malaysian company ‘OG IT Forensic Services’ claims that the security service of Ukraine edited the records of the negotiations presented as evidence in the case of the crash of MH17 in the Donbass…
    German analyst Norman Ritter confirmed the words of the expert, noting that the phone records were forged by nine separate manipulations. “I found a total of nine manipulations. There’s a lot of editing. And I really doubt the authenticity of these records,” said Ritter.”

    the source in russsian with more detail is here

    what is found in Google:
    co-producerr of the film is Yana Erlashova, former RT journalist.
    the film was created with the help of crowdfunding
    the biggest donation came from Roelf Turksema, Nitherlands
    I think it is this video, 28 minutes

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    Don’t bank on the sincerity of the Dutch involved in this case as they are totally compromised by PM Rutte and now EU VP Timmermans. If Russia was innocent they will stand exposed as going on the wrong track from the start, damaging their careers 100%.
    They also carry political blame for allowing overflying of risky Ukraine airspace endangering their own citizens.

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    Hi Tatyana. with my knowledge of my mother tongue, I can confirm that your translation is very close to that of the original document.
    I have read through all of the different correspondences to the various organisation and individuals.
    Resch, knowing the way the BND and authoritative bureaucrats work from previous other cases, has safeguarded his information trail; and information, as well as the informant named as ‘otto’.
    He offered it up more than once to the JIT and was rebuffed, via v.Weerft, as clearly is shown in the video.
    The story is out, but not the details, they seem to be in the hands of Swiss prosecutors right now.

    It is not obvious from the letters he sent, but I’m sure that Resch has duplicates somewhere.

    The BND has seemingly put him under surveillance, he has had one heart attack and is fearful for his life, now that his evidence which is detailed communication references from a source very likely to be inside, or known to western intelligence agencies. He is being pressured but wants this information to be part of the publicly available narrative.
    I sus-pect that this wouyld blow the existing ‘t’was Russia out of the water.

    Another point, which this unanswered case of MH17 and the Skripal affair have got in common, is that both occurances were blamed on Russia within 24 hrs., a slight indicator that says something is amiss. Both cases have multiple actors and various differing alleys are pursued at first, but all under the heading that5 ‘Russia has done it’, when no such thing was provable form the outset.

    With the current piracy against the Grace 2 by the UK, and they have form in history, destroying hundreds of years old regulative framework with an illegal act. and the current narrative of a navy flotilla of like-minded NATO states being rumoured sailing to the Gulf, such information of western illegality, so to sp3eak, egging on Ukraine into an illegal act, would not go down well with some in Washingt9on and London, so Resch is very much in danger and his case is being held back by judicial means, interfering BND actions and refusal of acknowledgements, anything to keep this out of the pu8blic.

    In my humble opinion. take care

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    thank you so much, nevermind!
    I’ve said earlier in this blog and I repeat it again – my outmost fear is that ‘my people’, who are my state’s representatives, have no control over what they are entrusted with, and they could lie to the population. It is a frightening thought, an incipient responsibility for the actions of my state before the face of the rest of humanity.
    Of course, it would be very nice to convince myself that all of the above is true without doubt and that my state was unfairly lied to… But I understand that the truth is somewhere in the middle. And I’d really like to find it out.

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